The gayest of the gays...

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by GaySatan, Mar 28, 2015.


How gay are you on like a scale of 1 - 10

  1. 1-3

  2. 4-7

  3. 8-10

  4. or 0 because you're a sad fucboi with no life

  1. GaySatan

    GaySatan Member

    Tis I GaySatan, The overlord and supreme ruler of hell and all its heathens (aka all you motherfuckers who break into medbay for no godamn reason who i wish i could murder on a daily basis) also the gayest of us all.

    i play Vermillion Blaine in game, also know as the best CMO you've ever been graced with.

    I also play Gied Ropper but he's just a really good bartender.

    ive been playing for almost a year and i probably should've made this introduction awhile ago but that's life. i like drawing, painting, sleeping too much for it to be healthy anymore. im unrobust as hell but i've been told by respectable sources im very good at talking my way out of shit

    you can find me on teamspeak as satan usually, or my twitter, or my tumblr.
  2. who the hell are you
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  3. Obadiah Mayland

    Obadiah Mayland Well-Known Member

    My mom told me not to talk with gay people...or Satan...I need an adult *clutches to Drad3n's leg*
  4. *pets your head*
  5. Kainen

    Kainen Fabulous-min

    I'm still gayer than you.
  6. Keyword22

    Keyword22 Well-Known Member

    this guy beat me at cards against humanity.
    I hate him already
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  7. Raptor

    Raptor Well-Known Member

    I didn't know you draw... :eek:
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  8. cheif264

    cheif264 LS13 Admin

    Don't remember ever seeing you but hiya...interesting introduction you got there.
  9. Mabblies

    Mabblies Well-Known Member

    Solid 3 here, I have definitely had gayish thoughts before, but it always ends in "fuck that".
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  10. Kainen

    Kainen Fabulous-min

    Yeah thats how most gay thoughts go. Especially that last part.
  11. Kirbyroth

    Kirbyroth Well-Known Member

    breaking down the back walls to steal all the medkits.
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  12. Black Jack

    Black Jack LS13 Admin

  13. Stormling

    Stormling Member

    does eating an industrial amount of ass count as gay?
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  14. Kainen

    Kainen Fabulous-min

    depends if the ass is male.
  15. PoliticalPikachu

    PoliticalPikachu Well-Known Member

    I saw the title of this introduction and I had to come in and vote a magnificent 10 because well Kainen knows I'm just as gay as he is if not more so don't claim the gayest of the gays title till you're sure you can keep it >:3 mwahahaha

    Let the power struggle begin!
  16. Snow5445

    Snow5445 Guest

    HEY their is only room for one mentally unhinged hard ass around here you can take my spot when im dead. So you should'nt have to wait to long.

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