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    Greetings. As you may already know, Rebel America has resigned the position of Head Admin. I am sad to see his service to the position resolved, and we will probably never have another headmin quite like him. Thank you Rebel, for all of the work you have put in, and the help you have provided.

    This brings us to the question of who will move up into the role of head admin. Some have already begun to speculate on who will fill the position, but I want to approach this in a new way. This will be an open application, and anyone is invited to apply. There are criteria that must be met to be accepted though.

    To be seriously considered for the position you must:
    • Be a current Administrator in good standing
    • Have a level head
    • Be able to competently complete the application
    Desired applicant traits:
    • Being able to self start and delegate
    • Being confident and assertive
    • Being compassionate but firm
    • Being respectful to peers
    • Being able to accept criticism
    Job responsibilities:
    • Hiring and training of admin
    • Develop policy and protocol
    • Adjudication and conflict resolution
    • Organize and oversee daily admin operation
    • Evaluation and promotions
    If you feel that you are a match for this position, and that you are qualified and able, complete the Head Admin Application in this sub-forum, in a new thread, before 8/20/14 to be considered. If your username beings with letter "a-m" place a tilde after your username everywhere it appears in your application. If your username begins with any remaining letter, substitute your tilde for an asterisk key. If your name begins with a number or other character, substitute your asterisk or tilde for an ampersand. The format question colors may not be changed to be considered. Answers should be in default. All answers should be formatted directly under its relative question.

    In this interim time all I will be personally taking care of these responsibilities. Thank you.

    -LLA Don Zombie
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