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  1. LLA Don Zombie

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    So as you may have noticed we have rolled out a new tag system for this section of the forums. Basically when a new suggestion is made it will auto tag as Archived. Do not alter this tag. It lets us know that this suggestion is floating around and open for a coder to pick up if hes interested. When a coder likes a feature and picks it up, the tag can be changed to In Dev. When the coder has completed the task and its uploaded to the git for the next update. It can be changed to Implemented.

    Hopefully this system will help us pair hopeful suggesters with coders easier.
  2. kadingir

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    Is Archived really a good tag name? makes it sound like those threads are dead.
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  3. LLA Don Zombie

    LLA Don Zombie The Don Staff Member

    Well, I considered using the tag "Suggested", but to me it seemed to give the impression that it was open. I could easily turn the tag from archived to suggested, but I was trying to keep away from the assumption that suggested features would or should always be added. It doesn't seem so bad in retrospect. Once all the old threads are tagged its just a matter of changing that tags name. So I'll look into that.

    Edit: one thing to note though, is that all threads in this section are implied to be suggestions. Perhaps a better word is in order for when a thread is still available in the suggestion pool. Let me know if you think of one.
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