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  1. Soup or Man?

    Soup or Man? New Member


    BYOND KEY:Soup_or_Man
    IC NAME: Taylor Vasquez
    PICK THREE THREE DIGIT NUMBERS THAT YOU LIKE (EXAMPLE: 079, 009, 356): 752, 527, 777
    HAVE YOU EVER BEEN BANNED FROM OUR SERVER? EXPLAIN: I have never been banned from your server.
    HOW LONG HAVE YOU PLAYED SS13?: 1 1/2 Years
    WHAT DOES HAVING AUTHORITY MEAN TO YOU?: Possessing the privilege to influence the actions of other people who have less of this privilege than you. Generally granted by someone who possesses even more of this privilege.
    HOW OFTEN DO YOU PLAY SECURITY?: Not extremely often, but I have been seen as detective more often than not. I generally can't rely on the other officers in security. There's not exactly a screening process.
    ON* A SCALE OF ONE TO TEN HOW WOULD YOU RATE YOURSELF WHEN YOU ARE PLAYING A NORMAL SECURITY OFFICER? EXPLAIN: I would rate myself an eight. While I am only slightly more robust than the average space bear, I always carry a copy of Space Law in my satchel. I am diligent in my processing of people, only assigning the amount of time Space Law cites is necessary for the crimes committed. I never put people in permanent prison without verifying that they are indeed guilty of a capital crime. A quality so often not found among the security force.
    HOW MUCH DO YOU LIKE XENOMORPHS?: I love hate them to my core. If I saw a Xenomorph I would immediately praise attack it. They are so cute scum.
    WHAT IS THE ROLE OF SECURITY ON THE STATION?: To uphold Space Law and protect the interests of NanoTrasen and, by affiliation, the Captain. To neutralize entities perceived as threats to the station.
    *You are walking down a corridor of the station when you see a clown slip someone on a banana and pull their jump suit off and laugh, how would you handle this*: Arrest the clown for a total of 4 minutes, or give him the option to carry out a 200 point goal in the labor camp. Space Law states that it is illegal to cause a workplace hazard (the banana peel) furthermore, Space Law states that it is illegal to Pick-Pocket (removal of a jumpsuit entails stealing it). After detaining the clown I would message the victim via tablet to get clothed for risk of breaking the law against indecent exposure.
    *You are sitting in the bar having a light drink during a break when you hear someone yell about a xenomorph in the library. You run there and find an alien eating the librarian, what do you do?*: Scream about it in security radio. Given my equipment as a standard officer, it would be best to get back to the brig and request lethal arms.
    *You are standing in security and you see the head of security being especially rough with a prisoner in a cell, what would you do?*: Advise the Head of Security that his conduct is not in line with prison procedures and warn him that if it happens again I'll have no choice but to interpret it as assault and arrest him. No one is above the law, not even Beepsky.
    ARE YOU CURRENTLY AN ADMIN, AND IF NOT-MIGHT YOU BE INTERESTED IN ADMINSHIP IN THE FUTURE?: I am not an admin and will not be interested in being one for some time. I enjoy the mysteries of the game and I also don't feel I could be on consistently enough and that I would be able to enforce some of the server's rules in good conscience.
    GIVE US ONE HONEST SITUATION WHERE YOU WERE PLAYING AS SECURITY AND DID SOMETHING MEMORABLE: I went as detective and skulked around the maintenance tunnels for a long time before finding a ling. I shot him to death before he could finish absorbing someone's DNA and dragged him to the chapel for cremation. The chaplain thought I was a murderer so after he assaulted me I put two shots in him and cuffed him, calling for medical. After that I stole his ID and cremated the ling. I then had to deal with a very large legal battle on the station concerning the situation which I, in the end, lost. I was placed in the permanent cell block and felt the system had failed me. So I grew a nettle and set up a soap trap, nearly killing the officer I stole his ID and ran into the dorms where I adopted the alias of an unknown assistant, shaving my head and growing a beard in the bathroom. I ditched the ID and welded myself in a locker on the shuttle... I just wanted to help.
    CAKE OR PIE? EXPLAIN IN AS MUCH DETAIL AS POSSIBLE: Pie, every time. Cake is a very light bread and this in and of itself is fine by me, but I really don't like frosting. Pie usually contains less artificial flavors and pumpkin pie is amazing. I think cake can be alright in cases like lemon cake, but for the most part, cake is just always too sweet and really gross, I think it is utter garbage as a dessert because the rich and sweet tastes almost always dominate the taste of the delicious steak you just had. I just think that cake is more of a candy than a dessert and it really doesn't even deserve to be called a pastry. Pie is just superior in every way I'm afraid. Pie's common flavors are usually more earthy and accentuate the taste of whatever meal you finished and pie in and of itself is savory too. It's just better and if I get my application turned down because I hate cake, I had no business being here in the first place.

    *There were some pieces of the application format that had not been proofread properly, I fixed them and if you compare them with the previous format, you can see in more detail what grammatical errors and spelling errors were made.

  2. PistolPete

    PistolPete ForumGuard Staff Member

    Thank you for your application. We'll be observing you more stringently now.
  3. Flavo

    Flavo Well-Known Member

    I've noticed a error with your application, can you point where the error lies?
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  4. Soup or Man?

    Soup or Man? New Member

    I fixed it. While I'm at it, I noticed an error with this:
    If you can point where the error is I think we'll be even.
  5. Mabblies

    Mabblies Well-Known Member

    I like this guy
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  6. General_Battier

    General_Battier LS13 Admin

    So, I was playing a round with you Yesterday where I tried to get in as much trouble as I can with you. So when I saw Plaid(Was the clown) being brigged, I took her away from the HoS and ran off, after some time, I was caught, and when I was brought to the brig. You full stripped me saying something about me kidnapping your wife, making another officer redress me. I know that I may have made you mad, but you didn't keep your cool very well in that situation. Thats all I have to say for now and I will stay neutral in this for the time being.
  7. I'm not at all a fan of this RP metabuddy stuff leaking into command and security play.
  8. Agent1667

    Agent1667 Well-Known Member

    Last night, I broke into Tech Storage, and you guys caught me. The lawyers broke in again, and I walked out. I wasn't arrested until later, when you just straight up shot me with a taser. I would suggest always using verbals first, unless the target is hostile.

    I said this about the event, and how you responded put me on the edge of wanting to beat you into critical:

    James Warren says, "I feel hurt."
    Taylor Vasquez says, "So sue me."

    Taylor Vasquez asks, "...Get it?"

    Very rude. Perseus Enforcers have to maintain a positive public image, and as an applicant you are very disrespectful and rude in game.

    You processed me completely wrong. I still had my ID, tools, insulated gloves, welding helmet, and backpack with me.

    When the detective questioned you, this was said:

    Taylor Vasquez says, "Leave him be."
    Justice Law says, "Take away his tools and gloves he used them in crime"
    Jimmy Pumpyskin says, "i hear welding"
    Taylor Vasquez says, "He's doing just fucking fine."

    You cannot communicate effectively or get your own team to work with you if you act crude and vulgar.

    I'm leaning towards -1 Support. Change my mind.
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  9. Soup or Man?

    Soup or Man? New Member

    You're right. I was an insanely rude security officer and I apologize for the grievances you have with my character. Let me just say that I apologize for my neglect to adhere to brigging procedures. I do not apologize for being crude and vulgar. I see a security officer as a bit of a grunt. Underpaid and overworked, if you will. Therefore I don't try very hard to be liked as a security officer, if you've ever seen me play warden, captain or Research Director you'd see a completely different side. I can be gruff as an engineer, but submissive. I try to follow the protocol as security and sometimes it slips, I've noticed as much with some Perc Officers too. A human element detracted from my due process. It won't happen again, I'm not incredibly seasoned as a security officer but I do pride myself on knowing Space Law. I fully acknowledge that I need more experience and should strive to work as a more thorough officer. I will change your mind in future interactions between us. Thank you for the advice.

    I will also state in my experience, people have never really come willingly unless I find them in their departments. You were an assistant and I felt as if flagging you down in the middle of the hall would be dangerous.
  10. If you want to roleplay as a bit of an asshole (within reason and Space Law) as a security officer, that's obviously fine as far as server rules go.

    However, I would personally recommend you do not do so for the duration of your Perseus application process, because you can and will be judged on it. Sure, being a dick can be roleplaying. Sure, you may well be capable of being professional and respectful, and you may do so in other roles. However, the people who have a say on the outcome of your application will want to see that you are able to conduct yourself professionally as a security officer and have good interactions with the crew, your team, and suspects/prisoners. It is highly inadvisable, for the purposes of your Perseus application, for you to acknowledge acting surly as a security officer and cite roleplaying to justify it, however this is your decision to make.
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  11. Hattrick

    Hattrick Perseus Captain Staff Member

    Soup, can you talk more about this incident?
  12. Flavo

    Flavo Well-Known Member

    From my understanding you aren't really as interested in this application as you originally were, Are you still interested? if so could you address any of the above concerns?
  13. Hattrick

    Hattrick Perseus Captain Staff Member

    Application closed due to apparent lack of interest. If you want to be reconsidered, please contact someone about re-opening this thread, instead of starting another.
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