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Discussion in 'Community Play Dates!' started by PoliticalPikachu, Aug 27, 2014.

  1. PoliticalPikachu

    PoliticalPikachu Well-Known Member

    Hey guys,

    Me, Kainen, Benblu, and Chaos having been playing some Misuterii High, some of you may remember the original version named 'Mitadake High'. This game, while it can be highly fun, does require more than 4 players to keep it interesting. I was wondering if anybody would like to play at somepoint?

    We can set up a time and date or a schedule of some kind for when everybody is available to play and we can jump into a game with a fairly decent amount of players. Maximum amount of players per game is 16 people.

    So anybody who would like to play, please reply to this thread with the times you are usually available. The BYOND URL to the game will be posted in this thread upon hosting of the game.

    1. PoliticalPikachu
    2. Benblu
    3. Kainen
    4. Black Jack
    5. Vimes13
    6. Draden Kamikaze
    7. Mizibooboo
    8. Raptorblaze
    9. Mindly_Anarch
    10. Legato_Frio
    11. SgtKumar
    12. ?
    13. ?
    14. ?
    15. ?
    16. ?
    Not all spaces have to be filled to play.

    Information about the game:

    I look forward to seeing more people than just me, Ben, and Kainen participating!
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  2. Eluxor

    Eluxor No one

    ERP will be avalible?
  3. PoliticalPikachu

    PoliticalPikachu Well-Known Member

    The hub states it's disallowed, so that would be a nope. (Implying we would ERP in a horror/killing game anyway)
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  4. Black Jack

    Black Jack LS13 Admin

    I can join in, I am a available at 3 PM-12 PM Eastern standard time nearly every day.
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  5. AncientV25

    AncientV25 LS13 Admin

    DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion and is not a representation of the opinion of the LS13 Staff in any way shape or form other than my personal involvement.

    Honestly can you shut the fuck up about ERP? We all know you do it, we don't want to know you do it.
  6. Benblu

    Benblu Firstest

    this nigga has it right.
  7. Spades Slick

    Spades Slick LS13 Admin

    Ill join I used to play this game all the time
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  8. Whats your playstyle? I used to play mitadake but that game had heavy RP standards.
  9. Benblu

    Benblu Firstest

    it's meant to be light RP(or atleast the helpfile in mitadake said it was meant to be)
    and honestly about RP standards i could give less of a shit unless it's either maximum over emote or lol i kill u 4noraisins
    I should note emotes are encouraged to be occaisionally used to do RP thangs like passing pieces of the deth note to someone(you don't actually get a piece it's just for arr pee)
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  10. I believe there was a way to tear a page out of the Deathnote, I dunno:p Id be up to play if anyone else was. I used to love that game.
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  11. Benblu

    Benblu Firstest

    there was, not sure if it's implemented in misuterii
  12. NoFaceMan

    NoFaceMan Guest

    Opinion is opinion but it doesnt mean to hurt someones feelings brah.
    Its just mi opinion bout yours brah
    u said its your opinion not bout staff, ur post mostly es liked by staff wat a twist
  13. MiziBooBoo

    MiziBooBoo Guest

    Never played, but i'm down. I'm on a lot though, no real specific time.
  14. Benblu

    Benblu Firstest

    this isn't a shitpost thread but i'll bite
    if you ever, ever do necrophilia in the server you will literally be removed with the force of a thousand suns.
    i don't think aintshit intends to be hurtful, he's just saying nobody wants to know some fuckhead ERPs in 2d spessmans/japanese animoo highschool simulator/etc
  15. mindly_anarch

    mindly_anarch Active Member

    can play, schedule is flaky commencing saturday but im game
  16. Legato_frio

    Legato_frio Public Relations

    You had me at Hey. I am willing to try any game no exceptions. Seriously i have no preferred game nor do I have any game I would every refuse to play. If its free I will give it a try.
  17. SgtKumar

    SgtKumar Perseus Commander #005 and Perseus Enforcer #023

    I'm down. It's time to return to Compton.
  18. Benblu

    Benblu Firstest

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  19. NoFaceMan

    NoFaceMan Guest

    Her eye looks like egg.
  20. Shiningsoul

    Shiningsoul LS13 Admin

    Tell me when this is on again, I am in.
    +1 Semenator
    I am available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

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