Old Man Jenkin's Life [A Sims 2 Story]

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    Welcome to 2014, A new Era, Time to start up new.

    It's Winter in Riverblossom Hills, 5 days after Old Man Jenkin's 50th Birthday, He spent his birthday with his dog Fluff as always. Jenkin's had been Diagnosed with Cancer 2 years prior to this day, He knew he had exactly 20 days left, and he wasn't going to spend them all alone with his dog.

    He got up his chair, grabbed the nearest newspaper and glanced at the Job section, The only one avaliable was
    in the Oceanography, which was perfect Jenkin's loved the sea!... Except the job had a pay of 46$ Which is pretty low considering Jenkin's bills were 56$ each.

    Fast foward 3 days of Jenkin's living his life, playing around with Fluff and learning to cook, Jenkin's was broke. Everything was shit, He was unable to do anything. This made Jenkin's really sad because he knew he didn't have much time left.

    But Jenkin's isn't a complete idiot, He went to the park to try and meet someone to lend him the monies. 4 hours of unsuccessful talking he meets Regina, this hot Blonde with a transparent shirt. They get to know eachother, they flirt a little bit 'til Jenkin's has to leave.

    Back at home, Jenkin's still has a Money Problem, so he decides to sell his Old Bed to pay some bills and stuff.
    And Jenkin's turns his head to cooking a nice meal, but he somehow manages to fuck it up and start a fire.
    Good thing Jenkin's had a fire alarm, and that the fire Dpt.'s response was insanely quick, Nothing was lost in the fire.

    So Jenkin takes a bath, heads to his bed and FUCK a burglar comes into his house and starts stealing shit, Jenkin's first response is to run towards the phone and call the police, who arrive there in literally 2 seconds. The burglar is apprehended and the insurance pays Jenkin's some money to restore the lost goods.

    So he buys a new TV with that money, forgetting he was a poor old man. In debt again.
    The Following day he calls Regina to come home and do some fun stuff, She accepts and comes right away and they get to flirt, kiss and ultimately WooHoo, a fun day for Jenkins. Fast forward 3 more days of nothing but Jenkin's living his life and it's his next to last day of life, He goes outside to pick up his newspaper saddened by his certain destine when he notices this weird yellow thing in the snow, It's a Magic Lamp! (I didn't know these even existed)

    He rubs it a little bit, and a genie comes out, saying he'll grant him 3 wishes. First thing Jenkin wishes for is to extend his life, However Jenkins didn't specify for how long so the scumbag genie extends it for 5 more days, Seconds wish is for the dollas, but again dumb Jenkins didn't specify, and the genie gives him 10,000$, and his third wish was to be able to cheat death.

    So with 6 more days before passing away, Jenkin's calls Regina Again, They do even more fun stuff (if y'know what i meen) and Jenkins asks her to move in with him, she accepts, this is part of Jenkin's masterplan.
    So now that Jenkins is no longer poor, and has a good sustain of money in the house, He calls Adoption services to adopt a child.

    With the 10,000$ he got from the Genie, Jenkins remodels the house a little bit, builds a new room for the incoming kid, and also buys a trashed old car to fix in his little spareable time. Jenkins still has that old shitty job that he goes to almost everyday. From 3 PM to 9 PM, With 4 days left the kid finally arrives, a young orphan who now finally has a home.

    Attending to school everyday, and with Jenkins helping the kid do his homework, gets kiddo some godly grades, Making Jenkins really happy, their Stepfather-son relation is amazing, Everytime Jenkins arrives from his dumb shitty job, Kiddo blasts towards Jenkins for a hug.

    They live a good life for 3 days, Kiddo getting good grades, Regina Being promoted twice and overall sustaining the family, the kiddo teached Fluff some new tricks too, but it all comes down to this one night, while Jenkins is making dinner he gets suddenly visited by the grim reaper, saying it's just about time for him to take off from this realm. Jenkin's, knowing his acquired skills of cheating death, he proposed a game of where's my soul, If I get it correctly you let me live else.. I go with you. Jenkins Wins!

    Everyone Applauds, Fluff barks, Jenkins can live another day!, He spends this may-be last time by finishing the car spending time with kiddo and Woohooing for his perhaps last time aswell as playing around with Fluff.

    He sits all night, eagerly awaiting the grim reaper, He comes and they play again. Whaddayaknow! Jenkins wins again!. Now this day is even more special than the other, it's 2 days before Kiddo's Birthday, Jenkins takes the whole family out to the park they grill some hot dogs, play in the swing, Fluff plays around with other dogs too.

    It's that time again, Kiddo and Regin, taking granted that he'll live another day, go to sleep. But Kiddo isn't so certain so kiddo stays awake in the bed. Grim Reaper comes again.. and in a furious thinking Jenkins chooses wrong.. ending in his official departure, and only Fluff is there to cry for him. So it isn't until the next morning that Regina and Kiddo find his tombstone, they cry a lot and give him a proper funeral on his backyard, the insurance company calls in, turns out Jenkins had left 5,000$ for Kiddo! Aswell as the Car he fixed with his bare hands!

    The day after the funeral, It's Kiddo's Birthday party, not so up to it, but they do it anyways. Kiddo turns into a teenager, great party overall. Now all grown up, Kiddo is unable to trust any other man into her life (Surprise Kiddo was a female all ths time.) And may decide to go for girls. All of her fury for Jenkin's death is directed towards Regina.

    At this point I had to go eat dinner and stopped playing, Yes this all happened exactly as written, I have to say, The Sims 2 is the best installment of the series, Sims 4 is shit tier, EA should be ashamed. I'll end this by saying, Fluff (Doge) is old and sick and doesn't have much longer either. Kiddo, who's actual name is Celia, Might have a really good time in the university. Also this took me about 2 hours to write, sorry for any misspells and stuff.
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    Hope this continues. Little girl's gonna grow up to be a mankiller.
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    I always enjoyed playing homeless sims in Sims 3. Sink bathe in public bathrooms. Mooch for enough money to cook some hotdogs at the park. Sleep on a park bench. Be run off of the park bench by the cops. Go to the other park and sleep on that bench.

    I'd also "cheat" build a crappy looking abandoned lot with tires, low tier couch, etc. Just random junk and then I'd designate that as my "home" even though it was more of a panhandling spot.

    In retrospect is was probably really realistic.
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