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    Now the thing is, now I need info from LLA due to obvious reasons, see the holes in what I think.
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    You get get information from this as soon as this has been finished and a conclusion is reached, prior to this, taking any information within this experiment at face value is just bad science.
  3. Antags aren't necessarily free game on all servers. On some of them, if a confirmed antagonist is not an active threat, they need to be dealt with through legal (in accordance with Space Law) means. On some servers, it is considered "powergaming" for a non-security player to valid hunt. Admins will be all over any random chemist or whatever that decides to toolbox a friendly antag.

    Whatever happens on another server really isn't applicable to this.

    Nice to see you'll still try to be involved in the community though.
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    (Off Topic-ish) That's my hope, I hope when I make my appeal, I'm not hated around the community for being banned, I just want these 3 months to pass now. SHIT I JUST REALIZED 3 MONTHS IS IN JULY, SUMMER WILL BE HALFWAY OVER NOOO!!!!!
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    Rekiin, I'd love to see results from another server. I don't want this study to have some bizarre form of internet ethnocentric bias, so go ahead and report your findings (with server name) here anyway! We (or at least I) don't hate you even at the present moment.
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    Did any of us imply that we hate him?
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    Rekiin did, kinda.
  8. Flahhh Personson

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    Trial 3:

    Role: Roboticist
    Antag role: Traitor
    Server population: 13
    Objectives: Steal Reactive Teleport Armor, escape alive

    Findings: No security team; confessed to captain over tablet at 5 minutes. Captain expresses skepticism about my intentions at 9 minutes. I ask for the Reactive at 11 minutes and am denied. We argue for a while, then I flash him as he goes to space it, take the armor and leave him there. At 30 minutes, captain issues a kill order to the AI. This is never followed up on, and I am later killed by an eswording detective with no relation to my objective or traitor status.

    Conclusions: Survival time was irrelevant, here. The only person who gave seven shits about what I was doing was the RD.

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  9. Flahhh Personson

    Flahhh Personson Well-Known Member

    Trial 4:

    Role: Roboticist
    Antag role: Traitor
    Server population: 20
    Objectives: Steal a functional AI, escape alive.

    Findings: Confessed at 5 minutes. Sec team expresses doubt at 9. Warden interrogates at 16 minutes, repeated demands for PDA code--not met with a response. Headset is stripped. Warden reveals that he is, in fact, a changeling, and we agree to engage in jolly co-operation. I then hide until the shuttle is called, stroll in and card the AI. No idea what happened to the Warden.

    Conclusions: Hiding is a remarkably effective strategy for not getting killed. About average time for processing.

    Notes: AI gave 0 fucks about anything.
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    What keeps me from acting differently than I would usually given that I know about this experiment and your intentions?

    Also, I remember a week or two back when you confessed, I just told you it's fine as long as you play nice. :p
  11. Flahhh Personson

    Flahhh Personson Well-Known Member

    Nothing does. That's why I'm asking others to try the same.
  12. Jariahtoadsage

    Jariahtoadsage LS13 Admin

    Trial HB-1:

    Role: Security
    Antag role: Traitor
    Server population: ??
    Objectives: Steal x, Escape Alive

    Findings: This is a pertinent trial but from the past, and an interesting outcome that i wasn't expecting. At round start as a sec member i immediately unlock my PDA and give it to my HoS (If memory Serves, Mel Gar). He takes a look at it, unclips his e-gun and looks back at me with his hand on the holster. He ask me what my intentions are if he allows me to continue to work. I respond that i will perform my role as a security officer as i would have as a non-traitor with the exception that if my steal target became accessible during my time doing it, without needing to kill someone i would take it. He ordered us both a set of thermals (Me being his only officer this round) and told me to be about my work. We ended up hauling in one of the other traitors and a repeat offender (As far as perma is concerned) and i did indeed complete my objective.

    Conclusions: The necessity of your role to the station plays an important role in the decision making when it comes to confessing. You wouldnt blink to perma-ing an assistant or a bartender, because they are roles that wont affect the long term health of the station. However If the only security confesses, you'd be more apt to find a reason to let them do their job. But too high up the ladder and you become a serious risk if you ever decided to turn over a new leaf and go full traitor. As such, a captain, and HoS, or a CE /Might/ Be let walk after a demotion, but its unlikely.
  13. Thought I'd chime in, since I had a very similar experience to Jariah. This was months ago, so some details forgotten.

    Trial TP-1:

    Role: Security Officer
    Antag role: Traitor
    Server population: Approx 30
    Objectives: Assassinate X, Hijack

    Findings: Had hijack objective, was just not in the mood to murderboner or fuck over my own sec team at the end after working with them for a full round. Lydia Turner was HoS, I asked to speak with her privately, she invited me into her office, and then I told her that I was a traitor and that the reason I was confessing was that I had the hijack objective and did not want to attempt it. I tried to RP it a bit, saying that when I signed up I wasn't anticipating this level of "rough stuff" and though it would just be an easy and clean theft job with nobody hurt. I voluntarily surrendered my PDA and provided the uplink code and traitor code words immediately, as well as turned in my security weapons, without being asked.

    Lydia's response was to order me not to leave the brig, and to inform the security team that I was a confessed traitor and that my safety had been assured, provided I do not leave the brig or commit any hostile acts. She RP'd it a bit in return, lamenting how "the Syndicate suckers in naive young men" (or something to that effect). I compliantly hung around the brig, and occasionally assisted security when prisoners got out of hand and things got a bit hectic. At the end of the round, I compliantly walked with security into the shuttle brig. At no point was I harmed by anyone.

    Conclusions: Jar's inferences might have some merit. Also, immediately providing valuable information and material resources, as well as roleplaying the surrender, may increase the odds you will be treated mercifully. The fact that I explicitly mentioned my aversion to violence and was entirely compliant may also have made the security team less leery about me.

    Notes: Some members of the security team seemed to grudgingly accept the lenient terms imposed upon me only because they were dictated by the HoS. They seemed to leave me be only because they did not want to risk arrest or demotion for harming me. So I believe that the role and disposition of the specific individual you confess to is vital in determining the outcome.
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    Great to know! I'll try some Head positions in future, then.
  15. Flahhh Personson

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    It's been a while. I was reminded that this exists by an incredible round I had earlier today.

    Trial 5:

    Name: Nikolas Wise
    Role: Shaft Miner
    Antag role: Traitor
    Server population: 17
    Objectives: Steal a jetpack, escape alive.

    Findings: No precise timings here, sorry. I immediately stated my objectives and that I could probably finish them just by mining. I ask the captain for science access... six times over fifteen minutes. He doesn't particularly seem to care, and idles at bridge, so with everyone's permission, I take his ID, give myself all-access and set power up. Halfway through this, the detective PDAs me that the HoS wants to arrest me. Lovely. He's nice enough to wait for me to finish, though, so we head up to brig. One fruitless interrogation later, I'm freed. Detective starts messing with me, tells HoS to arrest me for stealing the spare. Fair enough. So I'm permaed, the detective agrees to shoot out a window so I can escape... I slip seven times in a row and die in space. THEN AN IMMOVABLE ROD HITS PERMA IN JUST SUCH A WAY THAT I COULD ESCAPE.

    ...THEN I ORBIT ROUND AND END UP OUTSIDE PERMA AGAIN. 10/10 traitor round, would become classy xenoqueen again.

    Conclusions: Even if you've covered your bases legally, the valid will still be hunted.


    I'll have more scientific ones later, I promise...
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    Trial 6:

    Name: Nikolas Wise
    Role: Chemist
    Antag role: Traitor
    Server population: 21
    Objectives: Steal corgi meat, escape alone.

    Findings: Confessed to warden at 5 minutes, without stating over radio. Once he says something along the lines of 'k, don't be a traitor, bye', I announce full details of the trial over comms and start wandering. Events leading to my signature occur, nonantag clown breaks into chem and steals lube, the usual. In arrivals he stunprods/cuffs me, then tries beating me to death with a crowbar (25 minutes) before a sec officer comes to help. Later killed (32 minutes) by rogue CE's plasma fire, shuttle is called.

    Conclusions: The proportion of people that wanted me dead and alive were about equal

    Notes: Nikolas Wise's Instant Lynchmob! Only £9.99!
  17. Trial 7:

    Role: Roboticist
    Antag role:Traitor
    Server population: 36
    Objectives: Kill Ulio
    Escape alone.

    Findings: Cant put a syndi minibomb in a box after using borgs to eliminate the station.

    Conclusions: Blew myself up

    Notes: Dont do drugs.
  18. Flahhh Personson

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  19. Rekiin

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    Well, he did escape alone.
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    BRAINOS Well-Known Member

    Trial: P1

    Role: Quartermaster
    Antag role: Traitor
    Server population: 20+
    Objectives: Steal a set of "secret documents," escape free.

    Findings: Didn't quite confess, but I DID want to see what happens with obvious traitorship. Forged an ID that said, "not a traitor," and waltzed my way into the bridge with an emag right in front of the captain and three, maybe more sec officers. They were just outside the bridge inspecting an apparent hole in the wall, to which I commented, "Yeah, you guys should pro'lly fix that."
    About halfway into the bridge, one of them finally blinked and said, "who the fuck is that," and I was tazed and brought to the brig. I spend my entire time kissing the captain's ass while hitting on a Sec officer and the warden.
    While I'm in perma, for being a traitor, the two other inmates tried to breakout and had a bloody, violent battle with Sec.
    Captain notes my excellent behavior, and fits me with an electropack and loyalty implant. I'm not exactly free, but I am now an effective sidekick. Cap and I fix a couple of doors that were emagged or something, and I even got to give a poorly behaved inmate a lethal injection.
    I asked for a folder containing poorly written haikus from the captain, did not receive.
    Objectives failed. Worth it anyway.

    Conclusions: Charisma helps.

    Notes: Instead of a confession, there WAS a harmless breach of law with obvious traitor items. The spirit of this experiment is pretty close.

    Trial: P2

    Role: Quartermaster
    Antag role: Changeling
    Server population: 20+
    Objectives: A metric shit-ton.

    Findings: Decided I'd try out being an obvious ling without actually harming anyone, but displaying the intention to harm. Gargled and slurped at people incoherently for five minutes, freaking out two people who knew Preston to be a sane, pretty cool guy, and outright traumatizing another. Whispered in my cargo tech's ear, "feed," and proceeded to (poorly) attempt to eat them.
    Was immediately taken down by Sec, and brought to interrogation. As a changeling that hardly knew how to speak, this didn't really help the security officers get any answers, as I was mostly mimicking sentences and gargling, while my two eyes wandered about like some sort of chameleon fucker.
    Continued to gargle and spit at Sec until they had me locked up, and transformed into another officer and made angry slurping noises. Was now, without a doubt, a confirmed ling to one officer. The rest of the force, however, did not see.
    Was taken out to tour the labor camp or some shit, no idea what they were doing honestly, for like, fifteen minutes. I just gargled and slurped in cuffs.
    HoS said he intended to space me, and he was immediately tazed down by the other Sec officer who still had doubts of my ling status. The officer was later killed.
    Broke free and immediately changed into pajamas. Gargled angrily at a friend of Preston's, who took me to the bar and put a top hat on me as I attempted to eat her. Security found me without much trouble and immediately dragged me to the chapel and cremated me. Friend from the bar earlier died moments earlier.

    Conclusions: Lasted surprisingly long this round. Felt terrible when the officer defending Preston died. Ultimately, Security responded, but with little to nothing to go off of aside from the eye-witness accounts of a single officer, there were several doubts whether or not I was a ling or just absolutely batshit crazy.

    Notes: It was obvious I was a ling, and I had displayed the intention to eat people. Didn't help that I had no idea how half the ling commands worked, sooo. This was more an effort to see how quickly and effectively Sec would respond.
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