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    Challenge Thread and save file

    The Land is Alright for a surface fort we can drain the pounds and such on the surface. But first a way to get ore to make walls ( I hate wood walls fucking brown turds make the forts look like a pile of dog shit)

    As we begin to dig into the hill...

    Oh lordy.JPG

    Well shit, Atleast the dwarfs are safe somewhat...


    The dwarfs are safe and we can begin geting ore and start a farm.


    And the front entrance as boiling rain that kills and makes dwarves pissed is not good for a surface fort with no roof.

    On the bright side.JPG

    We also have some wildlife outside that seems to not have died yet mabey we can get some cages built and catch them.


    Meanwhile it is still raining but i notice my dwarves are hungry and thirsty and then.


    The wagon is out in the deadly rain WITH ALL OUR SHIT and it is still raining. The lion and Boars that where here have also died out. Due to this never ending rain.

    ( More will come later Honestly lemon what the fak where you thinking with this blood rain.)

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