ESKA E900 Pro Headphone Review

eksa e900 pro headphone review

Today we’re going to check out the EKSA 900 Pro gaming headset, and EKSA is the sister brand of OneOdio, whose headphones I recently reviewed and found to deliver an almost unbelievable sound quality for the price. And this headphone also delivers a similar value but in the Gaming headset category. We’re also going to have some comparisons with the JBL Quantum 100.

Inside the box, you get a lot of stuff, so first, you get a manual, a detachable boom mic with a foam cover that is removable, a removable 3.5mm headset cable, along with a splitter to connect it to your PC, then you get a USB Type-A to Type-C cable for connecting it in digital mode, and when you finally get to the carrying bag supplied which contains the headset itself.

ESKA E900 Pro review by LLAGAMING

ESKA E900 Pro (Right Side)

If the design of the EKSA 900 Pro seems familiar, it is because it does look quite similar to Corsair HS50 Headset, but it still doesn’t look like a complete ripoff, and this design does function very well. On the side, you have a metal grill with the EKSA Logo that lights up when you connect it with USB mode, and it does look pretty nice and tasteful with its red color.

ESKA E900 Pro review by LLAGAMING

ESKA E900 Pro (Left Side)

On the left earcup, you have all the controls and connections, so first you have the volume control, then a button to mute the mic, the 3.5mm jack for analog connection, a USB Type C connector, then finally the jack for the microphone which is also 3.5mm.

The build quality on this headset is outstanding for the price, the metal headband feels nice, and the quality of cushioning on it is also really great, it does have the almost identical ear cup hinges of the Corsair HS50 which are made of metal and feel strong, The headband size can be adjusted with this stepless method that works well, and these do have these red coiled wires powering the drivers, but these wires feel strong enough to not make me feel concerned about their durability.

While the earcups tilt in a good range, there’s very little swivel, but it is still enough to make them comfortable on your ears. And speaking of comfort, the earpads on the EKSA 900 Pro are almost unbelievably good, I think they have memory foam inside, and that is just amazing to have at this price. So as a result these are just extremely comfortable on your head, and not just for the price, but in general.

These are more comfortable than some of the more expensive gaming headsets so you can wear them for hours without any issues. Because the earpads don’t feel very dense, I am not sure how long they will retain their shape with time, but another amazing feature of these is that the earpads are removable, so you can change them when they lose their firmness instead of ending up with a completely unusable headphone and this is something that bothers me because even some of the very expensive headphones don’t feature removable ear pads which is essential when it comes to headphones.

You can check this link to buy these official spare earpads, and you can also just use any earpad of a similar shape and put it on this plastic ring, and install it easily on the earcup. The microphone is removable as I mentioned, and it is easily adjustable.

Now finally coming to the sound quality, it is really good for the price, but it doesn’t completely blow the competition out of the water like their OneOdio headphone.

So the bass on these is really good for the price, but it is kind of boosted too much for my taste, and it does affect the other frequencies and the overall sound quality, so I personally like reducing the bass frequency by 3-4 decibels and that improves the overall sound quality. The mids and highs on these are also good, but they are good considering their price and all the features they have onboard because purely in terms of sound refinement, the mids and highs on the JBL Quantum 100 are better.

The soundstage on these headphones is also good, but again, the JBL Quantum 100 has a wider soundstage. For gaming, the EKSA E900 Pro works fine, and you will be able to locate the position of action, but because of the mediocre soundstage, the experience is not as outstanding as the rest of this headphone.

But overall, I still can’t say that the JBL Quantum 100 has better sound quality, because for a typical person, they do have slightly lacking bass, and bass is an area that people get emotional about, so I would say that both of these headphones are quite close in quality with the EKSA E900 Pro offering a complete bass experience, and the JBL Quantum 100 having more refinement in mids and treble, with a wider soundstage.

But then of course, when you consider the fact that the Quantum 100 doesn’t even include a splitter in the box, and doesn’t have removable earpads, USB connection mode, and lights on the headset, you do realize what an incredible value the EKSA 900 Pro is offering. There’s a USB mode on the EKSA 900 Pro, so you can use its internal DAC, which is also pretty good.

It has a 7.1 surround sound mode which you can use to enhance the sound, but like all other 7.1 surround sound modes on stereo headphones, this just makes the sound worse instead of improving it. But one useful use of the USB connection mode is that since the headphone has USB type C port, you can use a USB C to USB C cable like this, and connect it to a phone that doesn’t have a headphone jack and that way you can directly plug it into smartphones made by companies who are stupid enough to remove the headphone jack.

So in conclusion, the EKSA 900 Pro is really amazing and well rounded for its price of fewer than $50 Rs, the build quality and construction is premium, the comfort is great because the earpads are unbelievably good, and they are removable. The mic is also removable and it sounds good, and it also has a USB mode which also works well, and you get lighting on the headset which is a cool extra to have.

The sound quality is also really good considering everything that we have onboard, and even though the competition can be slightly better in some areas of sound, all the accessories, and the removable cable make this headset unbeatable the price as an overall package. The only cons that I can think of are that the design is kind of copied from Corsair HS50.

But both of these cons are quite minor, and I don’t think they will be a concern for most people, and the 5 stars these are receiving on Amazon are completely justified. Now, these also have a cheaper version that doesn’t have the USB connection mode, which has the same model name but without the Pro(EKSA E900) at the end, and that headphone also looks great, and because I don’t find the USB mode and lighting to add a lot of value, I think you could also buy that and get the same sound and microphone quality because the drivers on this version are the same.

But the earpads on this cheaper headset are not the same memory foam earpads as the one on the pro model, and it doesn’t have a removable cable, and there are some other minor changes. But because of the shape of the earpads, I think this one should also have good comfort, so if you are on a tighter budget, I think you should go with the non-pro model, even though I like the softer one earpads on the pro version.

In comparison to their own OneOdio Pro 10 headphone, the OneOdio has a better sound quality, and it also packs a lot of features, but the microphone on it won’t be as good for gaming, it doesn’t have USB functionality, and the comfort on the EKSA E900 Pro is much better, even though the more expensive version of OneOdio Pro 10 headphone might have better comfort, I haven’t tried it.

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