Scateen Warren's Perseus PMC Application. [Declined]

Discussion in 'Perseus PMC Applications' started by ScateenTHEWarren, Jan 4, 2014.

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  1. maddyman10

    maddyman10 New Member

    I vote yes because Dan is The Man. Also, he is pro cultist killer
  2. Zargul

    Zargul Active Member

    Being robust is good, but it's not one of the important skills you need to have to be a good Officer or Enforcer.
    I understand you like him, though you need to give real constructive criticism otherwise we aren't able to evaluate his capability of being a Security Officer as we want to do.

    As I said: He needs other skills than "being able to kill Antagonists".
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  3. Flavo

    Flavo Well-Known Member

    i just finished talking to the applicant about spaceing someone who grabbed someone else. they thought this grab meant "ling" so they stopped everything, tased, cuffed, and threw the person into space. they were very apologetic. this is my first encounter with this player and he basically showed me that he is not meant to be a enforcer. -support
  4. TheDracheX

    TheDracheX LS13 Coder Staff Member

    Based on what flavored said, I'm not giving my support either.
  5. Hattrick

    Hattrick Perseus Captain Staff Member

    Where do you work/what kind of job do you have, if you don't mind my asking?
  6. Hattrick

    Hattrick Perseus Captain Staff Member

    Application declined, in part, due to lack of apparent interest on the part of the applicant.

    We will consider another application from you not sooner than three months. provided that you link to this application in your new one.

    Remember to be careful how you write and convey your thoughts.
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