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  1. Taicho

    Taicho Director of LS13 Staff Member

    Byond Key: RawrTaicho*
    Preferred Username: RawrTaicho*
    Time with the LLA community: I first joined the LLA community back in January of 2011, I believe.
    Time as Administrator: My admin application was submitted at the end of April of 2011, and was approved on May 6th (? -- don't ask me how I remember that.)
    Current administrator rank: Senior Administrator - Deputy Head Administrator.

    Have you ever been banned, if so why? I've never actually been banned from the server, no. I had one stern talking to back when I first joined about beating the Detective up and stealing his ID when I first joined, then proceeding to hit him with it when he tried to revolver me, but the majority of my time with the community has been in a staff role of some sort, and thus have never been banned or otherwise punished for ingame behavior.

    Have you ever been terminated from the admin team, if so why? I've never been removed from the team, no.

    Tell me about yourself? I'm Connor, as many of you know. I'm a British student currently attending university. Unfortunately, I don't have a huge amount of hobbies anymore: I play a wealth of instruments but don't actively practice any of them, I'm fluent in four different coding languages but don't actually utilize them outside of Byond, I have a passion for writing and I am, indeed, something of a nerd when it comes to anime. My focus in university is Psychology, though in hindsight, I don't really see myself going into the profession. I'm still at that stage I should have overcome about 3 years ago wherein I have actually no idea what I want to do once education is over.

    What are your strengths? My own strengths, I feel, fall primarily down to my experience in administration and leadership roles as well as knowledge regarding the particular role I am going into. Usually, this knowledge allows me to perform in the role to the best of my abilities and utilize all the skills in my arsenal to ensure the best final results I can possibly achieve. When challenged, or otherwise given a task to perform, I also find myself often very determined to complete it, and I suppose that determination to succeed is certainly a strength in its own right.

    What are your weaknesses? I have a lot of weaknesses and it'd be utterly ridiculous for me to argue otherwise. In the past, I was known for my abrasive approach and perhaps rather more argumentative attitude; that's not to say I was sparking arguments regarding the slightest thing here and there, but if I disagreed with something, I was more than willing to make a fuss now. Whilst this isn't an issue in the slightest anymore, that abrasiveness remains, and I would probably consider this rather more harsh approach a weakness. I also lose interest in things quite easily, and if I undergo a project -- not the role in itself, but a sub-project to improve certain aspects of administration -- that seems drab to me, there is a high possibility that I may just drop it and move onto something else. Nine times out of ten I'll see it through, though. These are some of my obvious flaws, and I'm sure those who know me on the team will be able to elaborate on my weaknesses a bit better than I.

    Why do you want this position? I would be lying if I said I wanted this position because I could see it as something I would enjoy. The truth is quite the contrary, and as most of the administrators will probably agree, leadership of any description is something I've always veered very far away from within LLA. That said, there are definite issues that need addressing as I think everyone will agree, and there comes a point, for me at least, where I would rather just address and resolve these issues myself instead of allowing them to stagnate and worsen further. I wish to be considered for this position because, as a long standing member of this community and the LS13 administration team, I understand the issues that are present and I understand, in most cases, how they can be fixed. Being put at the core of things, that would be the Head Administrator role in this case, allows for me to take a more hands on approach and personally resolve any outstanding issues as well as improve that which is already in place.

    What can you bring to this position that other candidates cannot? As mentioned prior, what I can personally bring is my knowledge of Space Station 13 as well as administration, my experience in positions of leadership and administration in larger communities, as well as my determination to succeed and prosper. Consistency, integrity, and honesty are other things I will bring to this position, and whilst I cannot claim that other candidates will or won't offer similar things, I think you need only look at how long I've been a member of this community and its administration team to see my absolute dedication and commitment.

    What is the LLA to you? Liberty's Last Army, to me, is the first community I've ever really settled in. Just why is very much above my understanding; whether it be the community members, or simply the ideals upheld that I value a lot, it's kept me near for what's nearing four years now. I've made a considerable amount of friend over the years. Some remain, some have gone on elsewhere, but every individual I've met and every task undertaken has benefited me in its own little way. In that sense, LLA is a community that has helped me grow and mature since I first joined at the rather ripe age of sixteen. (that was fucking deep)

    Have you ever been in a position of leadership in the past outside of SS13 administration, explain? I have, as it just so happens. Naturally, real life has offered me a wealth of leadership opportunities that have benefited me in their own way; high school clubs, prefects, etc. The most recent leadership position I've held outside of SS13 Administration was with a rather large and hugely popular STO Community named 'United Federation of Planets'. The community is home to 5k+ members, and I was lucky enough to work in their news department for some to, managing their weekly online magazine named 'The Federation Herald'. This saw me undertaking an Editor role, though later, the Herald was scrapped and replaced by a more modern news system, and I was offered the role of the News Departments 'XO', which was essentially a second in command, though despite that, division XO's more or less ran the whole show. This saw me managing a team of 10 or so people, as well as attending bi-monthly leadership meetings, overseeing the news system, and ensuring everything was organized and released on time at a standard acceptable to present to the general membership. I held this position for 5 months, before eventually relinquishing it to deal with university and pursue commitments elsewhere.

    Give me an example of a time you felt you went above and beyond the call of duty as an administrator? Zombie probably knows most of these without me going into too much detail. There have been many instances wherein I've had to act as more than just an administrator, and have had to investigate and solve issues that have threatened the server as a whole -- very dramatic, I know. More recently, however, having been forced to act as the deputy of our glorious predecessor Rebel America, I have often had to deal with issues that I otherwise wouldn't have.

    Have you ever been on a team where someone was not pulling their own weight? How did you handle it? I have not only been on a team with someone doing that, but I have also been the someone doing it, so I am aware of both sides of the coin. Often, the best way to solve this is merely to approach them on a more personal basis, discuss the reasons for their lack of participation, and offer any encouragement, motivation, or advice to see them taking a more active role in the team.
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  2. Taicho

    Taicho Director of LS13 Staff Member

    Tell me about a time when you had to give someone difficult feedback. How did you handle it? Many admins, unfortunately, have been on the receiving end of this difficult feedback. Since being made Senior Administrator, and later Deputy Headmin, I've often had to approach individuals and give them feedback in regards to how they approach their role, deal with cases, and act with other members of the team. Often, I take a more honest, and perhaps blunt approach to informing them of these issues. The honesty allows for clarity from the get-go, and with their understanding of the issues at hand, I have been able to prevent relevant feedback to ensure whatever issues have justified our discussion don't crop up again.

    What is your greatest failure, and what did you learn from it? My greatest failure in LLA is, over the years, not taking a more proactive approach in solving some of the issues that have crept up. Whilst, yes, I've always pulled through in the end, sometimes I believe I could have approached them a lot sooner and saw that they were dealt with before they became even more damaging. My biggest failure in real-life was my pitiful attempt at constructing a treehouse -- it was literally a few slabs of wood hammered into a tree. It was shameful, awful, and it was a dark point in my life that I'd rather not go back to.

    What irritates you about other people, and how do you deal with it? I have a thing with people... acting beneath their age, especially in teams, and one example of this is sitting and watching people legally classified as adults arguing and slapfighting like children on a playground. Admittedly, I find myself disregarding it completely nowadays, or politely asking the individual(s) at hand to cease their shittery in their polite and flowery prose.

    If I were your supervisor and I asked you to do something that you disagreed with, what would you do? I would, of course, state my concerns, and that's simply because I feel like honestly allows things to be dealt with a lot better overall. I wouldn't plain refuse to do it, but I would outline my concerns and my issues with the particular request and suggests a possible alternative that I believe may be a more beneficial approach. In the event there's no other way around it, I would hope that I'd at least understand why you issued the order, and with that, I'd drop the topic and proceed on, trusting your judgement in this particular instance.

    Have you ever had an assignment that was too difficult for you, how did you resolve the issue? Of course, but I'm an extremely persistent person, and most of the time I will continue trying to achieve it myself. In the event I can't, I often seek help, guidance, advice or support from those I trust in how I ought to resolve the issue at hand.

    How would you go about establishing your credibility quickly with the team? After three years on the administration team and development team, I'd like to think my credibility has hopefully already been established. The most obvious way would be following through with my promises of improvement, naturally.

    How long will it take for you to make a significant contribution to the team? Over the years I've consistently made contributions were I deemed it necessary. With the amount of things that need addressing, and my desire to potentially jump straight in, whether as Head Administrator or in the event I remain as a deputy, will surely see me offering some form of contribution sooner rather than later. Baby steps to start, and once settled in, I can proceed with reformations, and fixing the pending issues regarding LS13 administration.

    What do you see yourself doing within the first 30 days of this job? Naturally, it'll be spent settling in. Getting a better idea of what the role entails. Addressing peoples concerns. Potentially gathering feedback from players and admins alike regarding potential improvement and issues that ought to be looked at later in my reign of terror. It'll be a slow start, and it will be me finding my bearings and figuring out just what needs to be approached first, and once that's cleared, I can snowball from there.

    If selected for this position, can you describe your strategy for the first 90 days? ]First and foremost, establishing goals and milestones regarding whatever problems and points of concern I find to be particularly prominent. With knowledge of expectations ticked, I will proceed to address these issues one at a time. One thing I will be heavy on is documentation, because one of the main issues regarding 'relic rules' and other mysterious policies that appear and disappear whenever an admin feels like it is down to the lack of solidified documentation of these things. All changes, or at least most, regarding administrator policy, rule changes, and otherwise, I'd like to make clear to the membership as a whole. The players need to be as much in the know as the administrators. A lot of it will be clarification and elaboration to hopefully abolish any misunderstanding and hearsay.

    If you were an animal, which one would you want to be and why? Personally, I think a penguin is most fitting to my personality. Witty, meticulous, and inscrutable are all things I'd consider innate to me. The penguin is often considered aggressive yet gentle, outgoing yet shy, and stable yet flightly. Also, they're cute, and variation in their coats/feathers paint them as absolute fashionista's.

    If you could choose one superhero power, what would it be and why? Though perhaps more selfish, I've always wanted to possess the ability of a Jumper -- this'll be more clear to anyone who's seen the movie. This is, essentially, the ability of instantaneous teleportation of yourself, others, and apparently even entire rooms according to the movie. Cool as shit, and it could probably be put to very good use, too. Stopping crimes, helping people meet with their loved ones, etc etc.

    Where is waldo? Behind the train, between the man with the white shirt and blue shorts, and black guy with the red shirt and cream trousers. He's gazing lovingly towards the wizard, who appears to be splish-splashing, stark naked, in a rather more swan infested pond. The Wizard is an extremely graceful man, even in the nude.

  3. WellingtonTheThird

    WellingtonTheThird Well-Known Member

    I fully support this application. Working alongside Taicho as deputies I've found that we share similar ideals and he truly cares about the well-being of the server and the administration.

    +1 Wellington
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  4. CannibalCrow

    CannibalCrow LS13 Admin Staff Member

    Taicho is pretty much my longest standing...Comrade? Here at LLA. He's been around since before I was even hired, he was the one who was assigned to mentor me when I joined the team. Whether I needed someone to ask for advice, or to just talk, or needed someone to slap me when I did something stupid, Taicho has usually been a help. We've had our differences and our spats over the years, but Taicho is someone I am genuinely willing to trust with this position. One of our oldest members, he has a strong understanding and grasp of our policies and philosophies, of the game and its code, and how to handle people, especially our team. He may not always deal with things in the most conventional manner, but there's no denying his effectiveness when he is called in to handle something. Normally, someone not actually wanting a position would make me wary to vote for them, but I've seen Taicho thrust in several unwanted positions before, and he's never ceased to impress.

    Absolutely all of my support.

    ohgod I feel like a sap.
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  5. RebelAmerica

    RebelAmerica ForumGuard Staff Member

    Taicho is Taicho, he knows how to get shit done.

    10/10 all support.

    No, you were not forced too >:l
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  6. Flavo

    Flavo Well-Known Member


    Connor is the most always available approachable senior deputy min guy. Would love of he was the headmin, he is the best choice
  7. Moulty

    Moulty Active Member

    this guy is a pimp. +1
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  8. NoFaceMan

    NoFaceMan Guest

    Yo homie
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  9. mindly_anarch

    mindly_anarch Active Member

    This I like.
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  10. PoliticalPikachu

    PoliticalPikachu Well-Known Member

    YES! +1
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  11. Narwhal Jones

    Narwhal Jones LS13 Admin

    Gieb Taicho or riot.
    +1 for all that it matters.
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  12. Legato_frio

    Legato_frio Public Relations

    Yes, He has all the aspects I look for in Crow + has the experience added onto it. +1 Frio
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  13. Hergest

    Hergest Guest

    Man, i remember that Steam avatar from really really long ago.
    I haven't seen much of you before i got banned, maybe due our timezones. I've also never seen you post on the forums. How come?

    Other than that i've heard amazing stuff about you, and your application is nicely filled.
  14. NoFaceMan

    NoFaceMan Guest

    I barely know you but still i give you mah
  15. Cody522

    Cody522 Well-Known Member

    Taicho can be a great guy most of the time, that's the side of him I enjoy and he's highly competent with that. Otherwise I see him as a merciless bully as well, which is not a good thing for leadership.
  16. Taicho

    Taicho Director of LS13 Staff Member

    Understandable. Most of my work with LLA happens behind the scenes. My presence on the server as of late hasn't been particularly prominent, probably because two years straight of administration see's you wishing to focus your attention elsewhere. I'm quite active in dealing with administrative affairs alongside Wellington and our former God Emperor Rebel American (rip in pip) and am approached daily about a multitude of issues that I grumble and groan about but deal with to the best of my ability regardless. Generally, input needed from me is given in the necessary channels as opposed to on the forums, though when I do post, it's usually because some 'Big Gun Intervention' was required. :cool:

    p.s. thanks mayn

    Brutal honesty in a manner which gets things done without being outright insulting our detrimental does not translate to bullying. I am someone who would rather just get things done in a straightforward manner that benefits everybody in the long run whilst still hopefully keeping most people happy. When you deal with a team of individuals that spends a lot of time bickering like children, regardless of the fact they're actually pretty good friends, every now and again you need to lay down the law to make a point. If any administrators would class my approach (???) as bullying, I'd hope they'd have approached me by now. They haven't.

    I find it strange that you can comment on this despite the fact you've been away from the team for an extended amount of time now, but your concerns are dully noted regardless.
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  17. Flavo

    Flavo Well-Known Member

    If you became headmin, would you be active on the server rather then just behind the scenes?
  18. Taicho

    Taicho Director of LS13 Staff Member

    Whether I'd be 'active' or not is debatable, but I can't deny that certain issues that'll need addressing will require actual observation. Logs are all well and good, but I can certainly see there being quite a few occasions wherein a presence on the server will be necessary to fix these things, change them, or fulfill any other duties. Guiding newmins and showing them the ropes is but one of the things I can see requiring me to pop on the server more. Fortunately, the majority of the tasks the Headmin will need to oversee can be dealt with without direct invention on the server, which means I can still jump on here and there to see how things are going without treading on the administrators toes, yet still performing my duties the fullest of my ability with the many resources I have access to. I don't like the idea of constantly watching over their shoulder, but I will have to become more active to set the precedent regarding how things ought to be handled.

    eyup. hope that answers your question.
  19. Keyword22

    Keyword22 Well-Known Member

    Connorino! I think you'd been around for an inmense while, more than most of the other applicants, if I'm correct?
    I think you are very well experienced for this kind of position but I do have one question
    Wouldn't the position of Headmin cripple your coding?.
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  20. Taicho

    Taicho Director of LS13 Staff Member

    Frio is the only individual who's been here longer than me out of the pool of applicants, aye.
    In regards to the coding issue, my contributions towards the coding nowadays are few and far. Whilst Drache and Cad chip away at the main bulk of the code bit by bit, I have my own personal projects that I work on -- some of which have already been committed, but none will be released until we make the swap to the new source. I treat my approach to coding for LS13, what amount I do now, as more of a hobby than a job, simply because my focus lays elsewhere within the LLA. For the most part, I tend to oversee the maintenance of the server. The easiest answer to your question would be that whatever effect it has on any coding contributions I happen to make won't particularly slow the progress of things very much, if it all. Any urgent tasks that need completing will still be done with relative ease, for the time it takes to complete most coding tasks on our list really isn't as significant as you might think.

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