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  1. WeedMunchies

    WeedMunchies Active Member

    • Byond Name: Degeneral
    • What do you like to be called? I have many names, but skype friends call me Brain (short from BrainLeZzz).
    • Gender? Male.
    • Past iconning experience. I have no iconning experience, im new to this.
    • How long you have been iconning for? One week.
    • Examples of your work. You can see my work here.
    • Do you have Skype? Yes, i have skype. My skype name is zeuscro.
    • Why did you apply? I applied because I think I can contribute to community. I dont want people to think i will icon just things that team tells me to icon, i will be here for mortals members too, if i find your idea cool i will make icons for it.
    • What made you apply? I have seen a lot of good ideas being ignored/denied because there is not enough staff, Shadow Mercenaries is one of them. I decided to take things in my own hands and do as much as i can to make SM possible, so i accepted Draches advice.
    362 cro
    Maybe i wont be best iconner, but i will do my best to make LLA more fun.
    Please support me by liking this post.
    Thank you for reading!
    - Degeneral
  2. Sishio

    Sishio Head LS13 Iconner

    Looks to be in order. Let's get onto some tests.

    Choose any one (1) test, and complete it~

    Test 1 - Create a new mob, a monster, alien, or creature. All 4 dirs and all.

    Test 2 - Make a new icon for the Flash item, and any two misc costumes. The kind you find in the theater room. (Has to be 1 UI icon and 4 directional wearing icons, as well as an inhand icon)

    Test 3 - Create a new "set" of icons for Medical. Stuff like new Hand scanners/medkits, new bruispacks, test tubes, etc. Has to be at least five icons, minimum

    Remember to keep true to SS13's art style and stuff, and good luck.
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  3. Rob Ust

    Rob Ust Active Member

    Good luck man! I've seen some of your work and it's pretty good!
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  4. Kokojo

    Kokojo Active Member

    Good luck and maybe when Cad comes back, we'll be on the design staff both :p
    Wish you luck, you have good skills, and with a little love, these could be expanded upon!
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  5. TheDracheX

    TheDracheX LS13 Coder Staff Member

    Koko Cad is head coder not head iconner, sishio is head iconner, pretty sure he makes the calls on who gets accepted on the team of icon slaves.
  6. Kokojo

    Kokojo Active Member

    I thought cad was head Iconner too. My bad.
  7. TheDracheX

    TheDracheX LS13 Coder Staff Member

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  8. Sishio

    Sishio Head LS13 Iconner

    I am the lord of icons, and all that is pixelated is my domain.
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  9. WeedMunchies

    WeedMunchies Active Member

    Sishio, I dont want you to think i ignored my tests. Problem is I dont have much time to do it, I have to study for final exams, and i dont want to present bad work.
  10. Infernus44

    Infernus44 Well-Known Member

    There is no time limit, honk.

    "I am the lord of icons"
    More like a slave master...
  11. Sishio

    Sishio Head LS13 Iconner

    No time limit, s'cool.

    Back to work, Volunteer.

    cracks whip
  12. WeedMunchies

    WeedMunchies Active Member

    New Mob
    Name: Space Dwarf
    Use: Protector of asteroid treasure rooms
    State: Aggressive
    Space Dwarf next to a human

    New Suit
    Name: Grinch Suit
    Description: Retextured Santa suit and Santa hat.
    Possible use: For clowning around. Christmas event Santa vs Grinch?


    Programs i used: Byond Dream Maker and Photoshop
    If you need .dmi files PM me and i will upload them.
    Thank you for reading, i hope you like it.
    - Degeneral
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  13. Neron

    Neron Member

    Is it me, or the dwarf is a bit more brighter when he's facing north?
    Other than that, very cool.
  14. AncientV25

    AncientV25 LS13 Admin

    Seems like laziness and a lack of creativity there.
  15. Black Jack

    Black Jack LS13 Admin

    I believe you PM Sishio the icons, so you can avoid Ancient talkin' shet.
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  16. CannibalCrow

    CannibalCrow LS13 Admin Staff Member

    I'll be honest though, it does kinda seem like a somewhat cheap way to get through the tasks. It looks like you just recolored a santa's outfit, and shrunk a person's torso and limbs.

    It's not my decision, but personally I do think there should be a show of creativity here, rather than just retextures and slight alterations. Create something new, impress.
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  17. Flavo

    Flavo Well-Known Member

    I've noticed from your work and the *new* mob and suit, that the work is recolors and modifications.

    d r a w - m e - a - c a c t u s - p l e a s e

    4 directions
    animation optional
  18. WeedMunchies

    WeedMunchies Active Member

    I know i lack creativity, but saying im lazy is an insult. I didnt just shrunk person, i didnt make this in 5 minutes just to get through tests.
    I may not be creative as you are, but i will do my best to help, if you think im lazy, and things i made are cheap i will give up from being part of LLA staff and keep doing what i can to help community as normal member.

    - Degeneral
  19. RebelAmerica

    RebelAmerica ForumGuard Staff Member

    Ignore what Ancient says, he has no right to say things like that, he's just a dick sometimes.

    We appreciate you wanting to help in the iconning department, and I wish you good luck
  20. AncientV25

    AncientV25 LS13 Admin

    I'm speaking my opinion as a player.
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