Why I Believe NarwhalJones is One of My Favorite Administrators.

Discussion in 'General' started by lekgolo125, May 18, 2015.

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    I was having a shitty day. Just a series of one thing going wrong after another, yeah? Ever had one of those? They suck. I got on SS13 planning to just fuck off as the captain, and do nothing. When I get online, I'm genuinely angry. Hating the world, tired, and just wanting to relax. SS13 is the wrong game for that, anyways. But. I was calling people Milk-Drinkers, thinking I was funny. It kind of was. I got called a Nord. Fucking milk drinking dick, called me a Nord! NarwhalJones comes online, and I'm calling him a milk-drinker, bullshitting him. He spawns in Space Milk all around me in engineering, as we're setting the sing. He messages me saying that I should press AdminWho, because he fixed it for me. He was listed under "SeniorMilkDrinker". Got my first little laugh. Then I check Engineering again. The milk is there, and in numbers. There's around six/ten milks chilling. Started laughing. The AI, BlackBox calls me to my office. I stop and make a Captain's Announcement that all milk and it's form of drinkary is illegal. Any one caught with dairy would be... CURDLED. Check my office. Literally filled to the brim with milk. I pulled out five lockers full of milk. (http://puu.sh/hRrWt/cc54ffa1fd.png)

    It should be said that this was a low-pop round with people who were all having fun. NarwhalJones did not inturrupt RP, gameplay, or any of that shit. He was just being a good person, taking the piss, and made my day end well.
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  3. Narwhal Jones

    Narwhal Jones LS13 Admin


    B-but I don't do bussing.
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    Mmmh. People were having FUN? And a Senior admin endorsed this said "FUN", did he? I'll see to it he is punished properly by milk drop torture.


    Just kidding glad you had fun on our server, man.

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