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Discussion in 'General' started by Psycho, May 3, 2013.

  1. Psycho

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    I'm quite sure that most of you already know who I am, even with my bouts of disappearance on the forums. However, if you do not know who I am, let this post serve as an informative vessel for you to board, as we travel across the history of our great community, Liberty's Last Army.

    This community was created with a simple goal in mind. Make a place for gamers to get together and play together. While that may seem like quite the unoriginal idea, we had good intentions for such. It all started back in what I remember to be the summer of 2008. The game Grand Theft Auto IV had just been released on PC, as well as home consoles. I was one of the many to pick this game up on it's release day, particularly excited to join Niko on his quest for vengeance and glory in Liberty City. Prior to this, I was quite the heavy player of the XBox 360 consoles, and enjoyed games in the flavor of GTA. Open world, things to do, places to explore. One of the games I had picked up was Crackdown. Crackdown happened to be one of the first games on the XBox 360 to truly deliver an exceptional open-world cooperative experience. One day whilst I sat playing away, I decided to give the co-op a spin. I jumped in, and happened to randomly join in with one person who I could now call one of my closest friends. You few around here may know him as Bones580, or some other variant of the name.

    Let us return to the summer of 2008. My friend Bones and I had decided to play some of the mutiplayer mode that came along with GTA IV. We had some fun, killed some civilians, crashed some helicopters, etc. We were wandering around some docks when Bones told me about a fellow he had met recently, and how he (the friend) was inviting him to a game. We decided to invite him to ours instead. The guy joined, and his name appeared as Zombie8891. He seemed decent enough. And so we continued our pillage across the city. Yes, that's right. 2 young boys, and a man, pillaging a city together. Nothing weird about that. Bones decided he was going to call it quits for the night, and Zombie and I both bade farewell to our mutual friend. It was about that time me and Zombie jacked a boat from a rich old man, and waded off into the sunset [This isn't going to turn into an some weird erotica I promise, just go with it].

    What began after this was somewhat akin to the friendship of The Three Musketeers. Fucking good times, man. The three of us had always thrown around the idea of starting a "clan" together, but the name of a "clan" itself almost seemed to turn us off. Needless to say, the birthing of LLA didn't happen till quite some time after it. Although I cannot remember the exact day, or even month for that matter, that it happened, I do remember the scene quite well. Doing backflips on motorcycles at the Liberty City International Airport (GTA IV, here). Rolling around and prancing up and down the ramps, completing feats of bravery, agility, and stupidity. Finally, one of us said it. "Let's make a group." We weren't really sure what to do with it at that point, but it needed to happen. We wanted to make a simple tight knit group of friends that wanted to... well, play fucking games together, what else?

    Plenty of names were kicked around before we finally settled on Liberty's Last Army however. I can't think of any right now, but they were pretty god damned ridiculous. If you hadn't already guessed, the community name IS based on Liberty City. Fun fact for ya I bet, huh?

    I will continue this memoir-esque depiction of the history of LLA soon, but until then, please enjoy this info-gram I put together showing the generations of LLA, and brief descriptions of what went on in each. Thanks for reading. If you thought it was shit, don't read whatever else I add because the writing isn't gonna get better. Thanks!

    1st Gen - Xbox Live; Era 1: Zombie, Bones, Me
    (PhantasyStarUniverse [1]) Era 2: Hobo, Valo, Naru, JT

    2nd Gen - Zombie LS13; Era 1: LoneWolfSyndrome, ShiningSoul32, Mord_Sith, Pessime, Cody522, John Mancer

    3rd Gen - PowerfulDevice LS13; Era 1: RawrTaicho, Emanz, AncientV25, Rannek17, and Hattrick among others I cannot quite remember.
    (Oh Noes)Era 2: End of "PS13". Panic ensues, people think Liberty Station is over.

    4th Gen - New LS13; Many many members joined. Big chunk of the guys you see around the forums today most likely came in around this point. The Joint Chiefs of Staff/Heads of Staff was created at this time to better serve and manage the station. Notable member appearances include CannibalCrow, Toxed, Sishio, RebelAmerica, Magoca, Rob Ust, Keyword

    4.5 Gen - Stabilization of LS13; Lots of people join here too. Zetasniper, PepsiBlueFan, Mintkiller, zt107, Chaznoodles

    5th Gen - Continuation of LS13, with new prospects and ideas to be arriving Soon™. Member Appearances include Kainen,

    [1] Phantasy Star Universe is a Massively Mutliplayer Online game for the Xbox 360. Many ventures were had in the time LLA had it.
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  2. Psycho

    Psycho Community Manager Staff Member

    If you guys want to be included on the timeline, please post in this thread with what generation you think you might have been in. I will add you.
  3. Zetasniper

    Zetasniper New Member

    I think I would fit in around the 4.5 generation, as I stumbled into the group on one fine day, which I can't for the life of me remember what it is. But I never really talked with anyone in the group till a few months after being around. Though I must say, it's great to be part of such a nice community!
  4. Mord_Sith

    Mord_Sith Well-Known Member

    I've said it before about PD, he didn't just bail, life kicked him so hard in the balls he could taste it, just wanted to ensure folks don't get the wrong idea about him.

    So I'm Gen 2, fancy that.
  5. Psycho

    Psycho Community Manager Staff Member

    I heard different things. I never really liked him either way, so.

    Also holy shit I can't believe you've been around that long
  6. PepsiBlueFan

    PepsiBlueFan Active Member

    I think I would fit in 4.5. 4.0 doesn't seem to be right for me.
  7. CannibalCrow

    CannibalCrow LS13 Admin Staff Member

    4.5 should really be a 5th gen, I think. Depending on what you mean by 'Stabilization' of LS13
  8. Sishio

    Sishio Head LS13 Iconner

    Same time as crow but better since I'm 1000% better than crow
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  9. Mord_Sith

    Mord_Sith Well-Known Member

    Understood Psycho, you don't have to like everyone, but PD isn't a flake, he's just a guy who had some bad stuff happen to him.
  10. LemonSoup

    LemonSoup LS13 Admin

    Generation 5: Liberty's Last Army becomes One Of Lemon's Many Armies. Activision-Blizzard HQ falls within the week, EA and Ubisoft soon after. Farmville developers succumb to madness after Trial by eSports. Lemon declared most robust of everyone ever.

  11. Pessime

    Pessime Member

    Mid/Late second generation. The good old days...[​IMG]
  12. Mord_Sith

    Mord_Sith Well-Known Member

    D'aww Pess, as long as I'm around you ain't too old :D
  13. Emanz

    Emanz Well-Known Member

    Ive been around since the third, I first started as an admin under PD
  14. Cody522

    Cody522 Well-Known Member

    I've been here since the second generation, but I wasn't an admin then that wasn't until the day PD started his server.

    Third generation was the best though, those were great times.

    He has my highest respect, I'd be loyal to whatever project he has in mind.
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  15. Black Jack

    Black Jack LS13 Admin

    I would say I probably joined 4th gen, I played every once in awhile on the server, but didn't join the forums till 4.5 gen.
  16. CannibalCrow

    CannibalCrow LS13 Admin Staff Member

    Hard to believe I've been around here for like, two years now.
  17. Snow5445

    Snow5445 Guest

    Why dont we make an LLA game? Really we all get togather and make game of some type.
  18. AncientV25

    AncientV25 LS13 Admin

    3rd Gen here.
  19. Psycho

    Psycho Community Manager Staff Member

    UPDATE: Fleshed out the timeline.

    What I wrote about him last night was certainly out of line. Sorry about that. I was tired and professionalism wasn't the first thing on my mind.

    If you guys have any criticisms or suggestions about my history report/timeline please do not hesitate to push'em.
  20. AncientV25

    AncientV25 LS13 Admin



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