Objective: Captain going down with the doomed station

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  1. Nearly a year ago, when I first came to LLA, I was playing as captain and was given a really fun scenario by an admin. I'd thank them and give them a shout out, but I forget who it was. Sorry. :(

    While the shuttle was docking I was made a traitor and given an objective to nuke the station and survive. Sadly I failed--I wasn't aware at the time that the nuke timer was broken and took longer than inputted, so I set it for too long. Then I was set upon by half a dozen space carp when I tried to flee the station into space.

    Regardless of my failure, I quite enjoyed the experience, and it got me thinking that this could be a cool semi-regular admin event. It would have fun implications from both a role playing and gameplay perspective.

    Thoughts for implementation:
    -This would be something the admins have discretion to regularly provide to the captain in circumstances where:
    a.) The captain is alive when the shuttle is a few minutes from docking.
    b.) The station is in complete chaos and would be considered unsalvageable from a role-playing perspective (e.g. xenos or blob have overtaken station, massive hull breaches/bomb or singularity damage, etc).
    -The captain would have an objective to detonate the nuke only after the shuttle departs, and he would also have an objective to die (going down with the station like an honorable captain).
    -Once the captain is provided with his objectives, he is considered an antagonist and is free game for valid hunters (from a role playing perspective, his orders would come from Nanotrasen, however the crew understandably want to live).

    Positives of implementation:
    -Would make the captain role more attractive to play (because who wouldn't want the opportunity to detonate the nuke?).
    -Would have cool role playing implications (desperate crew fighting for their lives versus honor-bound captain giving his life to stop a dangerous situation from spreading or prevent NT assets from falling into Syndicate hands--would also justify the existence of a nuke on the station from an RP perspective).
    -Would add another fun last-minute fight for players who otherwise would just be waiting out the round with nothing to do while stuck on the station after the shuttle leaves.
    -Would incentivize the captain securing the nuke disk.

    P.S. - I put this here instead of in code suggestions because it wouldn't require coding. Just the willing involvement of the staff. Thank you.
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  2. Stingray540

    Stingray540 LS13 Admin

    Sounds like it could be interesting. Sure why not.

    BRAINOS Well-Known Member

    Mondo cool.
    I dig it, and I dig it hard.
  4. JPR

    JPR Well-Known Member

    I would like this. Would it give an announcement to the whole crew?
  5. I hadn't really thought of that. It could be cool in that the captain would be set upon by surviving crew and have to put his egun and cap's laser to use fending them off. But it could also be super lame if jerks stole and hid the nuke while the captain was on the other side of the station when the announcement/objective was received.
  6. JPR

    JPR Well-Known Member

    Well, if it's NOT announced, then the cap won't be considered an antag, since even if he's killed, the killer couldn't have known, and thus, it's not legit.

    How about the admins giving the cap 15-30 seconds head start, then announce it? That's enough time to get a good start on running there, but not enough to set it off before you can be stopped.
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  7. Same rules would apply as with any antag--confirmation would be required and then the kill would be legit. Observing him attempting to arm the nuke would be considered sufficient confirmation.

    However I don't mind your idea at all and would like to see it tested (if the admins deem the general idea worthy of being tested first, of course). Could make for some pretty wicked last stands with one heavily-armed cap versus a grey tide rush.
  8. IMVader

    IMVader Well-Known Member

    Like when xenos spawn, they get some time before they are announced.
  9. JPR

    JPR Well-Known Member

    Well, no, because you can fiddle with dat nuke as much as you want, and it won't boom unless an admin has whispered to you his secrets. Even if I observe him, I'll assume he can't.
  10. cheif264

    cheif264 LS13 Admin

    I honestly really like this idea it can add a last fun experience for the crew and the captain with the crew fighting against time and the captain just trying to finish what he had to start and following his orders.
  11. IMVader

    IMVader Well-Known Member

    TG has a way for heads to request nuclear code it seems.
  12. Psyentific

    Psyentific Well-Known Member

    So do we; Use the comms console to send a message to Centcomm, and hope the Admins are feeling !!FUN!!
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