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    There was a botanist who desired to become a monkey. The first thing he did was steal the chaplains book and learned the smoke spell out of the chaplains office only to be pursued by the HoS who had dropped his Egun and then the monkey picked it up, Yet he couldnt shoot it. The HoS screamed over the radio that there was a wizard monkey and started a man hunt for him. The monkey was swiftly evading the lynch mob of people. The monkey who had escaped to an area in atmos with plastic flaps for him to use as an escape door he had hid. Then the evil
    Siffy Breaker ran by and attempted to shoot him. the monkey dodged every shoot and escaped to the kitchen were he hid until the HoP had shot him and he had been bested after a long run.....
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    I believe that was the same round I built a second singularity next to the first one. The captain walked in on me building it, and just welded the vent and said nothing about the fact that I was doing something really fucking dumb extremely safe and smart.


    *Edit: Added image of how safe it was.
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    That is awesome as fuck

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