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Discussion in 'General' started by Jayce Wise, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. Jayce Wise

    Jayce Wise Head LS13 Admin Staff Member

    This is a thread to post any bits of advice that you have learned from a particularly interesting or unusual situation (or something completely mundane if you're boring). It can be as blatantly obvious, or as deep and obscure as you want.

    *For example
    Story: In a recent round I was playing as the CE. It was still early in the round, and I had just turned on the singularity, when suddenly several violent attacks occurred simultaneously. In order to stop the criminals, the HOP and I uploaded the Paladin lawset to the AI. The AI succeeded in stopping the criminals, however it soon became clear that it wasn't going to stop there. After much effort, the crew and I managed to re-upload the Asimov lawset and stop the madness.
    Advice: The only time the AI should ever be completely trusted is while it has the Asimov set, otherwise, you will have no idea how it will act.

    So LS13, what have you learned?
  2. doodeeda

    doodeeda LS13 Admin

    I suggest a simpler format where the story and the actual "advice" is separate so new players/people can actually see the advice than be confused while reading the story or just skip the story altogether.

    For example:
    Story: In a round, someone dragged me to a chair and promptly started to rob me. After he was done, I couldn't move! I soon realized I was buckled down so I clicked the chair I was buckled too once and was free.

    Advice: To unbuckle yourself, click on the chair/bed you're buckled too once (not on your person)
  3. Jayce Wise

    Jayce Wise Head LS13 Admin Staff Member

    That was what I was going for, however I am a chronic overcomplicator...

    *should be a bit better now
  4. Snow5445

    Snow5445 Guest

    Story i was playing as a detective and zombies were running around knowing that i am the only hope for the station. I dawned riot armor grabbed a shield and a baton, i set off to fight them with my trustry revolver. i had lost my baton and shield at some point. i was being chased by three zoombies i reached for my side arm to gun them down but i didnt feel cool enough.

    1 i am the station savior
    2 the detective cant fire his gun without his coat.
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  5. CloudJhi

    CloudJhi New Member

    No stories here. Since I've held on to this secret of mine for a good while(no idea if its an actual feature or no), and since I don't play as often anymore, I'll just put it here.

    Advice: Kneecapping works. Aiming for the legs when fighting with people is usually effective because it not only knocks them down, it also slows them once enough damage has been sustained in BOTH legs. When you hear someone shout over the radio to 'break their legs' take that advice to heart.
  6. Magoca

    Magoca LS13 Admin Staff Member

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  7. Carl Rifter

    Carl Rifter BANNED

    With a screwdriver, some gloves and a PDA flashlight... you can save the fucking world.
  8. CloudJhi

    CloudJhi New Member

    That only applies to a select few such as you, Carl.
  9. Snow5445

    Snow5445 Guest

    Best way to kill AI as a traitor is to send a PDA message to carl rifter rogue AI. He never even questions it once just ok i got it.
  10. Carl Rifter

    Carl Rifter BANNED


    You honor me sir! I dream of a future where we shall be rid of those evil machines for good!

    'Carl Rifter: Protecting the station from rogue AIs since 2009'
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  11. Snow5445

    Snow5445 Guest

    However as a rogue AI i target you.
    do you remember the one round i caught you in the bridge lock down then started my assault on the station. As the Nanny bot.
  12. Carl Rifter

    Carl Rifter BANNED

    NOT A CHALLENGE! What manner of traitor would be so foolish as to send a rogue AI after Carl? Insulting!
  13. Chaznoodles

    Chaznoodles Well-Known Member

    Splashing water from a beaker onto a borg does the same job as a flash.
    Attach C4 to a corpse for gibs.
    As a changeling, absorb the chef then gib. The meat is Unknown-meat. Continue to do this. As long as you aren't seen, you won't be found out.
  14. Mord_Sith

    Mord_Sith Well-Known Member

    Teleport Beacons work on shuttles that are in-transit as long as nobody spaces them.
    You can turn any gloves, even the boxing gloves, into stungloves (The Icon just looks silly when you do)
    They got rid of the prototype breaking in R&D, if you can spit it outta the protolathe, it works.
    If you get stunned just before you start Jaunting, anything you were carrying in-hand just before the jaunt is lost in space and time (I did this to an AI by accident once)
    Electrodes don't pass through glass... Lasers do.
    As a Botanist, you are a Slip Machine, not only can you MAKE bananas, but you also have three buckets and a sink at your disposal, slip away!
    Roboticists can make ANYTHING given these parts: Two Matter Bins, Two Beakers, Two manipulators, and a console screen. After that it's just materials costs you need to spend (Bonus points for anyone who knows the build order!)
    Most AIs don't know that the Station Bounced Radios are controlled by a server in the CE's office and neglect to turn it off.

    That's enough secrets for one day.
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  15. Jawn Mancer

    Jawn Mancer LS13 Admin

    You can sign your name on a paper by writting in [sign]. This signature is unforgable.

    Emagging Universal Recorders turns them into minature bombs.

    You can modify air alarms to not go off if the pressure get's too high or certain gasses are detected.

    You can make beepsky nearly useless by modifying the under-floor beacons to fuck up his patrol route.

    You can also re-route deliveries by MULE's this way, but need to make sure to change both locations.

    You can construct turrets with some metal, any type of energy gun (Laser's make lethal, energy/stun make stun), a proxy sensor and a few tools. They auto-fire on anyone who is set to arrest, and can be configured to shoot anyone holding a weapon who shouldn't be, or anyone that is not WEARING a security/head ID. They also ignore handcuffed players.

    This one may be out of date. But multi-tools were at one point stupidly robust.

    You can use a multi-tool to unlock a fireaxe cabinet, no need to smash it you heavens.

    Infrared beams actually work now, you just need to combine them with a signaler.

    Swipe your ID on the cloning pod to unlock it, you can then pull the person out early.

    Furthermore, with cloneoxidine and a supply of rytalin, cryo can be used to effectivly clone three people at once, at much faster rate and without any clone damage.

    As an AI, shift clicking open/closes doors. Ctrl clicking bolts doors or toggles APC power and alt clicking shocks doors.

    Mining has several dynamic goodie rooms hidin' in it, with randomly generated items. There are a few static goodie rooms, entering them can be deadly, but the rewards can be amazing.

    You can switch around (Ie make sec broadcast on general) or scramble radio channels in telecomms with naut but a multitool.

    Setting your internals to a dist pressure of 16 makes them last much much much longer. A full tank on 16 can last around an hour.
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  16. Rocco Ward

    Rocco Ward Well-Known Member

    You can insert your ID into your PDA and attach it to your ID slot.

    You can insert a pAI into your PDA.

    You can deathgasp as a borg to fake your death.

    If you walk over shards of glass without shoes you will fall to the floor stunned, and take damage.

    The teleport beacon in telecomms is under the floor tiles that you have to crowbar to reach.

    You can mail things to locations (ie. bombs) using the tag designator in cargo and placing the item in disposals.

    You can buckle yourself to a chair with wheels and use a fire-extinguisher to maneuver. (useful against lubbed floors)

    If you have an esword you can slice open canisters of air with a few hits. (I think it's three?)

    By rigging a signaler and timer together and putting it in your pocket and then rigging a bomb and signaler set to the same frequency you can make a dead man's switch in case you die. (keep in mind you need to keep adding time to the timer in your pocket otherwise your bomb will explode)

    You can pull up your PDA screen and then put your PDA in your pocket and still be able to operate it. (you can do the same with a signaler, and other items)

    Lazer shots will break lockers after a few hits.

    EMP grenades don't do jack shit to mechs.

    You can customize the timer for C4 or a breaching charge to ANY AMOUNT OF SECONDS. (ie. meaning you can set it from 1 sec to 600 seconds (10 minutes) )

    Both C4 and Breaching Charges (in perseus) can be used on humans and they will be gibbed. (once it is set, it can never be removed, so dead man walking basically)

    The null rod is robust as fuck. (ie. deals like 25 brute damage, and destroys windows quick)

    Being injected with any type of SE from genetics gives you a small amount of toxin damage.

    You can arm mousetraps and stuff them into a backpack and the person who attempts to see inside will become stunned. (the more mousetraps you put inside the longer the stun, BUT THEY HAVE TO BE ARMED)

    Pickaxes to the head kill very Very VERY FAST. (I think the damage rate is just as good a wielded axe to the head)

    Tables are invaluable as a deterrent tool if you are in danger. Simply use one while running to block the other person who's chasing you. (very good in 1-lane areas like maintenance or doors, but not so much 3-lane areas like main hallways.)

    You can fill small oxygen tanks to 1000 and fit it in your pocket instead of having to carry around a large oxygen tank in your hand.

    If you are permabrigged, you're only hope of escape is the soap in the shower. You need to hide it underneath a shitload of paper and lure a security guard inside. Best way to do it is if you have a second person in there with you. You fake trying to choke him to death, run off to the bed area, and drop the soap underneath the papers. Security guard will run in without checking and slip. Then you should buckle + choke to take him down.

    If you drop soap on a tile with stuff on it, it will automatically be the bottom item in the stack. (ie. it won't appear on top)

    You can write stuff on paper and use it on a camera to get the AI's attention.

    As a syndie you should refill your jetpack with oxygen in the sleeper room and fill any bombs to max if you have them.

    A paralysis pen has some druggy after effects if it is used against you. Even once you get up, you might be unable to control your movement for a small time. (ie. like you were drunk)

    The difference between a para pen and a changeling sting is that a para pen will make people drool, again and again.

    If the nuke disc is spacced or destroyed a new one will spawn randomly on the station.

    There is a pinpointer in the captain's room.

    Shooting someone with a syringe of sleep tox will take a while before they fall to sleep. (about a minute or two) So if you happen to be hit with it, you should find a nice safe place to nap.

    Virology and Mining are great places to hold prisoners. Or the holding pen in Xenobiology if you kill the metroids.

    Security is secluded from other parts of the station in terms of vents. So if you are a monkey or xeno, you cannot directly get into armory unless you are already in security.

    As a geneticist, a great way to get all access is to use a monkey SE at round start and crawl through vent to the captain's room to acquire the spare ID, and then hot tail it back to genetics with a backup human SE syringe ready.

    If you eat a shitload of food and drinks you will become fat. This will cause you any armor you are wearing to be removed and drop to the floor. You will not be able to wear any armor until you return to normal weight.

    If you have a freedom implant and you use it while someone is dragging you they will receive a notification with a voice in their head.

    Always try to have a plan as a antag or when fighting an antag. Don't just "run in" or else it's very likely you will die unless you have superior backup/numbers on your side.

    Clean blood off. Always. Otherwise it will be very obvious that you just murdered someone. (ie. use the showers/sink or soap)

    As a janitor, you should try to acquire the bar of soap in the captain's office or the one in permabrig. It will make your job much easier and not get you killed for slipping people from wet floors.

    A command headset has some frequencies set to off by default. You should switch them on as soon as you can.

    As antag, try to manipulate people to your advantage. (ie. you should be buddying up with scientist to let them make bombs for you, starting assistant riots, asking the robotics for a mech, and getting access to areas by asking borgs)

    As a good rule of thumb, don't spawn any PDA gear until you need it. It allows you be flexible when the time comes and not worry about getting brigged as a known traitor early on.

    You can spawn a agent card and give yourself a head's assignment and update your PDA and start ordering people around. (or alternatively if you can convince the HoP to just give you that as a TITLE, without the access that works just as good)

    Detromax cartridges do not have a 100% chance of success.

    Last word of advice,
    NEVER underestimate the clown or the mime. (most of the time vet players will pick those roles)
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  17. Carl Rifter

    Carl Rifter BANNED

    Formulas are ammunition. Memorize them all.

    The station is broken up into 7 sections. Security, Command, Engineering, Science, Medbay, Cargo and Civilian. Find out what section you are in and learn the advantages/disadvantages of every role in your department.

    Stungloves + cable restraints + chair = a non violent resolution.

    If you get thrown into perma, turn on the wall intercom and start a radio talk show. If you are charming, you will begin to gather support from the population.

    Fireman jackets protect you from near vacuum temperatures. With a fireman jacket, an 02 tank and a locker you can survive in space until your 02 tank runs out.

    Most of the crew knows so little about engineering that you can set up a table inside of a door way and the vast majority of trespassers will be completely thwarted.

    If the crew is looking for you, go to the mining station, suit up and go mine for a little while. Security, the AI, Perseus, Borgs- no one will EVER be able to find you.

    If you politely ask the admins to turn you into an alien, they will ignore you because they are busy telling that assistant you just insulted that you are not guilty of grief and they are not going to ban you.
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  18. Mord_Sith

    Mord_Sith Well-Known Member

    "Politely", sure, that's how they do it.
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  19. zt107

    zt107 Well-Known Member

    With some creative wiring, you can hook the singularity's output into the main power loop and charge the solar SMES in seconds. To my knowledge, this also makes shocked doors kill on touch without insulated gloves.
  20. Mord_Sith

    Mord_Sith Well-Known Member

    I tend to bypass the solar SMES units right into the grid, they won't charge otherwise, though that gives a negative effect of supercharging the grid (I usually wind up with a grid in excess of 270000W once all is said and done, without the Singularity running)

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