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    There was one time, I was fooling with around 4-6 Perseus cuz I had access to their console.

    The End.
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    If only someone wouldnt have stimpacked 262. I would maybe have killed 262 successfully if it wasnt for someone following draggin the Perseus around. I found that funny when all the Perseus AOE stun eachother. (Ps: I'm totally not the atmos tech *winks*)
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    The mixed bag.

    Upon starting a routine shift my fellow Enforcer, #555, was sweeping the stations cameras and stumbled upon the Chief of Engineering taking out a crew member with a syndicate revolver. We boarded to detain the hostile threat however upon arrival found a crew member had taken matters into his own hands, taking the life of the target. The Chief of Engineering was cloned and taken back to the prison shuttle for transportation. While returning to the shuttle I was jumped by a Chaplain wielding an energy crossbow but managed to dodge the bolts, take cover and squeeze off a quick burst neutralising the threat.

    Simple transportation of both prisoners, and a body of cloned Chief of Engineering, should have been standard procedure nonetheless a clown decided he'd take it upon himself to try and squeeze into the shuttle and attempt to disarm myself and #555. After multiple removals, made difficult with five bodies on the shuttle, the clown’s persistence landed him a spot on the shuttle in a pair of cuffs. This first mission left us with a rather full brig and a few mouths to keep fed the chef, to our pleasure, was well prepared for such a crew.

    After a time a call was put out over the command channel demanding the release of one of our prisoners and after some conversation the crew member freely admitted to being a traitor. #555 and myself boarded to detain the threat and after a brief fire fight in space the perpetrator was promptly brigged aboard the Mycenae, leaving us with a full house. No sooner than the prisoner had been processed we were called in again to detain an unknown hostile in space and after a quick patrol around the outskirts of the station a visual was made. Taking the lead, pulling #555 behind me, I entered the station from southern arrival airlocks and was unable to dodge a taser shot fired down the hallway, swiftly dropping to the floor. #555 was quick to react and with a speedy advance she was able to squeeze off a burst stopping the perpetrator dead in his tracks. While returning back to base the traitor activated his freedom implant, dropping his cuffs, attempting to make a run for it. #555 once again had an answer for this slippery operative, rapidly shooting off an EP-90 round that ended the escape attempt. Keeping the perp stunned we were able to safely process him and return to the Mycenae.

    Upon arrival back at base two prisoners had broken out of their cells, leaving a shocking mess in the brig. Enforcer #555 and I were able to prioritise targets dropping them consecutively with two precise shots, stopping any further plans of a breakout. After temporary repairs were made we were still left with the problem of space, fortunately one of the prisoners had decided to end his life and was completely catatonic. To demonstrate to the prisoners that further escape attempts would be met with swift punishment the catatonic body was placed in the centre of the brig and gibbed with the use of a spare breaching charge strapped to his chest. Funnily enough, no further breakout attempts were made that shift and we had a new cell for our fifth prisoner. Things were quiet for the next hour or so, only having to board to take out a colony of spider that had decided to call the station home.

    Near the end of the shift Xeno's were reported on the station, with our station cameras allowing us to determine that an Alien Queen was taking down crew members at escape. Gearing up once again we promptly boarded, with #555 entering the escape shuttle from the south and myself from the north, #555 was able stun the Queen with a well-placed AOE shot allowing me to move from my cover up north to fill the Queen with rounds from the Five-Seven. Let’s just say the Queen had no idea what hit her, we caught her totally off guard. Once again returning back to the Mycenae, Alien Queen in tow, we strapped a final breaching charge to the Queen's carcass leaving both myself and #555 covered in Xeno blood. Not a bad way to end the shift, a mixed bag of a day.
  4. The first time this taser-wielding, freedom implanted slimy lawyer went up against Perseus. Needless to say...

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    10/10 Hated this round. I just wanted to see Hadley again. sosalty
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    heh once Pumpkin has you in his sights there no escape
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    Saint Vicious disarms Pumpkin Man of the Spray Bottle!

    Pumpkin Man lays on the ground and cuffs himself
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    Today i found a nice white square looking mini-station nearby the ship. I went in to check it out and found a full hydroponics room with a couple seeds, tools and a pumpkin head. I took the downtime to requisition some of the tools, trays, and seeds and brought them back to the Mycenae and began farming.
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    Sitting on our ship waiting for orders, 555 goes out to get the spaceloot to kill time. She comes back with pAI named Cray. We joke around with Cray for a bit handing him Eswords, NVGs, and a katana. Awhile later 555 sets out again to "spacemart" to grab some botany supplies. She drags each piece over one by one and we set it up.


    We never got called in despite reminding command that we were available multiple times but we had some fun of our own anyways. :D
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    See!!! My suggestion of getting a botany in Perseus worked out good. Nothings calms the mind and helps provide a self sustaining environment on a small mission ship then a small botany department. Perseus officers can maintain a constant check in while they grow plants.
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    shop smart shop spacemart
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    I've been thinking about the good old Perseus days back when It was all new and exciting.

    I remember one round, It was Enforcer 141 and Commander 005. Started off as normal got set up and awaited a mission, then bam! Wizard.

    So we geared up, went aboard and chased the bastard around the entire god damn station. He was relentlessly stunning and jaunting and we couldn't get him still long enough to catch him.

    Eventually however, we caught up with him in engineering. It seemed as though he was trying to kill us obviously due to our relentless pursuit. There was a fight that ensued, he was in storage and the Commander was stunned, so 141 charged fourth and met the wizard head on. As he approached the wizard began to utter the words that many men remember as their last.. EI N-.... He was stuck so violently in the head with the butt of 141's EP-90 he hit the ground like a sack of bricks, where he was stripped and taken to the Mycenae for secure holdings. A win win.

    This thread is being necro'd. Bring your favourite Perseus stories and stay a while.
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    My favorite time as Perseus was when we had a full squad, and it may have been Pat McGroin the traitor mime. I was a commander, doing the usual of thing of giving orders from the safety of the mycenae, 3 enforcers are sent to the station to take care of a traitor attacking security, the mime. The mime gets into the armory and is exploiting the invisible wall to be unstunnable. He gets into a big fight with all 3 enforcers and is winning. While I'm on the mycenae hearing my men's death cries and feeling their emotions through the hivemind.

    So I adjusted my commander beret and boarded the shuttle. At the armory I found two enforcers in critical and a third one occupying his attention. I end up rescuing my two dying men and healing them with a trusty medkit, and then went to confront the mime who just finished off the third perc. The mime was making his magic walls and was recharging his hoard of guns. I don't really recall at this point how I caught him, I believe I threw a flashbang in, and rushed him with the stun knife. And quickly put him in cuffs where 3 enforcers failed. So in the end, I saved 2 out of 3 dying enforcers and I executed the mime in memory of my casualty.
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    I remember that round vaguely as well, It was more luck than anything that kept me going. Alas that had to run out.
  16. Reviving this!

    719 enjoys "entertaining" prisoners with poetry. 727 expresses his disagreement with this practice.

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    No activity for a year.

    C'mon guys, I know you've been doing some cool stuff lately, do tell!
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    Mindtrixx draws ancient perc history: [​IMG]
    The average Perseus Security Enforcer (honk) by Superballs: [​IMG]
    Perseus lands in hot water (honk) at PercHQ (Totallynotcentcomm): [​IMG]

    Someone shouldn't be allowed to pilot the ship:[​IMG]

    Splitting the big and small pictures.
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    The outcome of Perseus v Spacebear: [​IMG]
    Perseus has a bit of a problem with identifying teams during sparring: [​IMG]
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    ANOMALY FOUND. . . .


    SCANNING. . . .

    #CREW: 5

    . . . .

    #MA%@^$ &%$DAY, THIS IS ^*@!RCER FORT$ !@#$TY TWO! WE'VE GOT A CH$!%^$ING ON %$#RD! IT'S INJURED SGT *@O @$%^TY EIGHT AND WE ARE *@ING DOWN. *@ %#@! $@#%(@!@(%*$#-
    >. . . .
    ONE WEEK, 9 HOURS, AND 42 MINUTES. . . .
    GOODBYE. . . .


    I made skin.
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