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Discussion in 'General' started by Psycho, May 3, 2013.

  1. CannibalCrow

    CannibalCrow LS13 Admin Staff Member

    Really 5.5 should be 6..There's no such thing as 'half' of a generation.
  2. Cody522

    Cody522 Well-Known Member

    Transition generation?
  3. CannibalCrow

    CannibalCrow LS13 Admin Staff Member

    It..No. A Generation starts. Then it ends. Any time between the start and end is that Generation. Any time AFTER the end is a new Generation. And so on.
  4. zt107

    zt107 Well-Known Member

    I think I'm late 4th or start of 5th on Psycho's scale. I do vaguely remember the old forums and some guy call Prof. Oak.
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  5. Rannek17

    Rannek17 Member

    Gen 3, good sir. Man I miss PS13.
  6. LoneWolfSyndrome

    LoneWolfSyndrome Forum Guard General Staff Member

    This should be updated and kept up with. I like it.
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  7. Cody522

    Cody522 Well-Known Member

    Now we need a 5th generation. The 2014newfags
  8. Kainen

    Kainen Fabulous-min

    I arrived like, what, mid last year? Also, LWS that sig gif is amazing.
  9. Rob Ust

    Rob Ust Active Member

    Gen four. Came after PS13 went down.

    1. Please add dates to the generations (years/quarters of years)
    2. Dates and who was headmin of the the SS13 part
    3. Dates to what code we had.

    Would like to see more people post on here.
  10. Chaznoodles

    Chaznoodles Well-Known Member

    Somewhere in late 4/early 4.5. I remember hanging about on the old forums, originally coming to LS13 because I got weekbanned from FP for accidentally releasing plasma in Engineering. Made an admin app there a few weeks before we transferred over to these forums, signed up on these ones in early December. Must have been playing since early August.

    It'd be nice to get some dates attached to the generations, it'd make things a lot easier.
  11. Keyword22

    Keyword22 Well-Known Member

    I joined when Ancient was applying for admin, so I think that's Gen 4.
    I love this community, I truly do.
  12. MiziBooBoo

    MiziBooBoo Guest

    Can I be my own Shit-Gen?
  13. Jayce Wise

    Jayce Wise Head LS13 Admin Staff Member

  14. Psycho

    Psycho Community Manager Staff Member

    I've neglected the shit out of this. Hopefully sometime in the near future i'll have some time to sit down and think about some more stuff. Adding more people to timeline now.
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  15. Psycho

    Psycho Community Manager Staff Member

    Bumpdate. Added the names, and also wanted to address things

    1. I am going to do my best to nail those fukken dates down.
    2. This isn't really a thread for that kind of information, it's simply a history thread for the entirety of LLA's ventures, not just LS13. If you want this information I suggest speaking to a higherup, because even I don't know some of it.
    3. See 2.
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  16. Kainen

    Kainen Fabulous-min

    God, you poor people.
  17. Jayce Wise

    Jayce Wise Head LS13 Admin Staff Member

    I feel like it's been a while since we last did a headcount and got new names on this list. Is this still potentially going to be updated?
  18. SgtKumar

    SgtKumar Perseus Commander #005 and Perseus Enforcer #023

    I was Gen 3 as an admin. I was Gen 2 as a player. So was hattrick, eternal, and realmbeef, my best friends from my first 2 months of SS13.
  19. MiziBooBoo

    MiziBooBoo Guest

    I'm not on this list.
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  20. daddysds1

    daddysds1 Well-Known Member

    Why have i not seen this thread. I was here Early start of the 4th Like right after PS shutdown.

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