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    So I started a CK2 game a day ago and this is what I got up to and I thought I'd share it.
    Just a warning the pictures and current game is about twenty four years after the 1066 start date with the invasion of England but it will be interesting(hopefully) and as a second warning I will be using terms that would seem like me being racist or off in some people eyes but I mean no offence.

    So I started out as one of the three brothers in Spain as the king of Leon, why you ask? well in my opinion the king of Leon is the best choice as he has the intrigue needed to assert himself to all three thrones, which I do so quite skillfully by assassinating the youngest brother and king of Galicia so that the eldest brother king Sancho of Castille would inherit his lands, I would then use his new vassals that would mostly have a negative or not great opinion of him to lead to his demise to which I was now the undisputed king of all three kingdoms (I had also changed my primary title to the kingdom of Castille for the extra land the laws provided and because it looks better in my opinion) or not quite you see as my first plot to kill the king of Galicia was a successful failure in the fact that I succeeded but was caught in doing so which pissed a few family members off including my vassal sister who now thinks she is rightful queen until she meets her untimely demise(ya dingus) at which im also discovered at but luckily a few days later the pope who I had my court chaplain sweet talk granted me retribution at the cost of piety and gold(cheap bastard)I also inherited a holy war for Aragon but the land would go to my future father in law and eventually my wife(i'd like to point out that marrying the king of Alto-Aragons daughter was incest and I didn't really want to do is as it risked a bad situation of inbred children but she was not that close of a relative and was a great chance to secure the fourth christian kingdom of Spain which eventually worked in my favor(apart from the fact that my second son was inbred and nearly inherited my three kingdoms after a died the same day I contracted small pox)
    After I died I was playing as my glorious son king Sancho named after his uncle who died under suspicious means ;)

    When the new king Sancho ascended the throne It was a two year wait for him to come of age but that didn't stop him declaring his first holy war and beginning his own personal crusade against all the Muslim states in Spain including the ten thousand man strong Almoravid caliphate(oh that hurt to say and fight :( )
    I started on the Dunninid and took the duchy of Toledo from them which expanded my growing kingdom which was fairly quick and my character came of age during this war to lead the armies as a brilliant strategist but unfortunately the heat of battle was too much for him for in his first battle he gained the craven trait(basically the pussy bitch trait) and decided he didn't like swords and the like(not that it stopped me from making him a leader for the men must get inspiration from their king, once that war was over we continued to fight three more wars to expand the empire until things settled for a while to which point I got married to the princess of the byzantine empire and murdered their heir to make my wife air to the throne, she died in child birth but my son is now heir to the byzantine empire(not sure how I feel about this)
    I think decided it was time the kingdom of Aragon rightfully came to me and I started my plot to kill my mother which succeeded and I inherited the kingdom... and her war for the duchy of Valencia which was me versus all the Muslim states near me including the Almoravids which I won so without further delay I give you...

    King Sancho

    And his son, the heir to four of the five kingdoms in Spain and the byzantine empire prince Sancho the fourth

    And the upcoming baby

    And this ... Is my Kingdom(on Gyazo because file 2 big :p)

    Oh and, we're fourth in the world on army size in front of Egypt, Mauretania and Cumania and if we inherit the Byzanitine empire, we will be unstoppable(if I can hold the title without it going to shit :D)

    Not much action this time round kiddies but stay tuned as we should be kicking it into over drive as I have nearly twenty gold a month coming in (that's a lot) and the year has just ticked over to 1090 which means ten years till I can take a whack at the Egyptian for Jerusalem in what I will try to make the mightiest crusade ever called (even better than the one in another game where I was playing as the kingdom of Brittany among other titles and Hungary was conquered by Cumania to which the pope called a crusade for it and I beat those Tengri fucks back to the steppes, fun was had for the next hundred years as they declared a war every ten years for Hungary, I beat them back every time :D)

    EDIT: If you have any suggestions for things you'd like to seem sons/daughters you want named for fun stuff to happen that doesn't break the game feel free to comment on that as i'm just kind of dicking around right now and don't have any goals for this game so feel free to suggest some.
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    Name one of your childs or heir "Lucas" Or "Velasco" and take the rest of the iberic penisula
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    This will be more picture based than word based because i'm not the best writer

    Current world maps will be done at the beginning and end of each segment and in gyazo because they're big files:

    I start by fabricating claims on Navarra to try and secure the last kingdom and connect my land up:

    I've got lots of religious conversions to do and that will keep piling up as I keep warring, I also have to fix the province that has the Cathar heresy because the province now has a 90% revolt risk after I converted it and keep popping up with rebels every time I put a rebellion down, I also don't know why i'm getting heresy's pop up as religious unity is near 100%:

    I decide to declare holy war for Seville to kick the Almoravid sultanate off the Iberian peninsula and its a nice chunk of land, plus they have about half the men I do which gets bumped up when I declare war because I forgot about the fighting infidels modifier :( Time to take this cruel kind infidel out:

    I decide to gather my men and start besieging Gibraltar because I wanted them to attack me over the strait but they saw through my plan and landed a 7000+ man army in Valencia:

    Granada joins the war on the Almoravids side to which I slaughter all of their men:

    We caught the army and won the battle, also forgot to show that the pope asked me for papal investiture(more control for the pope) and I said no which made him pist as fawk at me and then the duke of Barcelona took that opportunity to excommunicate me, I wont forget that..., I also killed the sultans brother in that battle along with about 6000 of his men:

    Time for a bit of overview as some things have taken place without me even noticing, the HRE took the duchy of Aquitaine from France with has cut them in half which is slightly scary, A possible hundred years war scenario because the prince and princess of France and England have gotten married, I marry one of my daughters to Prince Philippe of France and Heir to the throne(but which one :D) so that's an amazing alliance in the making:

    The pope called a crusade for Jerusalem in 1092 which I was amazed at (he must be greedy or desperate) to which I promptly join while still at war with the Almoravids, time to finish that war up:

    My wife has fallen pregnant again after our last child(which I forgot to screenshot :mad: )(I cant name the child what you wanted Eluxor because this was done before your comment but fear not) unfortunately my wife died a few weeks after the child was born due to illness, this will be my last wife(but not my last woman AM I RIGHT BOIS):

    My war with the Almoravid Sultanate finally ends with a last siege and I can finally focus of the rapidly declining Crusade for Jerusalem:

    Another weird overview to do, the king of France randomly gave his son(the one my daughter married I think) the kingdom of Aquitaine which is pretty cool because I rarely see an independent Aquitaine but I think the two kingdoms will rejoin once the King of France is dead:

    After the war with With the "Kind" Sultanate I dropped all my men to replenish the ranks(I only had about 5000 men left compared to Egypt's 18000 - 20000 plus Egypt's allies and I had a lot of factions to deal with after the war none of which fired thankfully but they came close mostly due to the minus 25 opinion modifier for raised levies and the minus 30 modifier because i'm excommunicated, I decide to take 3000 of my own men and some boats to land on the shores of the kingdom of heaven and get myself the Crusader trait(+2 martial skill and great opinion modifiers get you some!) I also remembered that because i'm in the crusade I can ask the pope to lift my excommunication for some piety and he will always accept if you're in the crusade:

    I then waited for the months to tick by while my army size increased and watched my fellow Christians be slaughtered until I was finally ready for the assault, I raised the men and gathered the boats and we set sail until we saw the shores of Arsuf our landing point to which we unloaded our 13000+ man army onto the shores and headed straight for Jerusalem to meet the also 13000 strong Egyptian army in the mountains and the battle that would either win this war or lose it started until a day later while the battle was still raging a 6000 Egyptian army appeared and struck fear in the hearts of our men:

    Ill leave y'all with this which I was going to conclude but I think this makes a nice ominous cliffhanger :D

    EDIT; OF FOR FUCKS SAKE THE ATTACHMENTS AAAARG, They will all have to be done in gyazo then...

    EDIT: Im also thinking of doing a Hearts of Iron 3 AAR so post a comment on if you want to see that and what country you want to see, I was thinking of playing as England and beating germany, japan and Russia but its you guys call if you want to see it also post a comment if you like this CK2 AAR fuck about and say anything that needs improving on or what you want to see or what you would like me to do and thanks for reading :D.
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    Amazing, by any chance are you using retinues? They cost money but they don't make your vassals dislike you (unless you tax them). What are the war score for the crusades?
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    I do not have any of the DLCs for CK2 and the warscore will be revealed in the next section because if I tell you it then you will know the outcome of the cliffhanger

    ya dingus :D
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    Quick little update to the cliffhanger, sorry its been so long but I've had stuff to do and i'm now off school and SUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMER so yeah anyway,

    As you can see we lost the battle with quite heavy losses on both sides but this has tipped the warscore to -89% and things are looking dire,
    We killed one of his bastard dukes though! and luckily came out unscathed which in my opinion is a fucking miracle but I'll take it.

    I've lost some screens so ill explain the two I lost, they chased us to the shore and killed about a thousand more but I tactically retreated my men to the boats and sailed our asses back to the Iberian peninsula and regrouped with my thousand stack that was sitting at home but decide that because they still had 12000+ remaining from that last encounter and I saw another 6000 pop out of nowhere while I was retreating most likely from another Muslim duke I just dropped my men and boats and decide that this crusade which was now at -95% is a lost cause which Is unfortunate but I intent for this to not happen again...

    Gyazo time as i'm showing the now crazy and current world(told you it was short)

    This world is getting quite crazy as the Fatimid caliphate is getting stronger and so is the HRE, expansion is going to run a little dry soon so i'm trying to set inheritance up but this is gonna be *puts on shades* a wild ride YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!1one

    EDIT: fucking forgot this part, i'm thinking of doing either a hearts of iron 3 AAR or a Darkest hour a hearts of iron game with the alternate history mod where germany won ww1 and became the worlds bully boy/powerhouse, I was thinking of either an austria/russia/USA playthrough as all three of those choices lead interesting paths with multiple choice political problems which you guys can help solve!
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    CKII tips: Bigger armies = victory, high martial are good too.

    You can do it Odyssey, you can be the king of Jerusalem with some well place Crusade. Remember the holy orders.

    Edit: I think I've played to much CK2.
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    Well considering half my land is muslim religion and culture there isn't much I can do about manpower till it gets converted which will take a while as I cant really focus my chaplain on converting populaces because the pope has a habit of excommunicating Spanish kings also considering the crusade was called eight years earlier than expected and this is the first crusade there are no holy orders as they either pop up in the newly christian conquered Jerusalem or the defeated catholic lands so there's not much I can do for now.
    As a side note, army size isn't the deciding factor in battles, you need to look for the landscapes and see where its best to goad the enemy into fighting, I decided that although they had a better force that I had a better chance beating them in the mountains of Jerusalem then fighting mano a mano in a field, also choosing my king wasn't the best idea for a flank as he has -20% on morale because of the craven trait but I am desperately trying to get rid of that trait because its the bane of my existence :mad:
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    CANCELLED - cancelled due to me doing two sessions of screens and losing both sets, anyone want to see a hearts of iron 3 play through
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    id love to see HOI3, you want to do a coop campaign?

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