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    I started playing SS13 in mid-2012, after a few good storytime threads on /tg/. Somewhere between reading about buttbots, magical teleporting space-assholes, and clowns that exist purely to annoy you, I knew SS13 was a game I had to play. There was simply so much potential for griefstuff to do, creating singu--stories, making station-destroying bo--truly memorable experiences. SS13 was a game with so much depth to it that, once I learned how to actually play it, the stars were my oyster. And oyster they were. I started out as a lowly little Cargo Technician, doing nothing more than pushing crates around, watching the mayhem unfold, and inevitably dying horribly to something or other. Back then, I died a lot, and each time I was out of the game for anywhere between fifteen to forty five minutes. There's only so many times a guy can masturbate though, so I set for myself one goal, above all others. Survive.

    So I did. Then I did it again. And again. And each time I faced some new challenge, some new obstacle, some unforseen threat. Sometimes it got the better of me, sometimes it didn't, sometimes I barely scraped by. Sometimes John Doe pulled me out of the fires, others I passed him dead in the halls. Sometimes I swung by to pick up Mordhauser on my way out, sometimes I found her cackling atop the carnage. I got damned good at surviving. In the process, I became one of the most robust people I know. I didn't simply survive, I made sure everyone I wanted to also survived. And there was something about guncargo 24/7/365, something about the QM Jumpsuit, Ablative, Combat Shotgun, That was my prime, but honestly I don't really think it was that much to be proud of. I was better than nine out of ten people on the most powergamey SS13 server, and I trounced whomever was dumb enough to screw with me routinely. Woo~ I can click a spaceman, oooo

    That was me at the S-Rank, the top of the heap. From there, I just stopped playing. There really wasn't anything left in SS13 for me anymore; I'd done it all. Every single little thing, from shuttle-hijacks as Wizard to successful stealth-ops to simple survival and every flavor of greentext under the sun. I had traversed from rookie to adept to hero to griefer, from assisting assistant to a genuinely good captain. Nowhere to go except for somewhere else.

    That was most of 2014; Nowhere to go but somewhere else. I hopped between Elite Dangerous, a bit of Star Citizen, a half-finished game of XCOM Long War, a smattering of Eve Online with the Goons, a bit of supermodded Skyrim, heck I even 100%'d Huniepop. Now though, the half-handful of SS13 rounds I usually played in a month caught me again, and here we are. Back in the saddle again, so to speak. Or maybe fallen off the wagon again, I don't know. What I will say is that I play completely differently from back then, in objectives, in style, even in general attitude. In my prime I was an S-rank robuster, playing for 14 hours a day, always 'switched on'. Never not QM/E-Gun/Ablative/Toolbelt/Insulated.

    Now? Shit, I play Assistant and fuck around half the time, and the other half I'm babysitting unrobust people. If I had to rank myself, I'd say I'm a solid B-rank; Better than half the people, above average, if only for lack of care. I just don't have it in me to be always-on anymore, and frankly most rounds don't warrant that kind of effort.

    But enough about spaceman, let me tell you about myself. In a word, I'd call myself uncensored. In two, blunt, and three, opinionated. I've got all three of those too much for my own good, sometimes. I've been banned from places before for refusing to kowtow, censor myself, or otherwise bend the knee. That's not to say that I've got problems with authority, rather, that I refuse to respect authority if I won't respect them as a person. Being in power doesn't stop you from being an idiot or making mistakes, and it certainly shouldn't stop anyone from calling you out on it. Acting like it does is the highway to losing your subordinates.

    I'll tell you right now - I grew up on 4chan. If I had to slot myself into a nice cultural group, that would be it; I've been a 4channer since I was twelve, and I'm 22 now. Don't get me wrong, I'm not some memespouting ananymoose-leejun kid, alternating between insults and "lolol umadbro". I outgrew that, and that I'm bothering to type all this out should really dissuade you from stereotyping me into that. That said, insults (and being insulted) are second nature to me. To me, calling someone a turbofaggot carries about as much weight and scorn as calling them an idiot - That is, none at all. If someone doesn't bother to tell you why you're a cockmongling turdburgler and the worst thing since Adolf Stalin, their criticism isn't worth listening to. I don't go for politically correct, but I can abide (if still snickering at) family-friendly. I don't really go for "Mature Gamers 18+ Only", because that feels...Meh. Like you're hanging a "NO GURLS ALOUD" sign on your clubhouse, and expecting that to keep the shitters out.

    Hobby-wise, I enjoy anime, traditional games, classic vidya. I shitpost on facebook on my off-time, and am currently reading Machiavelli's Prince, thank you to whomever has that one quote in his signature.
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