BIO Spess Men Backstories (Alt Title: ENTIRE CREW IS EX-MILITARY)

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    There was a round where Mandingo Steel "died" in the line of duty. An explosion killed him, a funeral was held, and tons of people attended/acknowledged his death. In reality it is just his cover story for PMC adopting him into their ranks and taking him from the station and Earth.

    I plan to actually have his son take over his role on the station as Security whilst I use Mandingo primarily for Perseus.
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    One of these days, i'll stop procrastinating on this.
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    EMPLOYEE: "Hadley "Handles" Bickerson"
    RANK: Security Officer, Science Division
    General Information

    Legal Name: Hadley Bickerson
    Full Name: Hadley Elizabeth Bickerson
    Birth Name: Samantha Watts

    Age: 28 [Amended to 40 after investigation into DNA Manipulation to hide her age following a brief Period of pigmentation alteration.]
    Gender: Female [Note: All employees are to refer to her as a male, She will try to object to it, But dont waver.]
    Sexuality: Pansexual

    Place of Birth: Flotilla 16, Scientific Weapons and Manipulation Project (S.W.a.M.P) in transit to Delta Centuri.
    Place of Residence: USS Poseidon, Internal Barracks 2, "Developmental Sciences"

    Physical Notes

    Spaceborn [Having been born in space Hadley is notably Taller than most, especially given her Genetic History of an average height around 4'11" she stands a towering 5'10" over her family.]
    Pretty Eyes [Tom, please come to the office, we've talked about this. You cant just put in features you liked about their appearence because you have a crush!]
    "Dat Ass" [Tom, you're Fired.]
    "Kitty Ears" [When able Hadley will prefer a set of cat ears and tail matching her hair colour. This is likely attributed to her passtime of watching holotapes of romance "Anime".

    Mental Notes

    Passionate [Hadley is noted to fight almost Zealously for a cause she feels to be just, or right. Please make sure to keep an eye on her when such topics are on the table, As she is known for going a bit overboard sometimes. In one case Literally Overboard.]
    Light Handed [Hadley has been reprimanded several times in her Nanotrasen security role for being too light handed with her prisoners. Recent efforts have shown improvement though we ask her superiors to keep an eye on her.]


    Scientific Weapons and Manipulation Development (S.W.a.M.P): [Group is Benign and only holds a standing Militant Force as an act of self defense.]

    S.W.a.M.P Manipulative Sciences Security Forces: [Both performed on site Security and acted as a scientific assistant in some low key day to day Experimentation procedures.]
    Self-employed/Nanotrasen [Hired -={File Corrupt}=-, Nanotrasen Celestial Complex Security Forces, Science Division]
    Criminal Record

    Public Intoxication [Three Counts | Minor | No Harm] [Sleep it off Handles, You're not getting out of Cleaning Duty because of a hangover.]
    Public Fornication [One Count | Major | Minor Harm, Consentual] [-{File Altered}- 729-379-2281 Call me, Handles~ xoxo]
    Gene-Manipulation [One Count | Major | Self ] [See Public Fornication, Stay away from the slime pens from now on Handles.]
    Description and backstory

    Height: 5'10"
    Hair colour: Jet Black
    Eye colour: Sky Blue

    Samantha Watts was born to an on Duty officer of the S.W.a.M.P Initiative's Private Security Force. Her mother and Father both being Scientists aboard the ship. From that point till her transferance to Nanotrasen her home was the USS Poseidon, an Ex-Supercarrier Belonging to the Second Celestial Carrier Fleet, Which had been Retrofitted with equipment Befitting a Science Vessel. She Grew up there, and at the age of 17 applied to join her parents in the "Nano Armament Registration, and Sound Equipment Intigration (N.A.R.S.E.I)" Department of the Ship, A Department Dedicated to Both Catalouging the various types of nanoweaponry and Creating a non-lethal Sound Based counterpart to them (Though made infamous for their jokingly creating an amplified varient of an ancient devise used by fans at sporting events).

    A year into her training an act of subterfuge still not fully understood by investigating officials ended in massive bloodshed as Local security Forces opened fire on a crowd of zealous crewmen clad in hooded robes radiating with dark energy. We recieved found a record written by one Lt. Mike Hagen, Her former CO ["When i first met Samantha, i was stepping over the corpses of some of my best friends. She was holding one of their blades in her hands, Which were pouring blood due to that damned defensive dark magic imbued in them. Her parents were dead behind her, but i dont know as though she knew that. It looked like she had killed a few of them herself." *There is an audible sigh* "We spent the better part of ten minutes arguing about if she'd drop the sword. She was always a fighter after that. 'Little Ms. Bickerson'"]

    After this event Samantha watts chose to change her name as well as her profession. In her induction into the newly formed branch of the Ships Security Force, She was noted for having had the Most drive and determination to complete the course, Even if her scored were more or less par for the course. She Graduated "Hadley Elizabeth Bickerson" at age 20, and Spent the years since then in that capacity Till her arrival to Liberty station, the last stopping point before the Poseidon was set to travel Farther Still, Into blackspace. Where they are still currently located. Last Communique reads:

    "Handles, Nah, you'll always be Little Ms. Bickerson to me. Be good while you're there. I hear they have a strange way of doing things, But so did you. Keep making me and your parents proud Kiddo!" -Vice Admiral Hagen, USS Poseidon

    "Hey Hads! Long time no see! Hope you havent forgotten our date to Bluespace over and watch some more of those Holotapes! Make sure you keep the date open for me! And See about getting into that slime Lab sweets!~" -"Neka-Nii" -{Alias Detected "Vanessa Hearth"}-
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    Laughing a bit as I look back on my own post.
  7. [​IMG]

    Females names, female pronouns, bio seems to imply she is not trans...I believe in equality for everyone and tolerance and all that gay stuff, but this shit is confusing.
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  8. Jariahtoadsage

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    Its a joke really, people CONSTANTLY refer to me as "Sir, Mr. Bickerson, That Guy" And im constantly informing them that i am, indeed, a female.
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  9. Ah! Well for me, your joke here just muddied the water more. :p
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    Pffffft, Hadley is a dude and you know it.
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    Was a good read Jariah - we need more of these! Now that I think about it, I ought to update mine, it's been a long while.
  12. Mabblies

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    I will make one once I decide to stop being a lazy drunkard
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    There is a story told on ancient stations...
    Of how Nanotrasen found a mysterious coffin floating in space, with the word "DIO" written on it.
    Mysteriously, the crew piloting the ship that found the coffin disappeared, though there have been sightings of a mysterious man with blonde hair and red eyes stalking maintenance, and is commonly used as a story to scare young assistants from going into maintenance...
    Who knows if they are truth?
    Well, you should ask him yourself, as he is right in front of you.
    *Snickering in the background*
    *Various screaming heard in the recording as strange sounds come through the tape*
    Now, does anyone DARE taunt me now?
    *The tape stops, found on a massacred station known as Higashikata 8, nobody knows what exactly transpired there, besides the crew attacking retrieval teams looking for anything of use, having been turned into hideous monsters, shown in case A: [​IMG] The station's former captain, assuming a human guise with a strangely elongated tongue.
    Said captain after assuming the form of a monster.

    SPLEEN MCQUEEN Active Member

    negan batson was supposed to go to the space station for the mentally hilarious, by a strange twist of fate he wound up on liberty station, coming tuesdays to fox.
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    Heya guys. We feel like this thread would be a great addition to the new forum, "TALES FROM LIBERTY SPACE! ".

    As a result, just like the "Favorite Moments" thread, this will be locked and archived in the new forum! Thanks guys.
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