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    Every so often, Cynthia is brought back to centcomm in the form of a data disk, containing only her cloning data, when asked why, the answer is usually "she blew up", over time Centcomm have weighed the amount of money Cynthia actually makes for the corporation, as opposed to the costs, in damages, and the costs to re-construct her, after she has made a huge mess.
    It was just another day, Cynthia had been called some very rude names by some very rude crew members, and, as an unbiased third party, I can tell you it was all rude, she was burning them, exacting revenge, when suddenly, Alex Kestis, her brother, came round the corner, sickened by the mess she has made of his once bountiful and prosperious science department, he was holding a revolver, without saying a word, he....he noscoped dearest Cynthia :eek:.
    This, of course was the final straw, Centcomm are refusing to clone her, as she has been deemed "Counterproductive" to the corporation, so she remains, a disk in some dark room of Centcomm waiting to be cloned, and bla bla.
    Worry not though, her totally docile brother Freed is here to save the day:p
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    (credit to Knees for the drawing)

    "I knew you were struggling, and I knew there wasn't much I could do about this. But for the record... while everyone else may only remember you as a psychopath... or a murderer... I will always remember you as one of my best officers... and my friend."
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    And here I thought John was just a humanoid Beepsky. Seems the robot has a soul after all! Nice drawing. Cynthia was a good scientist, too. When she inevitably got bored and started making bombs, she tended to keep them out of Science. Always an asset to the team, except when she decided to be a pyromancer.
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    " 'Twas a three hundred and sixty degree form of no-scope, " he muttered, as he pulled the lone, empty shell from the cylinder, quickly replacing it. " Worth cause she was fed. "

    -Alex Kestis
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    ... frikkin pyromancer...
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