The Tale of Arelgur

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    It's been a long day, here I am on top of our wagon listening once again to Tobul's ranting about the weather and conditions. She has never had an optimistic day in her life! I did not even want to bring Tobul with me on our expedition to find a mine for the Mountainhomes. Yet she is a very good smith and was one of the few that volunteered to come, her own reasons are unknown to me. Our carpenter Besbul is a much better person to have a conversation with, even though all he says is "Bork bork". There is Ingiz who doesn't talk a lot and keeps to herself. She's very pretty and I'm hoping to get to know her some more. The three miners keep to themselves mostly.


    Unable to take her ranting any longer I ordered the wagon to stop and begin prospecting at this site. Our three miners Bembul, Zuntir, and Thizak began exploring and inspecting the area. They dug a few holes, eyed the rocks, and stuck their beards into the soil. I was quite surprised when Bembul and Zuntir said this site actually has a rich sedimentary layer for metal production and there is even plenty of clay for farming.
    Zuntir was talking my ear off about the quality of the stone here and all the boring details about it when Thizak came running down the slope screaming and a foul stench following her. Everybody gathered around Thizak and she told us that an undead gerbil snuck up on her and scared her. It was a little obvious she soiled her trousers and we are all laughed at her expense.

    With these freezing conditions, undead neighbors, and rich stone I decided we will start our mining operations here.
    I Cilob Evonrovod shall name this ground Arelgur, "Waterbowels" in honor of our first battle with the undead. Thizak does not appreciate the name. [​IMG]

    I sent Ingiz to go chop some wood and our miners to begin digging the farms and entrance halls.
    As soon as I sent everyone out it began raining this horrible yellow goo! It hit us like rocks, but luckily it seems to only affect the hills on the west side of our wagon. This rain doesn't seem to be lethal yet but it does leave bruises.

    After that episode the miners went back to work and found some iron ore and a source of coal, a good start.
    Our entrance is coming into shape.

    The miners have begun digging out our quarters as well, of course I will have the largest and nicest housing.
    Due to "budget problems" Ingiz and I will be sharing a bedroom. Hopefully I can woo her...


    It's early summer now and we gained a few migrants. Nobody outstanding, a married couple who is a surgeon and poor blacksmith. Some other new blacksmith that is just as bad, a fisherdwarf, and a mason. That mason will be quite helpful though for building all the doors we're going to need!
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    It is nearly Fall now and nothing too exciting has happened, Ingiz still acts like I barely exist when I'm round her, and we have been improving the Great Hall a bit. People have been vomiting a lot after being stuck out in the gooish rain. Our floors and staircases are entirely made out of vomit now.
    I have sent our masons to start building a shelter over our mine's entrance, that should help quite a bit.

    Our shelter against the rain is now complete and we gained two new migrants. Nobody special, they are just two married farmers that are good with weapons. Perhaps I'll put them in a squad together.

    We haven't seen any undead creatures lately, but there are large number of insectmen and birdmen monsters.
    It is now late autumn and the water has begun to freeze again.

    It looks like two of our miners Thizak the "Founder" and Zuntir have fallen in love. While another miner Bembul have fallen in love with Tobul our only good metalworker.
    Winter is now beginning and a caravan has arrived, they brought a snowstorm with them. We have many crafts to trade with them but unfortunately no bins to put them all in. So the crafts have to hauled one at a time! These damn dwarves can't figure out how to carry an armload at a time.


    Our broker is a terrible negotiator, unfortunately there's not a single dwarf here that is decent at persuasion. All we were able to get is a bin of cloth from the traders, but next year we will have steel to trade.

    Ah good thing the caravan was here, an ogress just attacked but they handled her pretty fast. I believe the gooish rain weakened the ogre first.

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    It's spring of the new year and our metal workshops are up and ready to go, we just need more furnace operators.

    I'm not sure why but our Yak cow killed one of her own calves. Then a bull started attacking our horse that pulled the wagon. Strange.
    Then a baby was born to one of our migrants right afterwards. She is the first baby of our outpost! She was born with her hair braided and strong sculpted muscles.


    It's mid-spring now and did I say we need more furnace operators? Well in the latest wave of migrants we gained 29 more dwarves, which brings our population to 44 now. It's time to do more sorting.
    Our Great Hall isn't so empty now, I think I will shove some of these people into the military.


    After some handshaking and asking about their trades we gained barely anything from any of these migrants, except a handful are OK with a sword or hammer. One of the dyers is an all right candidate to become a real broker, but he doesn't know anything about appraising. The majority of these people are farmers or peasants, a shame. One of them calls himself a "Great Milker" I can only guess what he does, his job title is now Legendary Milkdwarf, he was quite happy with it.

    Many of these migrants are now "Superpeasants" They will be setting traps, working furnaces, detailing floors, and serve as fodder for the military if need be.
    As soon as I gave them their duties, dwarves split off in all directions swarming and filling up jobs, our long line of smelters is now churning out iron, pig iron and coal like crazy. I'm adding another smelter to make steel bars, then we will be all set.
    I will work on carving out a barracks for our first squad of speardwarves.

    It is now the middle of summer and we received 13 new migrants. Nobody special.
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    nice story so far
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    We are nearing the end of summer of the second year and I have forgotten to have steel bars smelted!
    We will have to make due with some iron weapons for trading.

    A human caravan arrived, hopefully the fields of vomit and heinous ooze does not dissuade them from coming next year

    We have forged 6 iron battle axes as soon as we knew the caravan was coming, the stupid humans probably won't care much for the quality. A newborn dwarf can make better iron than a human blacksmith anyway.
    Everybody has been complaining about eating plump helmets all the time, I don't see what the problem is, they're delicious. But I still buy all of the caravan's cheese, milk and fish anyway. Even more cloth and some empty bags will be helpful for our eventual hospital room.

    As soon as I finished telling our broker what to trade one of our craftdwarves who has been responsible for our stone pot industry suddenly stopped and withdrew from socializing. He now claimed the crafts workshop he was in and is working on something now.

    The traders left and it looks like our possessed craftsdwarf needs some cut gems, I will have to build a workshop for him then. Whatever he's making better be worth it.

    It is now autumn and we have a new wave of migrants and there's 13 of them, mainly fighters again. We will have a good start on our military with so many swordsdwarves

    Our possessed craftsdwarf Ustuth has finished his secret project and it turns out to be an artifact that is a tribute to the most valuable stone of the fortress, the stone we build everything with. From the tables we eat on, to the mighty walls we build. Dolomite.
    I'm not all that impressed, but it's better than that legendary stone harp that is lined with sharp spikes.

    Since our little outpost is growing faster than expected I believe some more proper defenses are in order, a courtyard is being set up with a drawbridge in the case we're ever attacked.

    Our dwarven caravan came along, just like the humans we gave them poor weapons but this time the trader is a dwarf and has an eye for quality. So bargaining was a bit harder but we still ended up with a horde of food. Our chefs will be busy and we will be very well fed for awhile.

    My attention came back to our hospital, I will have to dig into the earth and find a freshwater source for any injured. We have had no need to dig deeper yet, but now it will be a good idea to set up a reservoir and a well along with it.

    So as winter sets in of our second year, our skilled miners dig deeper.

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    The miners have found some pretty green stone called Olivine, perhaps I will stockpile it for building.
    A diplomat from the mountainhomes keeps trying to tell me about imports and exports but I'm waving him away, I'm much more interested in finding some water.

    We have dug very deep into the earth and we found the water we wanted, and gold too! We will be even richer now!


    I will have to dig out a long column of pumps and a reservoir along with it.

    I plan to set our jails at the entrance of these caverns, so if we're ever invaded by the denizens of the deep, the criminals will be sacrificed

    (this one has to be cut short)
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    What happened to the romance between you and what's her face?
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    The fortress is descending into chaos, there are children being born every few minutes causing production to stop. Everyone keeps celebrating each baby being born and we've had 6 of the little gnomes just this week. Which reminds me I should do something about the residential district.

    Everybody seems to be making babies except me. Ingiz and I are still are on acquaintance terms even though we've been living in the same room for years now; and we've both seen each other often. Maybe there's some other woman for me other than her, if she is going to play so hard to get.
    Two more were just born back to back as soon as I finished writing this. What the hell is going on!

    Besieged! An army of beakwolves have arrived <a baby was born> looks like there are twelve of them.

    I have ordered everyone underground <a baby was born> and I am forming our migrants into a militia.
    This should be easy enough, we outnumber them and have steel weapons at our hands.


    The heinous goo is raining upon the beakwolves, they may or may not pass out before they reach the compound.

    Unfortunately our masons never quite finished our defenses yet, but the minutedwarf militia is ready. At least some of them are, several don't have weapons. I shall open the gates and we will find glory on this day.

    The charge was successful, a ball of angry dwarves with nothing but spears, fists, and crossbows swamped the beakwolves. The birdthings managed to kill a yak calf before the fight began.
    Dwarves are wrestling beakwolves to the ground while their battle-buddies bash them with crossbows and fists.

    One of the women brought her freshly born infant into battle and a beakwolf has paralyzed the baby for life now

    The beakwolves have been scattered, and 15 out of 17 or so of them have been killed.
    Another dwarf was shook around by his head during the battle but survived. Other than the baby Dobar, who just died from suffocation, he was our only major injured.

    Here is Tobul's fight

    So now Dobar is the first death of our fortress, I haven't really expected any deaths but I will have to set up a burial chamber for him.
    There has been a quite a bit of of vomiting during the fight, perhaps our engravers will commemorate this day by etching dwarves and beakwolves alike projectile vomiting at each other under the walls of our outpost.
    The compound itself is covered in blue vomit and the trail of the beakwolves retreat is marked by their vomit.



    The one dwarf Tobul who sustained the most injuries is laying among the corpses of the beakwolves and vomit right now, hoping for someone to carry him to the hospital. Unfortunately we have no water for him to drink yet. That will have to be a top priority next.
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    So now - <a baby was born> - I will do something about all that water sitting at the bottom of this cavern.

    I will have a stack of pumps sending water to top of the fortress. Pretty much screw pumps that will need to be manually operated by our migrant army to push up water.

    Right now our injured from the battle are crying for water and nobody can help them. The ponds around us are also frozen and unuseable, I suppose I can build a well over one for spring.

    While we wait for the miners to dig the pump shaft I set our engravers to work, so we can properly store the history of this battle for future generations to see. This is what we got so far:

    Well fuck.

    Anyway, a random migrant died of thirst, I do not believe he was a part of the battle or was injured in the first place. We have plenty of booze though. I believe she went into a depression from a miscarriage and did not care to drink or eat anything.

    Half of the shaft has been completed by now < a baby was born>
    Fuck these babies seriously.

    To our hospital. When I was here earlier there were two people with some bruises and scratches, looks like they stopped being pansies and left. Finally someone rescued Tobul from the battlefield.


    So in the corner room we have Tobul, resting right now, who bravely ran into battle with only his fists and got his ass kicked by a beakwolf. Suffered some bad injuries.
    Despite nearly dying, having his nerves severed, muscles torn, and is now ugly; he still has a positive attitude. I suppose good beer can turn around any bad day.

    It looks like he pretty much recovered all ready, those ugly dents on him can't be fixed though. Our Chief Medical Dwarf says all he needs is a crutch. Well I suppose I can make one of those.


    Hopefully he survives, he has a wife and son to live for.
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    As always, we start off with a new baby! <hooray>
    <no not really>


    Why is there somebody in all that water? Well that's one of our latest babies! His mother was fishing and all of a sudden she had this compulsion to go into labor and shoot a hairy, bearded monster right out of her into the pond.
    Now since I do not really have a way to retrieve the body (nobody here likes to swim). I'll just memorialize this spot as - "Sir a vile force of darkness has arrived!"

    Well this time it looks like it's only 13 four-armed wrestling apes. We outnumber them at least. Should be simple.

    Sending the military now.
    And it was a slaughter of blood and vomit for the ape monsters, a quarter of them were killed and the rest ran away. A pretty brief fight actually, unfortunately our military do not have good aims yet. It turns out some of these dwarves took crossbows into melee combat with them, I will have to specify with these fools what they're allowed to have when they fight hand to hand.
    The only casualty was someone's baby, who first had his left hand bitten off. Then was shaken around like a doll from what was left of his arm, which ends up tearing -that- off as well. And unfortunately the baby just bled to death there. I'll remove the mother from service indefinitely, her husband too since it looks like he was injured badly in the last attack. I'm such a good person.

    Anyway, back to the other dead baby. In honor of its tragic death I shall name this pond - "Sir, ambush!"

    Double dammit. Wait, I mean... Curse them!


    Looks like one of the soldiers from the chase was caught out in the open by this goblin ambush. Hopefully he can flee to safety.

    They're gaining on him

    And they caught him. Wasn't even a quick death, he was stabbed and slashed apart so many times it was sickening.

    But now, a dwarf armed with only some metal pants, a shield and his spear will take on 3 of them at once... Let's hope for the best.


    A fellow speardwarf has entered the fray, although the fight isn't going as well for her.
    Both of them are not scoring any killing hits yet. Just bashing bones and stabbing feet.

    The first dwarf, Vucar, is doing fine. He's playing with his opponent a bit though. Stabbing dozens of times without a lot of progress.
    It looks like the rest of the goblins are catching up now though.
    Everyone else is too far away... This isn't looking good for them.

    In the middle of the fight, the pink speardwarf decided to go to a fighting demonstration. So she ran out of there. Coward.

    Vucar is managing on his own. He stabbed a goblin once in its left lung, and it began gasping for air. He decided that wasn't good enough and then stabbed it in its other lung for good measure.
    Try breathing now bitch.



    Oh here we go.


    After playing with the first goblin, Vucar TwoLungs goes on to kill the one behind him fairly quickly and moves onto the crossbowman on the hill.

    Then a goblin came out of nowhere.

    Don't worry he's still alive though. He decided enough was enough and is going to the hospital in the middle of battle. Backup came right then anyway and swarmed the remaining goblins.
    The crossbow goblin managed to shoot 3 separate dwarves, taking all of them out of the fight and one choked to death on his blood. The goblin was crushed under a horde of angry dwarves immediately.

    Anyway back to the pink speardwarf, who happens to be our beloved broker. She has been running the entire time with a goblin axeman on her tail. Suddenly though she stopped and began pummeling it with her fists and shield since she lost her weapon. It was beaten fairly quickly and now its just vomiting all over her while she is breaking everyone of its bones. Her friends are arriving now to help finish the job. Now they're chasing the goblin up the hill.
    She just charged it and pushed it and herself into a pond.

    Now they're both drowning

    Now she drowned with it, at least she lasted longer.
    I take back what I said about her being a coward.

    Well I'l at least retrieve her corpse and give her a proper burial.
    Her husband is ecstatic though, mainly due to "gaining a sibling" or something.

    So we lost 3 dwarves in this attack. We really need some armor.
    Anyway, back to naming that pond.
    "Sir! Ambush!"

    I'm about to flip a god damn table.
    To battle once more.

    The goblin party split up with some chasing one of the yak cows and the others into our Vomit Courtyard. The goblins were swarmed after I enlisted extra help. Our original military over the past few battles have been moving into the hospital and just plain dying.

    Now the ground once again is covered in blood and even more blue vomit. The goblins seem to aim for the babies more than anything else and try to mangle them. At least they're acting like little shields I guess.
    We only lost one dwarf that time. His crossbow was not an effective weapon at all despite scoring dozens of hits.
    Oh and we lost a baby too. Oh well, right after the battle one of the speardwarves came up with a replacement in the barracks. She was holding it in I guess. *shrug*

    This is what our hospital looks like now. I will have to assign more doctors I think.

    Now I can name that pool of water with the dead baby in it.
    "Dead Baby Pond"

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