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Bring back DNA AID with new restrictions?

  1. Sure

  2. Nah

  3. What's a DNA?

  1. Zeb

    Zeb Member

    As you all may know, DNA Aid was removed sometime in March due to being overpowered, annoying, and overall griefable.

    But what a lot of people don't understand is how useful the virus actually is. It was originally intended to be used as a way for genetics to speed-run power research, making it very easy to complete the task, still using genetics as the method of permanently obtaining the powers.

    It was voted to be removed due to the negative uses it brought with its existence in the game, which is why I suggest a compromise:

    +Increase the Rate of change for powers, making it impractical to rely on the virus itself for your quest to super herohood
    -Decrease the chance of obtaining it through virology making it rarer to obtain than the other symptoms
    -Decrease it's resistance chance into the negatives making it able to be cured by nutrient
    +Make it so that it cannot be transmitted any other way other than blood injection

    At the very least make it a rare virus that the station can be pandemiced with as a special event, or available as a low chance to spawn in Virus Crates. Its the most useful virus in med-bay in my opinion and as a player who used to play CMO all the time, it was extremely helpful in genetics.

    If at the very least you could consider at least ONE of these options that would be very greatly appreciated.
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  2. Flavo

    Flavo Well-Known Member

    Ill take a look at replies to this thread soon after people have voiced there opinion, if the stance is mostly for this i will go ahead and add it back in. if not it will remain commented out. if you feel strongly one way or the other i recommend commenting on this thread.
  3. Zeb

    Zeb Member

    Thanks Flavo! I really miss it, it was super useful in my CMO days :/
  4. Flavo

    Flavo Well-Known Member

    For those voting in favor, or against. please state below why to make this process easier rather then constantly removing and re-adding the same feature over and over.
  5. TheJuicyFruit

    TheJuicyFruit Well-Known Member

    I voted no. I loved DNAA, and would try to get it every chance I could as virologist, but there have been so many times where I, or another virologist, would fade in and out of hulk, which caused some serious problems. Firstly, anytime I, or someone else, was caught by security, it was only a matter of time before I, or someone else, got hulk and could escape. Then when security would try to lethal me, or someone else, the line of when lethal force is permissible is blurred immeasurably, because they would fade in and out of hulk. It's just not worth the trouble to everyone involved. The only way I could support it's re-implementation would be without hulk being in the mix.
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  6. Kirbyroth

    Kirbyroth Well-Known Member

    i kinda enjoyed that virus. since the chances of genetics shearing there powers with any one other then themselves is rare
  7. Zeb

    Zeb Member

    The point of the virus is not to be used for anything other than genetics, if you hate it for it being inconvenient might as well eliminate the disabilities virus too.
  8. QuantumWings

    QuantumWings Well-Known Member

    Hell no, hulks smashing shit every second round was shit. If you want super powers use genetics (which may need a buff).
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  9. kadingir

    kadingir The Guide

    I'm just going to say that i voted "Sure" and quote a book then leave this thread bee while i go bee sad that people will never change their minds about this no matter what kind of nerfs are suggested.
  10. I absolutely hated this and was very glad to see it gone. The benefits of it to genetics are overwhelmingly outweighed by how unplayably terrible it was for it to be transmitted across half the crew, which happened *a lot*.
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  11. Cody522

    Cody522 Well-Known Member

    I've noticed the game being much more enjoyable to play without virologists and crew griefing everything as hulks. Don't let it back in.
    This ruined the point of genetics since it was easy mode, you don't have to keep injecting yourself with a 15% chance of activating a power. Didn't have to worry about disabilities either since the disability and power virus are separate

    Your suggestions to nerf the virus would seem to destroy the point of it anyway. Why not make it one power only instead of it revolving through every single one? Powergamers and griefers being able to re-hulk was the number one problem.
    Then you have virologists who don't understand they're murdering people when they're throwing objects around with TK "for fun lol"
  12. daddysds1

    daddysds1 Well-Known Member

    I would be fine if it was used the way you said it should. But people will go viro get the virus and then go attack sec and as soon as hulk wheres off run off and then do it again.

    The issue i have with this virus and genetics is that the assholes that get hulk from genetics or this virus think it's funny as fuck to smash through the station 24/7 and then wonder why the engis refuse to repair the shit and are instead lyunching thee fucking hulk.
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  13. Felix Feufer

    Felix Feufer LS13 Admin

    No never again... no hulks... *shivers*
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  14. For reference, poll results that led to it being removed initially:

    There was an overwhelming consensus that this was a terrible and unenjoyable game mechanic.

    So far literally nobody that wanted it removed has changed their mind and voted for it to be reimplemented here. Before hastily reimplementing it, I think it's far to assume the poll there is still representative of opinions, unless people come forward to state otherwise.

    Prior to it being removed there were several instances of four or five rounds in a row being ruined and descending into total shitshows by single players going viro all day and repeatedly spreading this across the station round after round, and it pissed off a lot of people.
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  15. Agent1667

    Agent1667 Well-Known Member

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  16. Well, I guess I have to blame for that the due to the fact I was the one abusing the genetics, I have to vote yes, but they do infact need a nerf making it much harder to obtain the virus as we saw last night the only reason for virology now to to make the bare minimum of helpful viruses and make people suffocate to death pretty much now all virology can be for is grief.
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  17. PistolPete

    PistolPete ForumGuard Staff Member

    I would disagree. I have seen virology making helpful virii and sharing them.

    At the end of the day, it boils down to the player doing the job or using the disease. As I recall, many players abused this to no end. I am absolutely against this being put back in rotation for reasons stated before.
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  18. Fair enough, but I do believe if it will get implemented with the same kind of potency and how easy it was to get like before it should just be removed forever, I think it should be put back in but made MUCH MORE, Like, must go in mining to get diamonds or something to be able to create it.
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  19. kadingir

    kadingir The Guide

    Could we get a coder to comment on how hard it would be for liquid diamond to be made a virus catalyst for DNA aide?
  20. PistolPete

    PistolPete ForumGuard Staff Member

    Look, all the caveats you're adding don't make sense.

    You claim it would help genetics cycle through powers - but now you're jumping through hoops to try to find ingredients.

    It's too much. It's too complicated, and it would be easier, and better for balance to keep the DNA Aid virus removed.

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