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  1. Thought I'd ask this in advance, rather than deal with it in the middle of a chaotic round.

    I would like to start summarily executing every single revolutionary I deconvert who claims that they can't remember who flashed them, for the crime of aiding and abetting an enemy of the corporation (especially since the text now outright reminds them of who had flashed them), as a matter of habit and principle. Would I get any grief from the admin team for doing this?
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    Hello flat!

    I'll start off by clarifying a few things about rev rounds as of this time. When deconverted you are alerted to who flashed you, the name that shows up is whatever was the display name of the person (this is also saved in memories). out of these possibilities, "Unknown" can happen. A problem can arise when you ask them who deconverted them and there response is "Unknown" "I don't know" as they could of been stealth flashed by a smart revhead. In the event that you are getting the whole "I dont remember" try asking them what there memory says. When in doubt adminhelp it to see if they might be metagaming or covering up who flashed them. In the event no admins are available, make a ahelp anyway and check in. In the event no admins are on the best advice i can do is to keep them locked in until they remember or you are able to confirm that they are really "Unknown".
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  3. Thank you for clarifying that. I was unaware that the text could read "unknown" and that is very much good to know.
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