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    I have noticed we have a lot of talented artists in the community, but I was curious if anyone was musically inclined! this thread is just for anyone who wishes to share what musical talent they have, and/or appreciate others. I personally play folk and blues on harmonica (usually accompanied by my bud on guitar), and used to play piano. If this thread becomes hype enough, people could even share their music if so desired!
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    Youtubes yourself playing please.

    I myself can't play anything, so I'm hoping you nerds post videos so I can pretend.
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    Why did I come here expecting "Sound! Euphonium"?....
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  4. I recently picked up a new guitar after a 10 year hiatus. I can competently play a handful of easy songs like "Common People" by Pulp (and my singing "style" is pretty suitable for the Shatner version) but right now I'm mainly focusing on learning chords, chords transitions, getting rhythm down, etc. Not youtube worthy yet.

    It's been quite fun, rewarding and therapeutic, and I'm relearning things much, much faster than I thought I would at my advanced age. I actually originally intended to play Rocksmith but haven't even touched Rocksmith yet as I'm having a blast without the need for any such additions.

    To anyone who thinks they are too old to start learning or they won't be able to grasp it or their fingers are the wrong size or's worth it, trust me.
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    I will see what I can do, haven't used youtube in 4ever
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