Rekiin's Persus Application [Declined]

Discussion in 'Perseus PMC Applications' started by Rekiin, Feb 19, 2015.

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  1. Rekiin

    Rekiin Active Member

    Clearing up Jobbans and Mistakes I make cleared up as quick as possible and attempting to make their job last as little time as possible.

    Sorry for that, I ran on a little bit
  2. Rekiin

    Rekiin Active Member

    Making sure that I make the admins job as quick as possible

    And Getting any mistakes or job-bans repealed so I personally have a better experience.
  3. Hattrick

    Hattrick Perseus Captain Staff Member

    Ahh, I understand.

    Out of curiosity, what languages do you speak?
  4. Rekiin

    Rekiin Active Member

    English, just tired, thats why I typed it weirdly
  5. Today I saw you playing as HoS under a different IC name then indicated in your app. You should update it to reflect this information.
  6. Rekiin

    Rekiin Active Member

    Yeah, should I change it EVERY single time I change my name? Nah, I play as Harry Potter, Rin Okumura, Steven Anthony and One other name I always forget
  7. Agent1667

    Agent1667 Well-Known Member

    We won't be able to judge your performance if you keep changing your IC name.

    Based on your application and this response, in addition with how I've seen you play security, no support.
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  8. Rekiin, what I suggested was for your own benefit. I didn't say to write a new post in this thread every time you play, to let us know what IC name you were currently using at a given time. I suggested that you edit the initial post to include accurate information about all IC names we will be likely to see you using in a security role. This is hardly a lot of work, and anybody with the slightest actual motivation and interest in joining Perseus would be happy that they were being observed and would be more than willing to spend 10 seconds editing some information in that would help Perseus assess them as a candidate.

    My opinion from the outset of this application was that you were clearly incompetent and not Perseus material, but I didn't initially feel the need to chime in on this application because I felt that Agent and Tharinoma had pretty much covered my thoughts and that it would just be needlessly cruel dog-piling for me to reiterate the same thing. To be honest I assumed that this application would be quickly closed and that my input would not be required regardless.

    Since Hattrick chimed in and elected not to close your application, I decided to put aside my preconceptions and give you a chance. So I provided you with advice to help you, and your response indicates that you don't care enough about applying to Perseus to even bother ensuring that you provide sufficient information so that you can be properly assessed.

    Sorry, I can't support this application, both because of the poor quality of your IC play, and the poor attitude and writing ability demonstrated here.

    EDIT - Because I cited bad IC play without a specific example, I'll just provide one that I encountered the other day:

    You were the detective, a brig cell was completely busted open and about half a dozen random people were hanging out inside, so I (the janitor) walked in to see what was going on. Most people left through the courtroom door and someone locked down the brig. You were in the warden's office, so I politely asked you to let me, and another crewmember who was stuck, out of the brig. You were rude for no reason, lecturing me and saying "maybe you shouldn't have walked into the brig and then you wouldn't have gotten stuck" and made me wait. This doesn't really make sense because as a member of security you should want to keep the brig secure and it would be in your interest to not have a random janitor hanging out there.

    Anyways, after a moment you did move to let us out, but since you had been rude I used a cleaner nade. You were actually standing one tile out of range of it and didn't react at all, and I was able to grab you and drag you into it to slip you, before cuffing you and appropriating a few of your things (I don't normally do stuff like that, but I will test applicants and felt it would teach you people skills). Rather unrobust, in addition to bad grasp of crew relations and brig security.
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  9. Hattrick

    Hattrick Perseus Captain Staff Member

    Ok this is a little off topic of me to say, but I'm going to anyway: By the way, I wish there were more of us that did this. Admins are a volunteer position that try to provide a fun space for people to enjoy this game and the community. It's really cool to see someone who is trying to help them in that process.
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  10. Narwhal Jones

    Narwhal Jones LS13 Admin

    While you seem to have a cool attitude in your recent posts, your application itself is very barebones and seems like it was thrown together super fast. As for how you are in game, from what I can recall you've never stood out as an amazing security officer or head.

    With that being said, not to put you down or try to be mean but you've never really stuck out as a good officer/head player. I believe you when you say you're getting better, but I still think there's room for improvement. I fully encourage you to work on communication and teamwork as an officer or just in general, with the right attitude (which, as I said before you seem to have a really good one, not taking any criticism to heart or too hard etc) and a bit more effort you'll get there.

    But, in my honest opinion you're not there yet. So for now I'm not in support of this application, but I do wish you good luck in the future mate.
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  11. LeJack

    LeJack Active Member

  12. LeJack

    LeJack Active Member

    sorry, for the double post. Do you feel there is a crime that would warrant being rough with a prisoner during processing?
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  13. Chaznoodles

    Chaznoodles Well-Known Member

    I haven't been active recently, but your application seems somewhat lacking, and the responses haven't been positive. I'll try and get on to see how you perform in-game, but until then, I can't express support on this.
  14. Hattrick

    Hattrick Perseus Captain Staff Member

  15. Devon

    Devon Well-Known Member

    The only person to support this application was Terezi, who is, by all accounts, the single worst individual to have behind you.
    I can't support the application of a person who believes they wouldn't be able to get their act together enough to become an admin if they were interested in the position, as the qualities that should be focused on in Perseus are the very same as the ones that are focused on when people apply for admin.
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  16. Terezi

    Terezi Active Member

    What is wrong with you?
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  17. Rekiin

    Rekiin Active Member

    Can anyone besides Hattrick and a few other actually read...
    EDIT - Just stop replying after this, I GET THE POINT
  18. Hattrick

    Hattrick Perseus Captain Staff Member

    So... are you saying you're no longer interested in Perseus, or ... ?
  19. Rekiin

    Rekiin Active Member

    No, I definitely am, but so far I've gotten little to no support on it, I am thinking of reapplying later on, but as for admin goes, I may make an application soon, you know what? Here's what I want my comment before this to be Null, just stop talking about how I'm a bad sec officer, I want your opinions of me being an admin. I only want people who have RECENT bad rounds with me a security.
  20. Hattrick

    Hattrick Perseus Captain Staff Member

    This application is declined. For many reasons.

    We will reconsider an application from you not less than six months from now, provided you link to this application in your new application thread, and that you not edit any post in this thread after you make your new application.

    Failure to follow these instructions might result in permanent disqualification from Perseus, so please do contact us, before you take any action that might be related to this issue, to clarify any issues, or questions you might not understand completely.

    Also. You might reconsider your signature. Ask yourself if it conveys the image you want to project to a potential employer.

    Thank you for your interest, and good luck.
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