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    Round started off for me pretty easy i was walking around to when i got alerted to a possible traitor in RD's office attacking someone whose name i forgot. Me and Jack went him he allowing me access and were told the traitor had an e-bow and we proceeded cautiously and couldn't find a trace. Then Jack calls me over shortly later and gives me HoS position because no one else was sec at all let alone the HoS. Little later Ryan Leech takes over as our captain as no captain was on at the time either. Later in Untrustworthy Dave and Dennis Rowley came in as Warden as HoS respectively. This whole round im basically walking around the station and happen to bumble around med and into the cloning room to help move the corpse to the morgue and the cloning room is empty besides me and a corpse and i take it and put it away and come back. Then someone comes up and is watching me mess with the cloner and shoots me with the ebow and pulls out the e sword and starts to hack me up. I scream for HELP!!! over comms and Jack, Ryan and some other medical staff come rushing in and taser and hack the traitor into pieces and the meanwhile im in crit hoping i make it, they manage to drag me off to cryo and there i wait hoping for the best, I pull through and Ryan drags me to the bridge.

    Ryan Leech says, " I hereby award Officer Quinn the medal of Valor, for being willing to give his life for the Kingdom"
    Ryan Leech says, "You have served me very well"
    Ryan Leech shivers.
    Lorde Quinn says, "Sir..."
    Ryan Leech asks, "Yes?"
    Lorde Quinn exclaims, "it's an honor!"
    Ryan Leech twitches violently.
    Ryan Leech says, "Of course"
    Ryan Leech nods.
    Lorde Quinn sheds a single tear
    Ryan Leech says, "You protected the realm with your life"
    Ryan Leech says, "Which is more than many will do"
    Ryan Leech says, "I thank you."
    Lorde Quinn says, "i would give my life for the crew"
    This whole time im doing my stuff there is background stuff going on Alan McCoy is doing stuff and the HoS doesn't like it so he tried to have Alan persecuted and the Warden is accused of tampering with McCoys files and i see an Unknown standing at the bridge door wanting to talk to Leech and it was the captain who joined in and was demoted for King Ryan. We try to call for Dave over comms and have no luck, Captain, HoP and me rush the labor camp and find Dennis waiting on the Labor shuttle so we stun him and cuff him and depart to the camp and find Dave there so we then head back. When we head back we decide to give Dennis a trial and the idea goes around to have a trial by combat. All crew is called to the dorms and Alan and Dennis show up and the rules are drawn up, no weapons no armor just fists. After some bloody faces and black eyes Alan is named victor and Dennis sneaks off into the maintenance tunnels above us and gets away. We decide to have another fight and Dennis was found and brought back and Alan decided to use a bear trap as a weapon along with bare hands the fight doesn't last very long as they never fully healed Dennis and Alans plan backfired as it snapped on his leg
    Alan McCoy says, "TAKE THIS GODDAMNED TRAP OFF MY LEG." At this point i was dying, the shuttle had turned into a bunch of barbarians and solved a trial by combat and he snapped his leg. I believe Dennis was released and the shuttle was shortly called there after. Dennis called out a bit before shuttle arrived and said Karen Sharpe was killing her, we tried to find out but he never set suit sensors. Waiting for the shuttle we had a good ol time with the space violin awaiting our reward for a well played round.
    Sorry it was such a boring recap but i just didn't have that much copied to throw up here, anyone else from that round feel free to add their own details or stuff i missed! ALL HAIL KING RYAN!

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    You said Dennis was released and I thought we were calling the singularity "Dennis" now.

    ...I'd be okay with that, actually.
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    So one mildly unique line of dialogue in an otherwise ordinary station.
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    It's all I had copy pasted, a lot was going on. Hoped others who were in the round would contribute.
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    It's at this point that you realized: the bear trap was a handicap.
  6. Raipizo

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    Yeah that was pretty funny that it backfired but he still managed to win
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    I can tell you right now, it fit my plans perfectly. It was most certainly not a backfire.
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    As I remember it, I had started as a Geneticist and having no captain I decided to "secure" the ID. I also self-proclaimed captainship and named myself King. Command at the time agreed, and I managed to convince security too. Soon I heard about the traitor too, went to genetics to see the CMO and Officer Quinn being attacked by a man with ebow/esword combo. I took him down while Quinn was in crit, and then healed him up, leading to dialogue above.

    Later the real captain joined and I thought it would be fine if we ruled together as equals. But after he ordered the newly joined HoS to arrest the CMO for some "drug test" (wrongful arrest) he was demoted. After some confusion with Alan McCoy, the warden and the HoS, the HoS had kidnapped the warden and taken him to labour. After taking him down and securing the warden, rather than face his sentence in the brig he wanted trial by combat. Alan stepped in and beat him in round 1, but the HoS managed to escape.

    We then found the HoS and decided to trial it again, as he claimed Alan was cheating. Alan decided to be a badass and handicap himself in the fight by laying down a beartrap and stepping on it, then still winning afterwards. After he won I called the shuttle since the round was dragging on anyway. Probably missed out some details but I have a bad memory, so.
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    Oh i thought it was a backfire. Either way you still won somehow..I thought it was you trying to throw it onto him lol

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