Psycho, Zeta, and the Adventures at Finlectric Co.

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    EPISODE 1: Fin A, Port B
    Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Psycho, Zeta, and the Adventrues at Finlectric Co. We thank you for tuning in to this special premiere of the new series. New episodes will be pushed out as we see fit. First, I should introduce the setting, and the characters.

    Setting: Our story takes place in an alternate universe. This alternate universe is made up in a somewhat cyber/steampunk fasion. Think "Dishonored". The main focus of this story centers around the companies Finlectric Co. (Conjoined with Tom Feris Enterprises), and W.C. (Whale Corp), as well as the workers that inhabit said companies. There is a serious whale oil crisis going on at the moment, so everyone is making the change from Whale Oil to Fin Powered Electric Energy. Whale Oil is extracted from whales, (dishonored, durr), killing the whales. Fin energy, however, is much safer, as it comes from the electric current inside of a dolphin's fin. This causes no harm to the dolphin. The rest of the setting can be left up to your imagination. I don't care.


    Psycho: A dolphin that works for the Finlectric company.

    Zeta: A dock worker/laborer who works for the Finlectric company.

    Johnson: Old dock worker that assigns the dolphins their working schedules.

    The other characters you can interpret for yourself. I'm lazy.

    The following dialogue was timestamped for your convenience.

    [5:54:24 AM] Zeta: Psycho
    [5:54:34 AM] Zeta: Insert Fin A into Port B
    [5:56:30 AM] Psycho: but
    [5:56:36 AM] Psycho: I was at port b like 3 days ago
    [5:56:46 AM] Psycho: they didn't say anything bout my fins.
    [5:56:53 AM] Psycho: I walked up to johnson
    [5:57:01 AM] Psycho: Johnson was just sitting there smoking his pipe
    [5:57:14 AM] Psycho: I said, "Johnson, how'sa going round port B lately lad?"
    [5:57:56 AM] Psycho: Johnson shot a look at me, "Things a'lllright psyches. Nothing much to do 'ere. Might wanna head around to tha otha ports, see whut they've got."
    [5:58:13 AM] Psycho: "Right'o Johnson. Nice pipe, new one I take it?"
    [5:58:21 AM] Psycho: "Ye, ye. Got it from me wife."
    [5:58:28 AM] Psycho: "Oh really thats nice. How's she doing these days?"
    [5:58:38 AM] Psycho: "Well, not so great actually.... might have cancer."
    [5:58:42 AM] Psycho: "Sorry to hear that Johnson."
    [5:58:45 AM] Psycho: Then I left.
    [5:58:51 AM] Psycho: He never said
    [5:58:53 AM] Psycho: A SINGLE WORD
    [5:59:00 AM] Psycho: About my fin being in port b.
    [5:59:15 AM] Psycho: So, please, zeta, explain to me where you got this information.
    [5:59:43 AM] Psycho: I know Johnson, and Johnson does NOT fuck around when it comes to the work schedule.
    [6:00:23 AM] Zeta: im lost
    [6:00:56 AM] Psycho: Right right. You're lost when it comes to the fucking work schedule, of course you are.
    [6:01:32 AM] Psycho: Back in '09 when Tom Feris conjoined the company with Finlectric Co., he made sure that nothing was to be unclear.
    [6:01:33 AM] Wrecker: Psycho, don't break rule #1 now.
    [6:01:38 AM] Psycho: WHICH IS EXACTLY WHY
    [6:01:42 AM] Psycho: HE HIRED JOHNSON
    [6:02:01 AM] Psycho: I knew Johnson before I even started working for Feris.
    [6:02:18 AM] Psycho: Oh yeah Wrecker? What's that? I doubt you even looked at the fucking manual.
    [6:02:41 AM] Wrecker: Rule #1: You don't talk about Fight Club.
    [6:03:09 AM] Psycho: Are you fucking kidding me here? I'm talking about possibly losing my JOB, and you're here reciting fucking movie quotes?
    [6:03:18 AM] Psycho: God damn it Zeta.
    [6:03:22 AM] Wrecker: Mmhm.
    [6:03:24 AM] Psycho: Where the fuck did you get those orders?
    [6:03:50 AM] Zeta: From the CEO of Whale Corp.
    [6:04:07 AM] Wrecker: Dolphins are whales.
    [6:04:07 AM] Psycho: Whale Corp.? God damn it I thought this had stopped.
    [6:04:21 AM] Psycho: Zeta, zeta, who do you know at WC?
    [6:04:47 AM] Zeta: A few factory floor workers and a regional manager
    [6:04:59 AM] Psycho: It's the fucking regional manager isn't it?
    [6:05:02 AM] Psycho: Listen to me Zeta
    [6:05:04 AM] Psycho: Listen
    [6:05:06 AM] Psycho: Whoever that is
    [6:05:09 AM] Psycho: You need to cut ties with him
    [6:05:13 AM] Psycho: Immediately.
    [6:05:21 AM] Psycho: I don't know what they're telling you but its all lies.
    [6:05:30 AM] Psycho: Ever since the conjoinment.
    [6:05:37 AM] Zeta: Alright
    [6:05:45 AM] Psycho: WC has been trying to stick their nose into our business.
    [6:06:06 AM] Zeta: I'll go buy some industrial scissors and go cut all their ties
    [6:06:07 AM] Psycho: They have NO orders over our set schedule.
    [6:06:17 AM] Psycho: Especially a fucking regional manager.
    [6:06:20 AM] Psycho: Jesus christ.
    [6:06:27 AM] Psycho: I should inform Johnson they're back at it.
    [6:06:40 AM] Psycho: Psycho looks down.
    [6:06:52 AM] Psycho: I really had hoped this would stop, but it's not. This might get ugly.
    [6:06:59 AM] Zeta: I remembered that managers name now, if it helps any
    [6:07:02 AM] Psycho: I'm talking lay-offs, Zeta.
    [6:07:11 AM] Psycho: People losing their jobs.
    [6:07:14 AM] Psycho: Yeah yeah.
    [6:07:18 AM] Psycho: Give me his name.
    [6:07:21 AM] Zeta: Sperm Malone
    [6:07:26 AM] Psycho: Sp...
    [6:07:29 AM] Psycho: Ma...
    [6:07:35 AM] Psycho: Mr. Malone?
    [6:07:39 AM] Psycho: That fucking jokester.
    [6:07:41 AM] Psycho: I swear to god.
    [6:07:54 AM] Zeta: Or was it Shark?
    [6:07:56 AM] Zeta: I can't remember
    [6:08:00 AM] Zeta: It started with a S
    [6:08:16 AM] Psycho: That guy sent my wife a fucking coconut birthday cake. She's allergic.
    [6:08:25 AM] Psycho: I took that as an act of aggresion, there was an altercation.
    [6:08:38 AM] Psycho: I can't get involved with that guy anymore.
    [6:09:00 AM] Psycho: I'll just have Johnson go straight to Feris and maybe we can get this straightened out quick.
    [6:09:48 AM] Wrecker: Kill yourselves
    [6:10:25 AM] Psycho: Wrecker don't even get involved in this. It's clear you aren't cut for the job, and if Feris starts signing the papers for the lay-offs, you're gonna be one of the first. I guarantee it.
    [6:11:32 AM] Psycho: I know Zeta does his job, I know for a FACT that Johnson does his job, and I know I do my job.
    [6:11:38 AM] Psycho: It's very clear you've been slacking.
    [6:11:40 AM] Wrecker: Bullshit I'm not cut for the job, Feris doesn't look up from the papers he buries his nose in his office. He couldn't know less about the daily workings of the average joe.
    [6:11:44 AM] Zeta: Oh, Psycho, you remember that guy we sent out to get us lunch yesterday, and he never came back?
    [6:12:00 AM] Psycho: Psycho motions to Zeta to hold on a second.
    [6:12:45 AM] Psycho: Really? You're gonna give Tom shit now? Tom gave you a fucking job in the midst of the oil crisis that's going on right now. Hence why we've been hit with such a heavy load.
    [6:13:08 AM] Psycho: The reason his nose is buried in papers is so this company stays afloat, Wrecker.
    [6:13:34 AM] Psycho: And Zeta, yes I do. What the fuck was with that?
    [6:13:47 AM] Zeta: Well apparently
    [6:13:57 AM] Zeta: He was walking through the park after he got the food
    [6:14:05 AM] Zeta: And dropped a bread stick..
    [6:14:18 AM] Zeta: Which attrated the attention of a flock of pigeons
    [6:14:23 AM] Zeta: And he uh......
    [6:14:32 AM] Zeta: ...Kind of...
    [6:14:40 AM] Zeta: ...Got..... Eaten....... Alive..
    [6:14:41 AM] Psycho: What man?
    [6:14:46 AM] Psycho: BY FUCKING PIGEONS?
    [6:14:50 AM] Zeta: ....Yes.
    [6:14:59 AM] Psycho: What...
    [6:15:02 AM] Psycho: Something isn't right.
    [6:15:08 AM] Psycho: That doesn't just happen man.
    [6:15:11 AM] Psycho: Did you see the body?
    [6:15:21 AM] Zeta: There wasn't a body by the time I got there
    [6:15:22 AM] Wrecker: Maybe he faked his death and fled through the shroud of the flock?
    [6:15:29 AM] Zeta: Just a shitload of blood everywhere
    [6:16:01 AM] Psycho: Something isn't right at all. Downright fishy.
    [6:16:08 AM] Zeta: Oh, and a few dead pigeons.
    [6:16:17 AM] Psycho: What was his name Z?
    [6:16:39 AM] Zeta: Richard Whol
    [6:17:01 AM] Zeta: He was the guy everyone always called Dickhole
    [6:17:05 AM] Zeta: Can't imagine why..
    [6:17:29 AM] Psycho: You don't think it could've...
    [6:17:30 AM] Psycho: Been like
    [6:17:34 AM] Psycho: a suicide?
    [6:17:46 AM] Zeta: Suicide by feral pigeons?
    [6:17:48 AM] Psycho: I mean, there's a recipe for everything.
    [6:18:04 AM] Psycho: He might've concocted some strange feral pigeon elixir.
    [6:18:05 AM] Wrecker: Aren't those high amongst corporate employees?
    [6:18:23 AM] Zeta: We haven't had a suicide here in months
    [6:18:41 AM] Zeta: Suicides are at an all time low
    [6:18:56 AM] Psycho: Could have just gotten sick with his life ya know. The dickhole he was.
    [6:19:05 AM] LemonSoup: where the fuck do you guys work that people get eaten by pigeons?
    [6:19:15 AM] LemonSoup: and that said death by pigeon prompts suspicions o suicide?
    [6:19:16 AM] Psycho: Around the docks
    [6:19:20 AM] LemonSoup: by pigeon
    [6:19:21 AM] Psycho: Finlectric Co.
    [6:19:23 AM] LemonSoup: suicide by pigeon
    [6:19:30 AM] Zeta: Pigeons*
    [6:19:47 AM] Zeta: Another weird thing is
    [6:19:56 AM] Zeta: When I went to the park after the police left
    [6:20:05 AM] Zeta: There was no pigeons, anywhere
    [6:20:11 AM] Zeta: Like, they were never even there

    continued in next post
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    [6:20:19 AM] Psycho: You don't think...
    [6:20:20 AM] Psycho: woah
    [6:20:23 AM] Psycho: I just had one of those things
    [6:20:28 AM] Psycho: You get in your head
    [6:20:38 AM] Psycho: Like, a bunch of images leading together to one conclusive event?
    [6:20:55 AM] Zeta: Woah
    [6:21:01 AM] Psycho: Yeah yeah
    [6:21:03 AM] Psycho: So I mean
    [6:21:07 AM] Psycho: This is a possibility right?
    [6:21:14 AM] Psycho: What if WC is behind this whole thing.
    [6:21:22 AM] Psycho: You know for a while, WC has been out to get us right?
    [6:21:54 AM] Psycho: What if they're working on some sort of pigeon mutation. Feral pigeons, to start and anihilate us workers?
    [6:22:15 AM] Psycho: And once the pigeons eat us, they explode, leaving no evidence.
    [6:22:16 AM] Zeta: How could they invent an advanced mutagen like that in the shape their company is right now?
    [6:22:23 AM] Psycho: Investors.
    [6:22:29 AM] Psycho: You see
    [6:22:47 AM] Psycho: We are, currently, one of the most precious companies you could own.
    [6:22:57 AM] Psycho: Tom was a genius in signing with Finlectric.
    [6:23:06 AM] Zeta: ....But..... Feral Pigeons?
    [6:23:14 AM] Psycho: We are bringing in profit out the ass, even though the crisis is happening.
    [6:23:16 AM] LemonSoup: I actually work at WC, gonna have to report to my superiors that you've discovered our plan
    [6:23:18 AM] Psycho: Wait wait
    [6:23:23 AM] LemonSoup: you guys are now on the pigeon list
    [6:23:23 AM] Psycho: Let me finish
    [6:23:32 AM] Psycho: So zeta, investors, right?
    [6:23:51 AM] Zeta: One second
    [6:23:53 AM] Zeta: (⌐■_■)=/̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿̿̿ ̿ ̿̿
    [6:23:56 AM] Psycho: WC promises them a cut of whatever funds they recieve from Finlectric, AFTER they've annihilated the workers!
    [6:23:59 AM] Zeta: Don't move Lemon.....
    [6:24:04 AM] Zeta: You ain't going nowhere...
    [6:24:16 AM] Psycho: Once the workers are gone the company is toast!
    [6:24:20 AM] LemonSoup: dont make me press the pigeon dispenser release catch
    [6:24:24 AM] Psycho: Woah guys
    [6:24:25 AM] Psycho: Woah
    [6:24:27 AM] Psycho: Hold on here
    [6:24:29 AM] Psycho: Lets just...
    [6:24:32 AM] Psycho: Hold on.
    [6:24:34 AM] Psycho: Be cool.
    [6:24:36 AM] Zeta: Zeta points the gun at Lemons head
    [6:24:38 AM] Zeta: I'LL DO IT MAN
    [6:24:39 AM] LemonSoup: I'LL FUCKING DO IT
    [6:24:42 AM] Zeta: I'LL FUCKING DO IT
    [6:24:46 AM] LemonSoup: NO I WILL
    [6:24:46 AM] Psycho: Zeta shoot!
    [6:24:58 AM] Zeta: Zeta shoots Lemon in the hand, destroying the button
    [6:25:11 AM] LemonSoup: I HAVE A BACKUP BUTTON
    [6:25:12 AM] Psycho: Go go go! Restrain him! I'll get Johnson!
    [6:25:12 AM] LemonSoup: HOLD STILL
    [6:25:14 AM] LemonSoup: LEMME GO GET IT
    [6:25:20 AM] Zeta: Zeta shoots Lemon in both knees
    [6:25:26 AM] Psycho: Psycho runs to go find Johnson.
    [6:25:35 AM] LemonSoup: LemonSoup is a pigeon
    [6:25:51 AM] Zeta: Zeta catches Lemon in a butterfly net
    [6:26:06 AM] Zeta: Zeta throws Lemon in a pet carrier
    [6:26:30 AM] LemonSoup: LemonSoup is a WC(tm) explosive pigeon 3000 patent no. 1312637182
    [6:26:37 AM] Zeta: SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIT
    [6:26:42 AM] Psycho: Psycho returns with Johnson.
    [6:26:44 AM] Zeta: Zeta runs
    [6:26:47 AM] Zeta: HIT THE DECK
    [6:26:48 AM] Psycho: See Johnson! OH SHI-
    [6:26:50 AM] Psycho: RUN JOHNSON
    [6:26:51 AM] Psycho: GO GO GO
    [6:26:53 AM] Psycho: GET DOWN
    [6:26:58 AM] Psycho: Psycho jumps away from the pigeon.
    [6:26:59 AM] Zeta: Zeta tackles Psycho and Johnson to the ground
    [6:27:15 AM] LemonSoup: CAW
    [6:27:21 AM] LemonSoup: wait what noise do pigeons make
    [6:27:25 AM | Edited 6:27:28 AM] Zeta: (Coo(
    [6:27:25 AM] Psycho: (wohwoh)
    [6:27:28 AM] LemonSoup: COO
    [6:27:30 AM] Psycho: (cowocwo)
    [6:27:35 AM] LemonSoup: BOOM
    [6:27:48 AM] Psycho: Psycho looks around as the debris fades.
    [6:27:53 AM] Psycho: You guys okay?
    [6:28:02 AM] Zeta: I think so...
    [6:28:04 AM] Zeta: Zeta sniffs
    [6:28:07 AM] Psycho: Johnson you alright pal?
    [6:28:11 AM] Zeta: Do you smell that?
    [6:28:12 AM] Psycho: J?
    [6:28:16 AM] Psycho: J wake up man!
    [6:28:22 AM] Psycho: J not like this!
    [6:28:25 AM] Psycho: J!
    [6:28:36 AM] Psycho: Psycho shakes Johnsons body relentlessly.
    [6:28:41 AM] Zeta: PSYCHO!
    [6:28:44 AM] Psycho: What?!
    [6:28:45 AM] Zeta: LET HIM GO MAN!
    [6:28:49 AM] Psycho: No man! No!
    [6:28:56 AM] Zeta: Zeta drags Psycho away from Johnson
    [6:29:10 AM] Psycho: Psycho reaches out and cries, flailing his fins towards Johnson.
    [6:29:48 AM] Zeta: Zeta holds Psycho back
    [6:29:55 AM] Zeta: No psycho!
    [6:30:00 AM] Psycho: Alright....
    [6:30:02 AM] Psycho: Alright...
    [6:30:12 AM] Psycho: Let's... let's just go find Tom.

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    Funny story: I only half skimread what happened before my arrival, was unaware of any backstory involving electric dolphin fins and genuinely thought Psycho and Zeta worked at a place called Finlectric where someone had been eaten by pigeons.
  4. Mord_Sith

    Mord_Sith Well-Known Member

    -REALLY- Lemon?

    Although looking at this, it appears as though someone in the conversation recently read 'The Birds'
  5. Zetasniper

    Zetasniper New Member

    Actually I didn't, I just made all that up on the spot. Heuueuheuhueuhe
  6. Mord_Sith

    Mord_Sith Well-Known Member

    So, you killed off two characters right outta the gates, you're gonna run out of cast soon if this keeps up! :p
  7. Psycho

    Psycho Community Manager Staff Member

    This was all improvised on the spot. It just kept going. I'm really happy with how it turned out.

    I've been in the biz for years, and I hardly come across an actor with such grace. Zeta was a delight to work with, and was very kind to the set workers.

    Here's a behind the scenes look at the filming of PZ&TAFC (NOTE: NO ACTORS WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS PROGRAM)

    [3/20/2013 6:32:09 AM] Zeta: Uhm.....Psycho...
    [3/20/2013 6:32:24 AM] Zeta: Johnson isn't getting up..
    [3/20/2013 6:32:38 AM] Psycho: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    [3/20/2013 6:32:40 AM] Psycho: He's fine
    [3/20/2013 6:32:42 AM] Psycho: Medic!
    [3/20/2013 6:32:48 AM] Psycho: Let's get a medic over here!
    [3/20/2013 6:32:51 AM] Psycho: He'll be fine.
    [3/20/2013 6:32:55 AM] Zeta: Psycho.... I don't think he's breathing man...
    [3/20/2013 6:33:01 AM] Psycho: Nah nah hes good.
    [3/20/2013 6:33:05 AM] Psycho: Seriously a medic!
    [3/20/2013 6:33:08 AM] Psycho: Over here, now!
    [3/20/2013 6:33:18 AM] Zeta: His lips are uncolored man...
    [3/20/2013 6:33:18 AM] Psycho: Lets just walk away they've got it.
    [3/20/2013 6:33:26 AM] Zeta: Are you sure man?
    [3/20/2013 6:33:33 AM] Zeta: He doesn't look so good man.

    See? It's like he really cares! Amazing.
  8. Zetasniper

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    Of course I care, replacing set workers & actors is expensive!
  9. IDWMno

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    ZETA <3 I missed you
  10. LLA Don Zombie

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    That's rich!

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