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    The ship floated quietly through space, orbiting a planet known as Trille, uninhabited as of now. The station, with competent staff, ran well for a while, until a shudder gave the station a scare. Said to have been a blue light in the distance, it hit the ship in only seconds, puncturing the engine and releasing the singularity, which quickly tore the station in half before floating into space and losing power. The ship, now in two, began crashing to Trille, an earth like planet. It was a catastrophe really, science flourished, and sec wasn't bad, but all to late it when down in a crash.

    The station in ruins in a crater on Trille, four survivors emerged somehow, a medic had managed to inject themselves with 500 units of Tricord, a sec officer wore riot gear it blocked much of the damage, an engineer, sat in secure storage, with Poly the parrot, they both managed to live, and finally a janitor. The medic, Athene Mayland, daughter of Tamaki Watanabi, and Obahdiah Mayland. The sec officer David Clint, friend and follower of both Josen Keelin, and Zero Seraph. The engineer Bill Stevenson, used to work closely with Sawyer Anderson and learned stuff from him. Then last there is Larry, nobody really knows how he survived but he is a damn good janitor! Married to a mop, former sec officer and member of Flavo gang. He now is a janitor, plain and simple.

    The four survivors and Poly, marched their way across the new land, finding nothing usable left on the station. The land they covered was mostly rocky, and not much exactly was found, besides an odd flying animal, and a few thing that hopped and only had one leg. Eventually they began to find the looks of a forest, with tons of flying bird things in the trees, Athene called them Stilk, and the one legged things were called by the engineer Plite.

    They walked for a long, long, long time until they found a river, pure water oddly enough, but no fish, or fish imitations. After what seemed like the entire day, the engineer using metal he had gotten before the crash, and scrap he got extra after the crash, he constructed a small hut, it would need upgrades but it worked for now. The sec officer hunted down Plite for food, using lasers he had gotten from armory before crashing down. Larry, well Larry kinda just kept everything clean and organized and spoke of how he once took over centcomm and sent a Larry Shuttle to the station. Athene kept everybody nice and okay, using advanced medical knowledge and all went well for a long time.

    During the night one night, a loud crash was heard. A stilk was seen outside of one of the windows, tall, human like, besides the feathers. Then another, then another, then another. Bill quickly woke the others, Larry was the first to rush outside wielding his wife to swat away attackers. David followed Larry, and Poly followed David, and before they knew it stilks had began attacking! With swift feathery attacks David's gear could only protect so much, wear as Larry swatted down bird people person after person with his wife the mop. David shot three down before they finally left them alone.

    Months passed, the group going back and forth from the wreckage and getting enough material to make a beacon and get help. Stilk attacked group after group until the forest they were in ran out of stilk. Bill finished up on making a fifth floor to their home, one decorated with sec supplies, one medbay supplies, one engi supplies, and one janitor supplies. until they finally made a beacon to get help. Within an hour of the call a nanotrasen ship emerged from the distance and loaded them up. Four months had passed for the the group, but NT assured them that is had be 30 years since the ship crashed.

    As the crew split up, and eventually got back into space, all was well for a while, until NT began taking over Trille. Quickly within a day the eliminated all the stilk, and had turned it into a HUGE depot of trade, due to its rich supplies. Larry, Athene, Bill, and David met up and decided to go to the trade depot, they lived their in the extremely fixed up hut they built however long ago, scientists were all over the place and soon enough it was confirmed that Trille seemed to be in a time vortex, causing the inhabitants on the planet to move at a slower pace, while the universe outside was normal. Trille was soon renamed to Trille-Lag Vortex.

    Das Ende,

    Basically just a short story that seems a little unfinished. Get over it. I am not a writer.
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    Fucking great Uncle, Thou shalt write more.
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    But........I have to.......Wh....I HAVE TO?!?!?.......Finnnnneeeeee.
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    Fucking lag.
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    This is the diary of Geoffrey and his children. The pomeranian.

    Year 1, Day 1.
    So, today my master went missing, and for some odd reason my collar is gone. In fact, the city is getting weird all of the sudden. Plants are everywhere, people are nowhere, and I have an odd urge to jump out of bushes and kill rabbits, as well as pee in certain spots.

    Year 1, Day 2.
    Today I killed all the random chickens and rabbit, I also pee'd four times, this means I am king of this area. Due to all of the chickens I ate a prime female pomeranian that only just showed up wants to marry me. Woo!

    Year 1, Day 3.
    So, I made a big mistake. I went to bed in a nest and when I woke up I had six pomeranian puppies. My first born shall now take on my Diary.

    Year 1, Day 3.
    Fuk diaries I dun du dis. -Kool Kid

    Year 5, Day 14.
    Dad has passed me this diary! It tells of all the tales in which grandad killed chickens and rabbits....Oddly enough I see very few chickens. Suddenly the chickens are all gone, and instead chimpanzees are eveywhere, as well as dairy cows and pigs. This is odd. I have pissed in a total of three spots and managed to eat a dairy cow. Will wait till next Diary page.

    Year 7, Day 16.
    Today, me and my army of pomeranian brothers managed to take down a hippo. We clawed at its neck until it attacked us, then this slow motion thing happened and somehow I had ripped its throat out. This is awesome.

    Year 10, Day 20.
    We have hit the 10 year mark, and suddenly the hippos, chimpanzees, and last supply of chickens have run out. Instead I have seen armies of cats, and also tigers, tigers are big and bad.

    Year 25, Day 37.
    It has been revealed to me that every five years it becomes night time, then the next five years it becomes day. It also seems like every couple days is a year. Also, upon day 25, I have noticed that raptors have began infesting the metro. I am just a damn pomeranian, not even 30 pomeranians could stop a dinosaur!

    Year 26, Day 42.
    So, as I was saying about those dinos. I have also seen lions, bears, sabre tooth tigers, a mammoth, three different types of dog, and a man in a suit and tie as well as a briefcase jumping out of bushes and ripping tiger throats out. Not only that but yesterday there was a polar bear running around killing panda bears.

    Year 32, Day 77.
    Today there was a pleasantly wrapped present just sitting there. I walked up to it and it opened by itself. I now wear a shower cap, because the box said it Inceases Attack. I wonder what it means by that.

    Year 60, Day 126.
    It has been a long time since the last journal entry. It seems as though dinosaurs rule the world, and robot dogs feast upon the flesh of their enemies. Oh god, I think the Dinosaur sees me in the bushes. I MUST WARN THE OTHER POMERANIA#*##**#*#*#*#*
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    I said flavo gang maybe one time ever in game and it has become engraved in stories as an actual thing
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    The next story I do. If I do one. Will be about Flavo Gang.
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    pls make a story about me
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    What do you want it to be like?
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    You make it up
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    Fiyne. I will get it sometime today or tomorrow.
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    include me robusting everyone
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    Rob sat in his chair, hunched slightly. His hair, grey, his skin, wrinkled. With no more to do then to file paperwork and occasionally smoke. Retired from the Space Marines, he was a commander. His adventures across the many worlds, visiting places like Trille, and even the now more energy efficient Earth. The universe used to be all he could think about, its many wonders, and if it ever ended. He had lived out a life many could only dream of, and did even more. But now? He was basically reduced to a desk job.

    The door entering his office shuddered, and then opened, a new guy, only just joining the military. His helmet gave the sign that he was of Medical division. Two others followed close behind, an engineer, and one of the normal marines. They sat in the chairs in front of Rob's office and the medic asked simply. "We hear you are a veteran." He said it quietly, but Rob's ears hadn't quit yet. "We were wondering...Could you tell us of what you did?" The normal marine spoke. Rob slowly shifted into a smile, a small one, but they could see it. "Can I tell you? Heheh. Well, of course." he said sitting straight up and closing his eyes.

    "It was 2457. The year I first joined the marines. Man was I eager. My squad had just been briefed about Xenomorphs, having attacked a station...What was it? Liberty Station, that's it." He said to the group. "It was my first mission, and no doubt was it the greatest day of my life." Rob and his team funneled out of the Nanotrasen ship, jumping into it through the airlock and they slowly came to locker room. The commander of the mission, Sean Black, began by saying, "Engineers, we set up here. Build some airlocks here. Weld these vents, and weld these doors." Rob and his buddy, Jason Green filled the bathrooms, opening each airlock and making sure it was clear. It was, besides some odd, growing purple weeds. They didn't know much of the xenomorphs. Besides that they were hostile, and what they looked like. Reporting it to the commander, a sample was taken by a medic who began inspecting it.

    Suddenly screams took them by surprise as a scientist, being carried by a security officer came fast to the locker rooms. The officer fell to their knees and the scientist, a woman was given to the officers. The officer's eyes twitched, he coughed, and sneezed. And the medics took him as well as the scientist. The scientist was out cold, and the officer hadn't much to say. The only sentence he could make was, "The...Things....They latched to my face but....She pulled it off...." Before his gut suddenly burst, and a slug of some kind wriggled out. He died almost instantly, and the medics were shocked, a slug shooting off into the distance. The commander looked to Rob, Jason, Davis and finally the scientist who began to wake. "Take her, she knows she has experience, she can guide you. More or less." He said.

    The group secured armor to the scientist, and gave her a weapon. Rob lead the group down a slightly destroyed hallway, meeting a locked open door, and two broken ones. Stepping past they began to move by bridge. Filled with purple weeds, and a growing orb in the middle of it. The scientist directing they go to med-bay. The were quickly met by seeing more weeds, and more orbs, shadows ran back and forth, before finally ceasing all together. They passed through a now destroyed wall into med-bay passing the weeds, that gave them almost no resistance to walk past. "Virology." The scientist spoke, as the marines slowly began on their way. Rob dropped breaching charges, and they all got far enough back for cover.

    BOOM! Sounded as the door burst open and two giant figures running past the wreckage. Rob and Jason began firing, as one of the screamed as it fell. the other breaking down a maintenance door to escape. The scientist screamed the second she saw the beasts, as did Davis. Davis was slightly, jumpy and upon doing this pulled out his rifle and charged for virology. Over the radio, yells could be heard from the base only further fueling Davis. Running in, Rob and Jason gave chase, as did the scientist. They all four had charged into virology, only to find a bridge to xenobio, that cut through the ship. Gunfire was heard, as well as yelling, they saw another creature fall as Davis was dragged down the bridge to xenobiology.

    Rob and Jason pulled their rifles and began slowly moving down the bridge, the scientist between gripping both of them. They arrived in Xenobio to be met with what could be called hell. People tried to yell as a being much larger then the others covered them in a goo, giving them no movement. The xenos turned to the three who had entered and threw a small scorpion like thing, that latched to Sean's face. The scientist began ripping it off, and Rob pulled him as they turned and retreated into a maintenance hall. Rob called for backup as the woman pulled it off of Sean's face, him gasping for air. The three of them began running as fast as they could through the maintenance and Jason turned as they entered the science telecommunications. Rob, quickly grabbing his radio and paging the base. Nothing. Again, but still nothing. Until finally the voice of the commander quietly spoke. "The....The things are everywhere. We managed to get NT to come but it will be a while till they arrive..Are you all okay?" Rob returned, "Yes, Jason was hurt slightly, and Davis is gone. The scientist and I are alright though." The commanders voice began to be less audible as he said. "Ge....Safe pl.....Xe...Rphs.....Cen.....Mm." Rob in a slight panic began, "Commander? Commander?!" As the radio cut off.

    An hour later a Centcomm Official appeared from the dark, two deathsquad officers following close behind. Sea was in shambles, coughing terribly, they loaded the group onto a shuttle and began on their way to space. The scientist looked to Rob. "My name is Marry Stevenson, and yours?" she asked. Rob looked over, "I am Robert Ust, or Rob Ust." He said only to look over and see Jason. Jason fell from his chair and screamed, as a larva broke through his chest. A death squad officer quickly firing upon it, killing it almost instantly. Moments later they arrived at Centcomm.

    "And then what happened?!" Asked the engineer. "Well a few years later I married Marry, funny enough." He said in reply. "If you wanna hear more you will need to come by around the weekends!" He said as they slowly began to stand up. As they walked out they chatted to each other. Rob, this time with a smile, went back to his paperwork and whatnot. His mind raced through his times before he was put to a desk job. Halfway through his work he stopped and called his wife Marry Ust. He quickly began telling her of what had happened.

    Das Ende.

    I will do one about Stormling and his drunken ventures.
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    Moar stories you capsaicin capsule of the less heated climes.
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    i'm writing one right now as well, honing my skills in literature
    i should probably mention that it may not have the best of grammar as english is indeed my third language
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    Thank you very much for putting time and effort into something that the community can enjoy! It was a pretty good story!
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    Well, I am but a wee lad. And writing stories isn't my whole deal, anyways. Seeing as Storm is making his story. WHAT SHALL I DO NEXT?
    Note that the Rob story took two and something hours. I legit joined two rounds as engi. Set up engi, and the killed myself.
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