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Discussion in 'Perseus PMC Applications' started by Stenari, Jan 18, 2015.

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  1. Stenari

    Stenari Member

    BYOND KEY: Stenari
    IC NAME: Brock Lee
    HAVE YOU EVER USED A DIFFERENT BYOND KEY ON ONE OF OUR SERVERS, AND IF SO, WHAT WAS IT AND WHY DID YOU CHANGE IT? - (THIS QUESTION ADDED BY HATTRICK): When i started playing SS13 rougly a year ago, i used to play with 2 different byond keys; Stenari and Stendimon. I used to play one server with another and vice versa. Nowadays i only play with Stenari.
    HOW LONG HAVE YOU PLAYED SS13?: About an year or so.
    WHAT DOES HAVING AUTHORITY MEAN TO YOU?: Responsibility and Privilege. You're expected to accomplish the things you're obligated to.
    HOW OFTEN DO YOU PLAY SECURITY?: About 90% of my games. Sometimes i'm not in the mood and i temp to pay like AI and help the security every possible way.
    OH A SCALE OF ONE TO TEN HOW WOULD YOU RATE YOURSELF WHEN YOU ARE PLAYING A NORMAL SECURITY OFFICER? EXPLAIN: 7/10 Just becouse i don't play officer that much, usually HoS. I never use physical force as it's rarely necessary. I think i'm pretty good with space law and is there is something i'm unsure about i always try to get to know before acting and i think i communicate well in the games i play which is key to good security in my opinion.
    HOW MUCH DO YOU LIKE XENOMORPHS?: I somewhat like playing with them but i really hate to play against them as if you don't have a competent crew, you're going to have a hard time.
    WHAT IS THE ROLE OF SECURITY ON THE STATION?: Maintain and establish all around flowing and producive station. A player to get assaulted on or killed is not going to help the station anyway rather complicate things and the scene should be looked into and solved by the security. Security is like the station little-admins in some small scale, ofcourse security only handling in-game issues which admins are not looking into.
    *You are walking down a corridor of the station when you see a clown slip someone on a banana and pull their jump suit off and laugh, how would you handle this*: First of all i would ask for the clown to return the stolen jumpsuit, if he returns and has no security records from that round i would let him go with a warning and apoligize the victim. If however the clown has been brigged before for same crime, is refusing to give it back and resist my arrest i would do following: If i get him straight away i would just brig him for; Pick-pocketing, resisting arrest, Repeated offender. If i don't get him caught and have to look for him i would add charge of Sparking a manhunt depending on the time.
    *You are sitting in the bar having a light drink during a break when you hear someone yell about a xenomorph in the library. You run there and find an alien eating the librarian, what do you do?*: First of all i would inform security and heads about it. Then if we have a warden i would ask him to bring the weapons from armory and distribute them to the heads and security, if not i would get them myself. Then i'd look for rescue the victim, wihout endangering my crew and ask for doctor to remove the alien from him via surgery if it's facehugger. Afterwarsd i look to destroy all the eggs and try to hunt the aliens down.
    *You are standing in security and you see the head of security being especially rough with a prisoner in a cell, what would you do?*: I'd ask him for the reasoning behind hes acts, and try to convince him to not abuse the prisoners. If he continues or shows more sings of incomptence i'd inform either HoP or Captain to demote him.
    Not at the moment atleast, this is really tight and pleasent community and i'd like to submit more to it before asking for adminship and i don't think i would be ready yet.
    GIVE US ONE HONEST SITUATION WHERE YOU WERE PLAYING AS SECURITY AND DID SOMETHING MEMORABLE: Well, for one round i remember someone saying captain's office had been broken into. I automatically head towards Detective's office and take forensics scanner. I ask for AI to open the doors and i scan the everywhere. I find Cynthia Kestis was the intruded via fingerprints. I arrested Cynthia and find out that she was a traitor and i permabrigged her. Later i was walking towards maints above botany and i heared a sound of E-sword. I ask if i could search the botanist and he agrees, i don't find any items on him but i find E-sword and E-bow and dead cmo's ID on the closet, he admits he's traitorous and i brig him and retrieve the items. He escapes the brig and i find him later near botanist and did not want the same to hapend and i burn hes body at crematoruim. Later on i end up getting the last traitor.
  2. Flavo

    Flavo Well-Known Member

    Any others?
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  3. Stenari

    Stenari Member

    Not that i recall, no.
  4. Tomtoot

    Tomtoot Active Member

    Hello Brock, I really like you in-game and you have a lot of potential, a bit rough around the edges but the trialling period can fix that.

    I've seen you in-game quite a lot, you follow space law and have good brig procedure, you aren't one of those people that brigs people for as much time as possible, you follow the book.
    Often despite me being a bit of a douche to you in-game you keep your cool, and stay professional, that is a good quality for perseus, and your prisoner interaction isn't terrible either.
    But, I do think you need to take intent into account more, like Flavo used to say to me, intent is what counts. For example if someone is breaking into engineering, but they are doing it to set up the engine, then they will get a smaller sentence compared to someone who breaks in to steal gloves.
    I am leaning towards supporting you right now, it isn't a yes yet, I'll be watching in-game, I like what I've seen so far.
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  5. Stenari

    Stenari Member

    Thank you for your feedback, appreciate it :) And yeah that's something i need to work on. Most of the time it's really hard to see the real intent behind each of our acts. Let's say guy breaks into captains office, you get him caught before he gets the spare ID. At this point you only have potentional sabotage, potentional B&E on restricted area and major tresspass. The criminal can just claim that he was attempting to hide the ID, you wouldn't know and this is where experience and decision making kicks in and is something i need to improve.
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  6. I have played security with you a handful of times. To be honest, I'm completely drawing a blank on specifics other than the fact that we've definitely been on the same time. On the positive side, this indicates to me that you aren't bad. I'll keep an eye out for you.
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  7. torquey

    torquey Member

    Today I decided to hop on and observe for a while, I saw the HoS, Brock Lee, handling a prisoner in one of the cells and his performance was rather...bad...

    He failed to uncuff the prisoner in the cell in time and the s/he got up, and pushed the Brock over...Brock got up and attempted to exit the cell after a bit more disarming, and the prisoner followed him out. The prisoner then disarmed the Brock several times before he pulled out his egun, fired at the prisoner several times, and hit s/he with the third or fourth shot fired.

    I'm not sure if this is his usual level of performance, but it was exceptionally bad...
  8. Stenari

    Stenari Member

    I agree that this was rather bad performance from me, but i wouldn't say that this is my usual performance by any mean. I had just got home and this was my first if not second full round i played. Let's recap what really happened there.

    I do not recall what the prisoner was doing, maybe hitting the window or i needed to add something to hes locker, but anyways. I meant to flash the prisoner inside but i accidently pressed to open the brig cell. Then i flashed/sunned the escaping prisoner and dragged him inside. Then i begun to cuff him but he barely gets up, disarms me with single hit and takes my weapon. There was officer standing right outside the cell and i open the door and exptect some kind of backup, since the prisoner was armed. Prisoner runs off and since he was armed i wanted to keep my distance which caused me to miss a couple of shots.
  9. Alright, my impression after seeing a bit of you:

    You appear to be relatively unrobust (not in itself a deal breaker, but just saying), sometimes too lenient, other times tase-happy, mediocre with communication, not great at handling stress, and slow to respond or make decisions. I have *not* seen anything unethical or abusive, which would be the biggest deal-breaker, but overall I don't think you are ready for Perseus at this time. I believe that you have good intentions, and do not think that you are bad or anything, but I'm just not seeing elite security play from you by any stretch. I oppose this app until I see something that changes my mind. Sorry. I fully encourage you to keep playing security and further develop your skills. Sometimes the journey is more important than the destination.
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  10. Stenari

    Stenari Member

    Thank you for your feedback, Flat, you can't improve without without acknowledging your weaknesses, right? I'll keep these in my mind when i play security in the near future and aim to really improve in these. But one thing i'm bit unsure about is the communication part. Are you sure you was not observing me when i happened to play antag? usually as antag i try to play as silently and without attracting attention towards me and i happened to play antag sec a lot recently. But as security was it as HoS or officer i aim to communicate as much as possible and i think its one of my big strenghts. But all in all thanks for your advices and for giving me some guidelines how to improve. :)
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  11. Hey man.

    Too be more specific, I played with you as security multiple times before you even put this application in. I found you to be an HoS who was extremely difficult to get a response from and had an issue making decisions even after I was able to get in touch with you.
  12. Stenari

    Stenari Member

    Hey. I think that my decision making is indeed somewhat slow and that may be why you have got the image of me being difficult to get response-guy but i think i have good reasoning behind it.

    Before i make any big calls i like to see the whole image and reason behind them. I like to look at the situation from both perspectives to result a fair and justified penalty so to say. Ofcourse if the violation is small and obivious i make the decisions fast. As TomToot already mentioned about noticing the intent behind each of our acts is something i need to work on and ive tried my best at it with somewhat slow but good results.

    So i totally understand why you see me having hard time making decision and i will try to improve it but all ive tried to do is see the intent behind their acts.

    What it comes to communicating, i dont know how much youve observed me play, but at the start of round i ask for sec to report in, i announce not to abuse prisoners and not to use lethal force whenever possible. I always ask for crimes of each prisoner and announce every crimescene i see and ask for detective to scan or do it myself. And i aim to all around communicate with sec. and head channel and be as active as possible
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  13. Alright, not to beat up on you, but I just saw some examples of very bad situational awareness and decision-making from you in a rev round that just ended, while you were playing as the warden. I think they help illustrate what I was generally referring to.

    - Lydia Turner, a security officer, called for help in the captain's office and then was able to stun, handcuff and hold a subject who attacked her. You arrived at the scene after Lydia had already successfully contained him and taken control of the situation, and then you stunned both Lydia and the subject with your egun before securing the subject yourself. By this time, there was already a confirmed revolution, and it was extremely obvious that Lydia was not suspicious and was affecting a legitimate arrest.

    - The brig doors were hacked open and you ignored this and did nothing about it for approximately 20 minutes, leaving the brig wide open during a confirmed revolution, until an engineer showed up and fixed them. There are barriers in the armory for a reason and as the warden you should be ensuring the security of the brig.

    - Gravity was out. You found a guy who had been confirmed as a rev head (the HoS even made a kill on sight announcement in regards to him). You stunned and cuffed him, but due to low grav you couldn't drag him and he kept getting away. When you got stuck, you threw weapons (flashbangs, flash, etc...on a rev round you do NOT want to leave flashes laying around) all over the floor for random people to pick up, so you could move. You repeatedly had opportunities to summarily execute the confirmed rev head but instead tried to drag him, and lost your grip on him, repeatedly. Only after other people started to kill the rev head did you follow their lead. At one point you asked over the security channel if the subject was a confirmed rev head, in spite of this being announced prior.

    Sorry man, not seeing the requisite quality of play that I would need to support a Perseus applicant. But again I encourage you to keep practicing and with experience you'll iron out some kinks I'm sure.
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  14. Stenari

    Stenari Member

    So, Lydia announced he is being killed at captain's office. I asked her is he okey, got no answer. Then i was heading towards there, AI opened the doors for me and HoP. I got inside i saw Mime and Lydia standing next to each other and did not see who was cuffed at that exact moment. Lydia was blocking Mime with her body so in order for me to detain the Mime i had to shoot both of them. I was unaware becouse of the lack of communication what was going on and i did not want to take risks of me and HoP getting killed there and possible losing the round for us. Turns out Lydia has captued the Mime and i help her up and apoligize.

    The brig entrance doors were hacked yes, but at the time that took place there were constantly more people being brought to get implanted. If i remember correctly there were close to 15 people + 3 Perseus enforcers in the brig and barricading the brig entrance would be more obstacle than usefull thing. The brig was secured the whole game and there was no need to barricade anything.

    At this point of the game almost Every rev were eliminated or implanted. I catch the Leo H and inform it to security channel. Someone stated earlier that the Mime rev head ( Leo H ) had been captured and eliminated, so i asked security channel 4-6 times is the Leo H the Rev head and is he still on the loose. I never got answer and that is why i kept dragging him, trying to reach someone to get a answer from. Yes, i could have eliminated him many times but i was unaware of the situation and i ask for updated from sec. channel without results and since it was already been stated that Mime is dealt with, i wasn't sure he was the right guy.
  15. CYBORZ

    CYBORZ LS13 Iconner

    Don't take what I said as criticism but as advice.
    Quick tip if you come across another scenario similar like this in the future. As you stated above (not sure if the story is completely true, I wasn't there...) you received no response from Lydia but, you were also the Warden(?) -They shouldn't leave the brig in most cases anyways. A good thing to try besides the sec channel is your tablet, and If that doesn't work, and since you were at the location, you could of simply asked if "Everything is ok." for I'm sure the area was confined.

    I think you someone said you were warden. As warden it's your duty to keep the brig under control, clean/maintained, manage the prisoners and guard the armoury with your life. (That includes it being secured from people who doesn't have access to that area) Take for an example Perseus, their #1 priority is protecting the Mycenae. Just like a Perseus enforcer you wish to be, protect that brig mate.
  16. Stenari

    Stenari Member

    All i heard from Lydia was " Being killed, captain's office" Brig was already being secured and full of implanted crewmembers, atleat 7 if not more armed guys. Ofcourse i head there to help Lydia as she was one of our best officers and she was able to manage the situation afterall.

    You can ask anyone in that round that the brig was secured from the start of the game to the very end. Placing those barriers to block the Brig main entrance would have been more than a viability to our crew and would have made it more than hard to bring more people in there to implant. I prefer waiting for the engineer to fix the doors than totally block the brig for no reason what so ever.
  17. Stenari

    Stenari Member

    I've come to the conclusion that i don't have enought time to contribute to the server as of now. This can be closed for now and possibly opened in the future if needed.
  18. Hattrick

    Hattrick Perseus Captain Staff Member

    Please get word to me when you'd like to reopen this application. Do not start a new app.
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