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Discussion in 'Admin Applications' started by Randomonioum, Jan 29, 2015.

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  1. Randomonioum

    Randomonioum Member

    Basic Information:

    Byond Account: randomonioum
    Character Name(s): Robyn Takada
    AI Name(s): R.A.I
    Have you ever used a different BYOND key on our server? If so what was it and why: Never ever ever.
    Skype: randomonioum/sex rob-omb
    Age: 20
    Timezone: GMT+0
    Active hours: Mostly between 6PM and 10PM, though it can vary a lot.


    Are you familiar with LS13's rules?
    I have checked them, and they are pretty much familiar to me now. Nothing exceptional to add here, I know the rules!
    How long have you played SS13?
    I have played for about 4 years now, with a break for a year.
    How long have you played LS13?
    I started playing on LS13 a few days ago (Try not to hold that against me, I simply adore the community from my short time here!).
    How much do you know about SS13 (/tg/ build) game mechanics?
    I am very familiar with the core mechanics of SS13, and /tg/ build is one of my favorites. I know most of the mechanics inside out, though the intricate details of each job may require me to look a few things up. I'm also appalling when it comes to genetics.
    Do you have any experience as an administrator for SS13?
    I have administrated for 2 servers in the past, though this was a year or two ago, the experience has translated well into other roles and hobbies and I don't think I have rusted.
    Do you have any experience as an administrator on anything else?
    If yes, what did you have to do do?
    I have administrated on multiple Garrys Mod servers, along with moderating on a few personal forums. Does Game Mastering for Tabletop RPGs count?
    Have you ever worked in a team before?
    I have worked as a team on multiple projects in University, as well as working at a printing firm. It required flexible working and the ability to respond to instructions and provide critical feedback, so I feel that this constitutes experience in teamwork.
    What are the qualities of a successful team?
    A team first and foremost must be able to communicate. Almost any other problem can be surmounted if proper dialogue can be maintained, and strengths leveraged. Otherwise, I would say that a diverse skill set is a good asset to maintain.


    Why do you play SS13?:
    I play SS13 as I enjoy the atmosphere of roleplay in a somewhat immersive environment. As much as I enjoy roleplaying verbally, there is something to be said for being able to actively immerse yourself in the environment, and not have to rely solely on the written or spoken word.
    Why do you play LS13?:
    I play LS13 because the community of players I find is incredibly conducive to roleplaying. While there are some who seem not to 'get' it, I haven't found anyone yet who is outright disruptive, and I can only presume that is through the efforts of the moderation and administration team.
    What do administrators do?:
    Administrators are there to ensure a fun environment. No more, no less. The rules set up a framework for this, and the admins will enforce those, but at the end of the day if people aren't having fun, there isn't much point in playing.
    Why do you want to be an administrator?:
    I want to give something back to a community that seems vibrant and fun, and more importantly contribute to that environment in a meaningful manner. I want to be able to set up fun events, and manage and teach those who might not understand what to do, or who are, intentionally or otherwise, disrupting the game.​
    What qualities make a good administrator?:
    A good administrator is able to mediate conflict, find a suitable compromise, and enforce the rules fairly. On top of that, they must also be creative and flexible, and find the most fun they can in a situation.
    What qualities make a bad administrator?:
    A bad administrator abuses their privileges, taking advantage of the players of a server, and strips the fun from the game. They don't listen to advice or requests, and uses their position only to further their own enjoyment, rather than the enjoyment of the group.
    What are your strengths?
    I feel my strengths are good mediation between parties, and creativity. I thoroughly enjoy settling a dispute that could lead to people becoming upset, with all parties satisfied, if not completely happy. I also enjoy making up interesting scenarios, that others might not have seen before.
    What are your weaknesses?
    I feel my biggest weakness is my time management. I am known to forget to do things, and I am terrible when i comes to setting up a schedule.
    How do you overcome these weaknesses?
    In order to mitigate my time management skills, I try to find as much enjoyment in what I do as I can, so it doesn't feel like a chore to stop what I am doing and remember to do other things. I have also taken to setting copious amounts of alarms on my phone, to a decent amount of success!
    How well do you handle stress, anger, or insults?:
    Insults do not phase me in the slightest. I have grown up experiencing incredible amounts of bullying and homophobic slurs, and nothing bothers me at all any longer. While I rarely get angry or stressed, I know that I occasionally need to take a minute to walk away from a situation, and return with a calmer head.

  2. Randomonioum

    Randomonioum Member


    Open Response:

    Please answer each question with at least three sentences.

    You're administrating on the server when you get an ahelp that Player A has been griefed by Player B. You open the attack logs and see that player B has hit player A many times with an oxygen tank putting them into critical. What do you do from here? Why did you choose to take that course of action?
    First and foremost, I would check to see if Player B is a traitor. If they are, then my response would likely be more lenient. I would then question them as to why they were attacking Player A. If they were doing it as part of a traitor mission, or otherwise to further their traitorous goals, then they would not face any punishment. Player A would also be informed of this, with STRICT instructions to keep OOC information to themselves. If I did not do so, then it would be likely that Player A would feel an unfair situation was in play. Otherwise, I would check if Player A attacked first. Pushing someone to critical is a bit far even in self defence, but it would still mitigate the scenario. If they had, player A would be reprimanded for starting the fight, and calling for admin assistance, regardless of if they were traitor or not. Depending on if this was a first time offence or not, they may or may not face punishment, but either way, their behaviour would be logged, and they would be told about how to improve their behaviour (Ie. Don't be a dck and call admins on your target/Also don't robust 4 no raisin). The same would go for if Player B was griefing.

    You're in a debate with a fellow administrator in the admin chat. You're pushing for an idea that you feel passionate about, but they keep shooting your idea down at every turn and the disappointment/anger is rising. How do you handle this?
    If there was a way to find some sort of compromise, I would attempt to bring this up. However, if it seems like the other party will not listen, then I would drop the issue. There isn't any point causing a fight over something that is pointless, and if it is as important as I feel it is, it can be discussed at a later date. If I was getting upset over it, I would let everyone know I am taking a minute, calm myself down, possibly make a cup of tea, and then return when I was collected.

    What does it mean to be an administrator for our server?
    An admin on this server should maintain the fun at all times. To this end, they should make sure the game is fair, enforce the rules where applicable, and occasionally throw a few events in to spice things up. An admin should not abuse their powers for their own personal fun, but instead draw enjoyment out of creating a fun environment, and making sure that there are no disputes between players.

    Which is more important for a community: rules or principles? Why?
    Principles. Rules are, in my opinion, simply a means to an end. And that end is, in this case, having fun. We don't log in every day to follow some rules, we log in to enjoy ourselves. The rules are simply there to ensure a fair and balanced environment, and if they get in the way of the fun, then they should be bent as needed, provided the end result is FAIR and fun for all.​
    However, if by principles you mean personal principles ie. I think this person is a jerk and I will ban them for no reason, then the rules are certainly more important. The rules, as I said, make sure things are fair, and banning someone for reasons that are beyond the rules is not fair. If there is a problem with the rules, or a gap, then the gap should be closed, and measures taken to alleviate the damage. But it isn't fair to have someone who is above the rules decide that you aren't worthy of doing something.

    Additional Comments:

    While I might not have been playing on this server for as long as some people, I feel like this server is a perfect match for me and my style of playing. I have thoroughly enjoyed every second of playing and would love to contribute in any way I can. Also, @An_Inmate, if you want to chime in and give me that glowing character reference you suggested, feel free :p
  3. Randomonioum

    Randomonioum Member

    Note: I mostly posted this now because I had 10 minutes to type it up. I'm not expecting to get approved, or even judged for it in my first few days of playing on this server, don't worry about that. But I did want to put my name out there so you at least know I'm interested in the role!
  4. LemonSoup

    LemonSoup LS13 Admin

    This is, in many ways, a very impressive application. However, this:
    is actually an issue. This is because administrators need to be thoroughly in touch with not just the rules, but the principles and environment of the server. Regrettably, I can only say this this point is demonstrated by:
    On this server, traitors are free to kill who they want, when they want, independent of their mission. In fact, I would say this is one of the lynchpins of LLA's philosophy when it comes to constructing our environment.

    You certainly show promise, and a lot of these responses are fantastic. however, you simply have not been immersed in he community for long enough to fully understand how we work here.

    Edit: You posted the above while I was typing this. If you want to show your interest in becoming a part of the team, I'd encourage you to get as involved as you can in the forums, and ask someone to get you into our skype chat. Build up a rapport with the community and you're in with a good chance.
  5. Flavo

    Flavo Well-Known Member

    I haven't read this application yet and lemonsoup already covered it, but i did want to comment on how fast it was made. as in... i had just logged into the server and saw it was low pop with a few regulars and yourself. Everyone was getting along. In particular you and an inmate were having a good time and it was nice to see. I had not recognized you prior but you did mention that you were new to the server.

    Welcome to LS13 and the forums, in the meantime you may want to start here: http://www.llagaming.net/forums/forums/introductions.53/ and let everyone get to know you for awhile.
  6. Jayce Wise

    Jayce Wise Head LS13 Admin Staff Member

    Lemon summed up my thoughts on this application rather well. You have done a good job of answering the questions, and though this is my first time seeing you, you have left an impression of sincerity and level-headedness (the latter being somewhat hard to come by in these parts).

    You and Lemon both have brought it up already, so I will avoid beating the issue to death, however I would like to reiterate on the timing of the application in relation to your time on the server. As Lemon said, not all of the "principles" of LLA are immediately apparent upon reading the server rules, and some of the nuances of the community simply come with time. I'll bring up one more example of this, just to give you something to think about, and leave it at that:
    I haven't played on any servers except for LLA for around two years now (with maybe one or two exceptions), so I don't often think about this so explicitly, however I would simply mention that the general "playstyle" and attitude of the community differs in many ways, large and small, from most other SS13 servers (as you may or may not have already noticed during your time here). As a "LightRP" server, we do not enforce any policy that pressures players to roleplay, and while there are many who play on LS13 that enjoy and maintain RP interaction (those who 'get' it, as you said), there are also many who do not (those who don't 'get' it). By pointing this out, I am in no way trying to slight or condescend you, but rather I am letting you know that, while grief is certainly against the rules and is something that we attempt to prevent, we rarely, if ever, will speak to someone because of poor RP interaction on their part. As far as I can remember off the top of my head, the only "RP" situation that is regularly enforced is that of security - the extent of this enforcement being that officers and heads of staff must follow space law (to within a reasonable degree) when dealing with relevant IC matters.

    You may already have been more or less aware of this "nuance" of LLA (explicitly or implicitly), or you may have learned of it on your own over the course of the next few days/weeks, however I simply wanted to point it out here in order to provide some food for thought. As was already said, this is far from a bad application (in fact, it is a very good one), but there are simply some things involved that are going to require more time - whether it is you getting to know us a bit better, and/or us getting to know you. Cactus pointed out, and I agree, that the "introduction" section of the forum is an excellent place to introduce yourself in a more casual setting, as well as continuing to play on the server. I can't say right now how long is long enough, however I can tell you that once we feel like we know you and you know us, you have already crossed a few of the most difficult hurdles involved in this process. Thank you for putting up this application, and (in case no one has said it outright yet) welcome to LLA!
  7. Devon

    Devon Well-Known Member

    Personally, I like Randomonioum. I don't think an application needs to mean that the individual is completely ready to admin the server. This one serves a purpose. Randomonioum's hat is now in the ring, and people are more likely to notice that he is here because of the application. This merely expressed that if he stays with the server, then he would be interested in helping maintain it. I think that's pretty cool.

    Of course, Random, you'll have to spend some more time on the server and get to know everyone. No need to rush into the process right away :p Admins should never be hired at face value, as I'm sure you know.

    That said, I think Random is a good player. He plays well with others for certain, and he is aware of the game's mechanics and how they function. I'd like to ask that this application be considered again in the future when Randomonioum is better known. If he sticks around, I'm sure others will get along with him just fine.
  8. PistolPete

    PistolPete ForumGuard Staff Member

    I think that this application is an overall good introduction to us and plainly states his intent, which is actually rather refreshing.

    As people have already stated, you need to get to know our community better, but welcome to LLA.
  9. Agent1667

    Agent1667 Well-Known Member

    What everybody else said. You seem cool, but you don't know any of us and we don't know you, yet. Fix that and then apply to become an admin.
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  10. Randomonioum

    Randomonioum Member

    Thanks for all the replies, I think the general gist has been made now. By the way, I'm a lady, not a dude. For future reference. Noticed a few people hadn't noticed yet.
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  11. Shh...didn't you hear that gamers are a bunch of misogynists and harassers of women? ;)

    Just kidding. Welcome to the community!
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  12. Mabblies

    Mabblies Well-Known Member

    They actually are though. Even the women.

    don't kill me for off topic i'm sorreh
  13. Randomonioum

    Randomonioum Member

    How can you hate other people if you can't hate yourself? An equal opportunity hater, I am. But yes, lets try to stay on topic :)
  14. Jariahtoadsage

    Jariahtoadsage LS13 Admin

    -snips all previous replies-

    Super nice to meet you though, you application is super great but I like to know my fellow mins before I send them out to be my future superiors. I'm glad to know your intentions are not only pure but that you are looking to join our team and help out above and beyond.

    Hope I see you around!
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  15. Obadiah Mayland

    Obadiah Mayland Well-Known Member

    Nonsense, impossibru, we don't have real females here. Haha jk, please don't kill me as flat said, I am cool with femanine presence on the internet and admin team. We just need some more time to get to know ya, random :D
  16. Kegsey

    Kegsey LS13 Admin

    I hate myself, but I don't hate other people.
    That make me cool?
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  17. Randomonioum

    Randomonioum Member

    Something something diversity quotas.
    Do you love other people or do you simply have no strong feelings one way or the other?
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  18. Taicho

    Taicho Director of LS13 Staff Member

    I like this application a lot, and I think you seem like a pretty okay individual.

    Unfortunately, it'd be wrong of me to accept this at face-value before you've played on the server a little while longer and the administrators have a feel for your attitude, approach to the game, and overall play-style. Based on the application alone I'd be happy to accept this, but other factors come into play and thus I'm inclined to put this on hold until you make yourself a bit better known. That's really the only major criticism I can give!

    For now, I'm going to leave this here. In a few weeks we'll come back to it and if you still have an interest and have proven yourself to be as pleasant a player as this application makes you out to be, we'll look at trialing you. Thanks for the application!
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  19. Randomonioum

    Randomonioum Member

    Thank you everyone for your consideration :) I don't know how many of you will actually see me, because of my time zone and IRL obligations, but I'll do my best to be on as often as possible.
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  20. CannibalCrow

    CannibalCrow LS13 Admin Staff Member

    Out of curiosity, which two servers have you been an administrator on in the past? And which server would you say you spent most of your time on?
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