New Times, Old Ways. A D&D Story.

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Favorite Character!

  1. Gusnar The Fighter

  2. Tag The Druid

  3. Celahir The Ranger

  4. Sir Henry The Paladin

  5. Sleape The Sorcerer

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  1. Chillyspace422

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    A dnd game was set up a while back, using roll20. Here, is the story so far.

    The wind flew briskly through the air, as the group stay close to the path, en route, to a supposed group of ruins. Magical artifacts was the trade, and that's how the groups money, was made.

    The group consisted of a dwarf, a druid man, his name, "Tag". He was the smartest of the party, and with him, walked a dog. A celestial being, he had befriended, through way of wisdom, and care for animals. Next was a Half Orc, a fighter, his name, "Gusnar". Clad in hide armor, and a steel shield, he walked with fists made of iron. Then came the elf, a ranger, his name, "Celahir" was his name. He was the group archer, bow in hand . Up next, was a Human Noble, a paladin, his name "Sir Henry". Armored up, equipped with a beautiful longsword, ready for fighting, whatever it may be. Finally, "Sleape" the sorcerer elf. Resident sweet talker, and fellow healer, next to Tag the druid. With spells in hand, he gave good help to the group.

    Suddenly the driver stopped the caravan, Henry swaying with the stop, the rest of the part, stopping their walking. "Why the stop?" Celahir asked within moments, Henry speaking in agreement of the elf. "Something spooked the horses." the man at front said, looking to the group. "We outta stop anyways, the horses could go wild if we continue." he said again, preparing the horses now. "Its been a long trip, we could all use some rest." Henry said, stepping off of the caravan. "You? Need rest? What is this a joke?" said Gusnar, with a huff, "You rode in the caravan the whole time!" he said, laying out his bedroom, and taking a swig from his drink. "I need to maintain my energy, you ogre, I am defending the group." Henry said, surveying the landscape. Tag and Atlas, his dog, sat idle, as the two snickered. Sleape was already getting his tent set up and ready, so he could get rest. The moment it was up, he was inside. "We outta check out what's going on." said Celahir, as he and Henry walked across the small Ford, that had been the stopping point of the horses. "Are you women gonna stay over there and sleep whilst we men protect you or WHAT?" said Henry, instantly sparking comeback from Gusnar, "WOMAN? Y'bastard! I'm protectin you ere!" Gusnar went, instantly darting across the river. The gang sat, for a few moments, waiting for something to happen. Gusnar climbed a tree. Though it was hard the first time, due to his large body, after a little bit of work he quickly bested the tree, and hid within its branches, unseeable. Soon the ranger had spotted tracks. Wolf tracks. Most small, normal sized, but one extremely large. They pondered for a moment, as the half orc sat in the tree. "Wolves." said Gusnar. "I hear them." he said from his perch. "Well... Thanks I guess" said Henry, calling Tag over. As soon as the dwarf, was there Henry howled, getting the wolves attention. The sounds stopped, and nothing was happening. Suddenly a wolf emerged from the treeline, grabbing Henry by his arm. "Agh! Get it off!" he shouted, as the Orc jumped out of the tree, sprining into action. Ooonly to fall on his face. With only a second to react he grabbed the animal by the leg, whilst still on the ground, and yanked it in close, bear hugging it, in an attempt to kill it. Quickly the Paladin slashed at the wolf, grazing it only, drawing very little blood from the beast. Next a second wolf came from the trees, attacking the orc alongside it's bretheren, chomping on hm. As fast as possible, the ranger attempted to fire an arrow, missing, stabbing the half orc in the shoulder. Luckily only a grazing blow! With that, Tag cast a spell on Gusnar, healing his wounds! Withing a few moments, the wolf broke free of the half orc, and limped away, the dwarves animal lover rooting for it to escape. The half orc now enraged, shouted out, as he grabbed the next closes wolf by the head, violently engaging combat. "God damn you you ogreish bastard!" shouted Henry, only further angering the half orc. Henry then swung his sword, scraping a wolf, putting a bald spot on it's back, but ultimately doing nothing.

    Suddenly, a larger wolf trotted from the shadows, barking with a burning hatred. Tag and Celahir quickly attempting to calm the beast. By now, Sleape had heard what was going on, and darted from his tent across the Ford, to join the fray. The druid spoke to the wolf, and it quickly began speaking common. Twas a bit strange, but it spoke such fluently. "GET THE OGRE OFF MY KIN!" it barked, pointing it's nose out. "NOW!". To this Gusnar pulled off the injured wolf, dusting himself off, angered, grunting. "Idiotic ogre, such a wild beast." said Henry, pulling a pair of cuffs from his bag. "I WANT THE ORC DEAD!" screamed the dire wolf, Tag and Cela, slowly closing in, hoping to speak to the wolf. Sleap, tending to Henry and Gusnar, as well as Atlas. "Lets calm down here. The ogre was just fighting back." said Tag, "HALF ORC!" shouted Gusnar. Trust me, I'll keep the beastly ogre chained up." said Henry, waving his cuffs. The half orc then turned, before being tripped by the wolf. Henry immediately tried to cuff him, messing up. The 9rc shot to his feet, his eyes twitching slightly, he cocked his head, and grinned, as he shot a hand forward, hitting the man in the chest with a deafening blow. The human fell backward, barely managing to catch himself. "Wha..." he said quietly unsure of what'd happened. "I am done Here." said Gusnar, walking back to camp. Tag and Celahir, quickly trying to speak with the beastly Dire wolf, in till it left tired of the group. Sleape and Tag would then turn, healing the members 9f the group, bandaging wounds and fixing everybody up. Then they would simply return to camp, awaiting the next day. Hoping it wouldn't be as fucky as the first.
  2. Chillyspace422

    Chillyspace422 Well-Known Member

    Chapter 2​
    After the wolf encounter, the part packed up, and was once again off. Following their trail to the dig site, still hoping for a good bit of pay. The encounter before had left the group with high hopes for the rest of the trip. They had already risked life and limb once, not to long before it would happen again. After a few more hours of travel, they came to yet another river. This one far deeper, and rushing. The bridge that had once crossed it, was destroyed."Hmph." went the driver, as he looked at the gap, only to instantly be cut short of his thinking by loud yelling. "I want all of your stuff! NOW!" shouted a man, darting from a rock, holding a large blunderbuss. Hearing said commotion, Henry quickly got out of the Bandits view, in order to rig an ambush. The rest of the party sat idle by waiting next to the cart. Suddenly a small javelin soared through the sky, towards the bandit. Only to flop and fall to the ground. "What..." said the bandit confused. "Oh damn." Gusnar said, in a throwing position. "I fucked up didn't I." he said to himself, as the bandit quickly shouted. "KILL THEM!" The bandit then walked over to the party holding his gun high! Suddenly Sleape rang in, with quick wittedness he attempted to detour the bandits. "Drop your weapon bandit! For we are only a scouting cart, here to lead the pack. If you steal or kill us, you will all be killed, by a massive force! Stop now, or you WILL be killed." A second shot rang from behind the bandits moments after Sleape's speech, as the driver of the cart was shot directly in the chest. He only choked out a few words, before he bent over and died. "NO!" shouted Gusnar, rushing to the man with the blunderbuss, only to be shot square in the chest. Luckily for him his armor managed to deflect most of the blow. Suddenly Atlas, Tag's pet, rushed past the orc, jumping at the bandit, instantly latching onto their genitals. Within only moments, his reproduction organs were destroyed, and he bled out in moments. The party looked around for a few moments, the orc pulling his shield off, and raising it, thinking they had won, only for a shot to hit his shield, and ricochet off into the grass. "Oh." he said, looking around, a man wielding an ax suddenly appearing from the shadows. Along side that, the musket man revealed himself, a gun over the rock, pointed at the party. Within seconds, Gusnar and Henry were off to defeat them, Henry getting a headstart, he launched into the air, and came down in a sweep, slashing the man. Blood trickled down the gunner's armor, as he fell, unconcious. Gusnar followed up, ramming a man shield first, hitting them so hard they were launched backward fifteen feet into rushing water. He then threw a javelin at them, piercing their back, dooming them to drown in the water. Very little time passed by, before SHOUTING once again ensued. For a second things were silent, but soon Henry and Sleape were bickering. Apperantly Henry hadn't killed the man, and Sleape was busy fixing him up, Henry trying to somehow fix cuffs onto him. "Heal him AFTER the cuffs are on! Jeez!" said Henry, fiddling with the cuffs "He'll die if I don't do it fast! Move!"shouted back Sleape, shoving him out of the way, healing him, Henry quickly forcing cuffs onto him. Soon the orc showed up, seeing a cuffed man, and two bickering people. He examined the situation for a few moments, and the said. "I be jail or. I take care of prisoner." only for the prisoner to immediately roll away, dropping into a nearby hole. "What..." said Gusnar, as he quickly climbed down into the hole after them. Once again, bickering ensued, on if the orc should go in alone, in till the safe word, "They're killing me help" was devised for the rest of the party to flood in. Within a few moments of looking around, the half orc quickly spotted a man in a cell, and beside that, a slamming door. Walking to the imprisoned man, he simply said, "Why you in there?" unsure of what was going on. He was met with, "Hello? Er, I got locked in here! Can y'help." only for the cell door to immediately be kicked off the hinges, releasing the trapped man. Around this time, Henry dropped down, followed shortly after by Celahir and Sleape. They spoke to the stranger, finding his name was !I FORGOT! only to be interrupted by a man leaping from the shadows, and attacking Henry. The man was quickly met by a punch from Gusnar, and an attack from !What's His Nuts! Celahir hanging back for a moment in till he was good to move in and attack. The fighting continued for a while, the man who had attacked somehow surviving all the attacks. Suddenly an arrow sailed through the cave, impaling them, but they only looked on and smiled, attacking the Half Orc Gusnar with a devastating blow, leaving him teetering back and forth. He made a groggy punch towards them, collapsing onto the ground in a heap. At just this moment, Henry slashed the man, killing them extremely quickly, thanks to their already damaged body, splattering blood across the cave. Just after this moment, a wizard, who had made an appearance earlier on, simply to blast Gusnar with a weak attack, and then slam a door shut, suddenly burst from said door again, attempting to vaporise the group with faking hands, only to do very little damage, and very quickly be dispatched. After a fair amount of searching, the only survivor was a single dwarven man. The one they cuffed back on the surface. After searching, they looted, and the made a small rest, getting equipped and other such things. A while later, Gusnar was busy interrogating the bandit. After a while of speaking, it was revealed they were named Olin, they we're bandits, and that their town had been being raided by orcs. They mistook the party for part of that group, thanks to Gusnar, and were attacked. A bit more discussion went on, and another fight broke out between Henry and Gusnar, concerning if the prisoner could be taken Wight him, Henry wanting them to be chained to a chair, and left for fate, and Gusnar wanted to take them with, for reaso,s the party did not yet know. Regardless, the decision was made that they would simply leave him in the arms of companions, whilst they checked out the town that was burning. The town of Indun./LEFT]​
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    Chilly, I demand a new submission of Chapter three.
  5. Chillyspace422

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    I'll get on it soon! Chapter three. The one where we REKT a bunch orcs like it's nobody's business
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    Good. See that you don't...

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    The Burning of Indun. Chapter 3​

    About a half hour had passed, as they traveled to Indun. Celahir. Gusnar. Henry. As of now they hadn't a clue what they would face, in till They finally came up on the border of the town. Fire. Destroyed housing. Everything was screwed up in the town. Looking around,Henry saw a few shadows moving around, as did Gusnar. Gusnar, however, managed to hear something. Orcish screaming. "Kill them all! Drive them out and destroy them!" he heard, th voices soon becoming distant. The HalfOrc instantly darted ahead, forgetting about the rest of the group, as he looked over the town. Quickly he moved up on a window, that had been broken. He looked around for a few moments, turning, only to notice Henry and Celahir beginning to hide. That very moment an orc rode up, on horse back, looking to Gusnar. "What are you doing?" it shouted in ocrish. Quickly Gusnar responded. "Checking bodies. They all dead." the orc looked at him, giving him the stink eye, before giving a toothy grin. "Don't steal all the good loot." they said, looking around. "Of course not sire." said Gusnar, moments before the Orc looked directly at the party. It looked for a while, blinking multiple times, finally turning it's horse around and leaving. Must be blind the party thought all at once. Gusnar then entered the small home, creeping into the basement. He took a look around, immediately noticing a trap door, with a barrel on it, and another Orc. "Grab the barrel." the orc said, pointing. "Human under." it said. Gusnar quickly picked it up and tossed it aside, planning the hatch. The orc beside Gusnar then stopped in side, an array of gore instantly splattering across the wall. BANG. BANG. The shots rang, and an orc stood suspended in the air for a few moments, a shot has pieced his eye and throat, killing him in moments. Up above, Celahir had climbed in a tree, and had spotted and noted each of the orcs, giving Henry the information. *BANG.BANG*. "The half orc probably has a bullet in their chest." Celahir chimed in from his perch. "It was bound to happen sooner or later." Said Henry, as he grabbed his sword, and alerted from cover to cover, hiding behind a seperate house. Back in the basement, Gusnar had already began speaking. "Nice shots." he said, Dexter, the one who had shot the orc, immediately shouted "Come down here and you get The same treatment!" only for Gusnar to stand up, and SAY "I coulda done it. But quietly." he then turned, walking up the stairs. Up on top, Celahir had fired two shots already. One piercing an orcs chestplate, brutally injuring them, the other twanging into the dirt. The arrow landed horribly close to a horse, causing it to stir up, and as the Orc who rode atop it attempted to control it, it jumped kicki g around in a burned down building, that was still burning hot from the fire, then kicking out of the coals. The orc riding it quickly shouted to Gusnar, who had just run up, and screamed a war cry, "KILL THE ARCHER! NNNNOOOOOWWWWW!" just as an arrow thinker into their shoulder. With that, Henry dashed from his cover. From behind the orc. Pulling his long sword up, he spun it in his hands a few times, before making a swing. Drops of blood hit the ground. Flowed by gallons. Followed by a head. This quickly caused the Orcs to run like fuck. Gusnar grabbed one bh it's neck, holding it back, and pushing the air quickly from their lungs, knocking it out. Dexter, who had recently emerged from the basement they hid in, had fired a shot at one of the running orcs, causing the last one to seriously run as far as fuck away. Cela, seeing this, began whistling. As they whistled. They pulled two arrows back from their bow, firing both at the same time, casually closing his eyes, putting his arms behind his back, and listening. *thwunk* One hit the dirt. *SHINK* the other had pierced their entire body, hitting the dirt on the other side of their body, the orc stuttered, shaking their entire body, in an attempt to turn around. Turning around revealed something to Dexter. They put their two guns up, eyeing them up and down, lowering one gun, and only firing a single bullet. This sparked their flint. The orc was covered head to toe in gun powder from the fight in the morning. It only took a split second for their body to be a massive pile of broken bones and body parts. The orc, who was already overwhelmed by all the gore spilled that day, screamed out, in Orcish, "WE WILL KILL ALL THE MEN! AND SODOMIZE ALL THE WOMEN!" raising the head of the fallen orc high. And so it had been finished. Indun, though not saved, had been avenged,
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    OOH! UPDATE :)
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    I think I'll wait till next session before I updatin. The last session was... Short...
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    Ok. Quick tip on paragraph structure. Two different people can't talk in the same paragraph. If a new person starts talking it's a new paragraph. These are the time old unbreakable rules of the order of the pen.
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    Chilly, pls make paragraphs, my eyes cannot read walls of text.
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    I've done this all on my mobile phone, I can't even do half the grammar well. Heck, I'm doing THIS on my mobile phone. Mainly because of laziness.
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    True, true. However, if one person talks long enough to make a paragraph ingame without others talking, I messed up.
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    I think that would be a monologue.

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