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(Please read before you vote) Which changes do you want (if any)?

  1. Total number of votes

  2. Dont change anything

  3. Remove energy net (temporary)

  4. Change stealth

  5. Fix broken objectives

  6. Fix objectives to make more sense

  7. Reduce energy blade damage

  8. Change telegib

  9. I want all dem changes

  10. Line 58

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Ahbahl

    Ahbahl Active Member

    Lets try this again with a forum poll.
    • Fix broken objectives (so ninjas can greentext)
      • Remove RP objective
      • Change objective/steal/special to /objective/steal because it caused the "Nothing." objective (Temporary)
    • Fix objective to make more sense
      • Change "Slay alien queen" objective changed to "Protect alien queen" objective if the ninja works for the syndicate
      • Alternated the "Survive" objective with an "Escape" objective if the ninja works for NT
    • Remove energy net (temporary, until adminprison V2 has been fixed)
      • Remove (comment out) energy net.
      • Remove (comment out) capture objective
    • Change stealth
      • Drop energy blades when enabling cloak
      • Uncloak if drawin energy blade
      • Uncloak when using an energy star
      • Uncloak when using EMP ability
    • Reduce energy blade damage
      • Reduce damage to 45
    • Change telegib
      • Right-click teleport doesnt gib but knocks down, 8-9 tile teleport gibs both ninja and victim (materializing inside of another person due to inaccuracy)

    (YAY! The list thing works like I wanted to!)

    A little quote from line 58
  2. LLA Don Zombie

    LLA Don Zombie The Don Staff Member

    See PR comments.
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