[Withdrawn]Rob Ust's trialmin application.

Discussion in 'Admin Applications' started by Rob Ust, May 10, 2015.

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  1. daddysds1

    daddysds1 Well-Known Member

    Rob was a great admin back when he was one up there with RA,Ancient,ect inb4 i get accused of hating the other admins.


    As long as you don't go poof gone i don't see an issue with the headmin giving you admin back.

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  2. Rob Ust

    Rob Ust Active Member

    Giving me my powers back or putting me through the trials? Thank you for your support.
  3. daddysds1

    daddysds1 Well-Known Member

    Both will lead to the other so.
  4. Jariahtoadsage

    Jariahtoadsage LS13 Admin

    So back in our trial days me and Rob Ust were back to Back trialmins, from like, 11PM to 7AM LLA was our own little domain over which we presided and protected. When it came time for promotions, me and Rob got bumped to secondary at the same time. A small part of me always felt that the reason i was held off on promoting so long is because Rob wasn't there to promote with me. When it came to the secondary hoops of "We havent given you all the buttons yet, but you now have access to all the information you might need to investigate things yourself fully.

    When Rob left i felt like i lost my brother more or less. Many many people have heard me whine about wanting him back, and now that he is i want him back to adminning with me too.

    +1 Jar of Support
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  5. Rob Ust

    Rob Ust Active Member

    <3 ya dude thanks for the support
  6. Rocco Ward

    Rocco Ward Well-Known Member

    Gonna have to agree with the others. Rob always seemed like a level-headed admin and player. I was very sad to see him leave but now that he's back I can totally get behind supportin this app!

  7. Cody522

    Cody522 Well-Known Member

    I repeatedly had terrible experiences with you as you never were able to handle any of my cases properly. Poor investigative work, and quick to accuse. I wouldn't be surprised if you were biased towards me.
    It would be bringing LLA down if you became an admin again.
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  8. daddysds1

    daddysds1 Well-Known Member

    Everyone is bias including the admins nothing you can do about it.

    Following that i still currently support rob for re admin.
  9. There is a distinction between having biases and ability to avoid projecting biases into handling of cases. There are current admins that I am not on the best terms with but still believe that I could trust to handle a case involving me objectively (and some that I have less confidence in). You don't have to have neutral opinions about everyone in the community in order to be an admin. You do have to be able to put your opinions of the involved parties aside when rendering a judgement.
  10. daddysds1

    daddysds1 Well-Known Member

    I said everyone was bias not that they projected it into any cases. Now gonna go ahead and drop this so that it does not derail the thread.
  11. Flavo

    Flavo Well-Known Member

    Correct me if I am wrong but you appear to have vanished again... Iunno, I might be too soon to point this out. How is your activity doing?
  12. Cody522

    Cody522 Well-Known Member

    You missed his point once again.
  13. Rekiin

    Rekiin Active Member

    Retracting my support, if Rob comes back in a few days, i'll reconsider.
  14. Rob Ust

    Rob Ust Active Member

    I forgot to tell you I'm retracting my application. LLA dosen't have the same feel to me as it once did, Far to many of my "friends" have left or changed drastically.

    I think this is goodbye, For an undetermined amount of time, Although not permanent.

    I know some of you will be sad, Some happy. Have fun, Enjoy LLA for what it is.
  15. Saint Vicious

    Saint Vicious LS13 Admin

    Withdrawn at applicants request.

    All the best for where you're heading, hope you decide to pop back in now and then.
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