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Perc v Crew?


  2. THOSE TREASONOUS SCUM WON'T KNOW WHAT HIT THEM... to nonlethally and professionally liberate captive

  3. No.


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  1. JPR

    JPR Well-Known Member

    How about a rare gamemode (really more of an admin event) that puts Perseus against the station?
    Start the round like normal, but 5-10 minutes into the round, forcecall the shuttle with a 10 min timer and make everyone onstation except 3-4 people a rev. Give Perseus the objective to retrieve these 3-4 people alive onto the Mycenae III, give the 3-4 non-antags the objective to survive... and make them a "honorary perseus", or "designated hostage" to distinguish them from the crew objective-wise, and give the rest of the station the objective to CAPTURE, not kill, Perseus members, and put them on the escape shuttle.
    As Perseus are non-lethal focused, they can attempt to use the loyalty implants to get backup from the crew, and to allow them to board relatively unmolested, I'd give them foreknowledge of the round type from the start (5 min warning).
    As the 3-4 non-antags have no particular advantages, or any secure way of communicating with Perseus, I would not have their identity be announced to anyone but Perseus.
    As the station is generally an OP bucket of griffers and SCARILY competent and robust people... aaand this is basically telling them to go to town, I think that the shuttle forcecall is kinda needed to keep a time limit.
    Victory would go to the station if they had more Perseus and "hostages" on the emergency shuttle end round, while Perseus wins if they have more on the Mycenae III.

    I would STRONGLY suggest having this be a possible admin event when there are 4 or more Perseus available, with a name like "Hostage rescue", or "Live-fire training", instead of a full gamemode, as this would be less griefy than rev rounds, but might wear thin after it popping up every day or so.
  2. TheDracheX

    TheDracheX LS13 Coder Staff Member

    I'm pretty sure I can say with full confidence that this will not happen.
  3. JPR

    JPR Well-Known Member

  4. Agent1667

    Agent1667 Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a normal rev round to me.
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  5. Pumpkin Man

    Pumpkin Man LS13 Admin Staff Member

    If anything a gamemode where Centcomm sends the Death Squad to purge the station. But I doubt this would become a thing.
  6. JPR

    JPR Well-Known Member

    Eh. Purge isn't really fun, and I thought this would me a fun, short, admin event as an occasional thing. Maybe the title was misleading?
  7. Cody522

    Cody522 Well-Known Member

    Alienating perseus into potential enemies is going to ruin any trust put in them. This won't happen. You're better off with a deathsquad event.
  8. JPR

    JPR Well-Known Member

    Hm. Fair enough. I forgot about the Perseus image issues (wait, that's a good thing :) ) that they've worked on.
    Very well. Any other opinions, or should I declare this DOA?
  9. Pumpkin Man

    Pumpkin Man LS13 Admin Staff Member

    Push for a gamemode that doesn't involve Perseus, something like Vampires or Zombie redo or WHATEVERR gamemode is floating around and most important of all, put a lot of thought into it.

    /tg/ has a new admin event but I'm still wondering if this is true or some kind of ongoing April fool's joke as I haven't seen it in their code yet, or maybe I passed it up
  10. JPR

    JPR Well-Known Member

    I tried. Not enough, apparently.
  11. Agent1667

    Agent1667 Well-Known Member

    vampires vampires vampires vampires vampires
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  12. Felix Feufer

    Felix Feufer LS13 Admin

    mushroom mushroom
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  13. Devon

    Devon Well-Known Member

    I'll work on those ports at some point. Lich and i were discussing the implementation of vampires and modified shadowlings. I might take it after drones are officially implemented or denied, and after I've given my own project some time.
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  14. AncientV25

    AncientV25 LS13 Admin

    It's not an april fool's joke and they're making a gamemode out of it, check the repo for 'shadowling'.

    Also, no perseus-versus-crew gamemode or event. Ever.
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  15. Flavo

    Flavo Well-Known Member

    Short Answer: No
    Long Answer: No, Perseus is meant to always be the good guy, to always be trusted on and never antag. Having a gamemode centered on percs being the bad guy would disrupt Perc-crew relations and never get them called because "it might be that gamemode"
  16. JPR

    JPR Well-Known Member

    Okay. First. I understand the reasons stated, and agree with them.
    Second. I advocated it being an ADMIN event to prevent it being a common round.
    Third. I thought it would be a neat way for Perseus to show off their non-lethal tactics once a month or so.
    Fourth. Again, I understand the reasons stated, agree with them, and am withdrawing my support for my own idea.
    Fifth. Can we get this thread locked so I never have to see it again. It makes me sad.
    *Crawls into RD locker, shuts and locks door, waits for it to end*
  17. Flavo

    Flavo Well-Known Member

    We are allowed to kick ass in VR. VR more
  18. JPR

    JPR Well-Known Member

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