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  1. Mindtrixx

    Mindtrixx Well-Known Member

    ByondKey: Mindtrixx123

    Age: 18

    Years with LLA: Coming up a year now, currently 0.

    Country of Origin: USA

    Time Zone:
    CST GMT-6

    Admin Rank (if applicable): N/A

    What skills and knowledge sets you apart from other applicants and makes you valuable?
    I'm objective. I have a strong sense of what needs to be done in a straight forward manner, but I am open to debate.

    Tell me a story about the time you disappointed yourself most, and what you learned from it.
    I quit highschool after like a week in after moving to Little Rock. I learned a lot about myself during that time, mainly unhappiness with things not changing. The time spent there was dreadful and full of depression. I went into online schooling and this is around the time my mother found her now new husband.

    I learned that you need to be willing to be open, that you may not always know whats best for you, and that for change to happen you need to work towards it.

    What's your favorite color?


    What's your favorite number?


    What's your favorite video game?

    Currently SS13, it is the only game I've managed to stick around this long for and not ever feel "burnt out". I have definitely been discouraged to play and have even thought about quiting, but I've always came back thus far.

    What's your favorite film?

    Nothing has really stuck with me, if I had to choose it'd be Casablanca because I'm lonely and romance.

    What number am I thinking of right now?


    Look to your left, what do you see there?

    A book shelf stocked with too many things. Four shelves, including the bottom bit.
    Top shelf holding a unfit amount of gamecube games ranging from Animal Crossing to Sonic Adventure DX. Second shelf housing mainly DS things, a collectors edition of Spore and some of my Mom's Airforce ribbon things.
    Third shelf unkempt with books and Nintendo 64 games. Books ranging from Ender's Game to Dan Brown's Inferno. N64 games ranging from Conker's Bad Fur Day to Gex.
    Bottom shelf overflowing with music boxes and the sort.
    I need more shelf space.

    Do you know where my keys are?

    On the table in the kitchen. If not there try the nightstand by the chair.

    Have you ever been a babysitter, or babysat before?

    Yes being the middle child I have babysat my siblings before. I've also had a sitter a bit when my mom went on training.

    Do you think this application is too short?

    I don't think the amount of questions determines the quality of the app, in other words its good.

    Two admin are fighting, the headmin is offline, you can't reach me by phone, what do?

    I don't own a phone so I'll proceed to handle it like usual. I'd separate them and hope my authority is enough to stop them from bickering in the channel being used.

    I'd then hear out both their sides and attempt to reach a conclusion. If its not satisfactory I would tell them to remain separated, or at the very least don't bring it to a public channel (IE: Adminchat) and tell them I'll bring it to the headmin once hes available.

    You have a decision to make, and both answers are wrong. which one do you pick?

    The one that is expected of me. I want to look out for whats best for everyone not whats best for the vocal minority or silent majority. If this involves making a few people upset at me then so be it, sometimes you have to put your foot down.

    You are tasked with writing an application question for your own application. What question would you write, and what would you answer?

    Multiple really.
    What are your thoughts on Perseus?
    I think they add a unique experience to our server. Despite the fun police reputation they give a nice balance to murderboning. Its quite nice to have people scared of getting Perseus called on them so they play in a different less killy style.

    How active are you in game and on the forums?
    I post almost daily, and play a round at least once a day. Other than that I'm always around somewhere.

    What times are you normally available?
    Varies, I go by two schedules. Day and Night.
    Day starts at around 7AM and ends at around 1AM
    Night Starts at around 5PM and ends at around 8AM

    Why are you applying?
    I think I'm under qualified seeing as I have no leadership or admin experience and also lack a phone. I really liked the questions and I thought it would be fun to see people's reactions. Otherwise yeah, just for kicks.

    You are a kid again and your parents caught you doing something wrong. They ask you what you think your punishment should be, how would you respond?

    "Not the belt"
    Proceed to get the belt.
    Punishment after that kind of stopped, they decided the belt wasn't good and we never really got in trouble other than yelled at.

    Tell me about a time you didn't have to make a difficult decision and what you didn't do to resolve it.

    I wanted to submit this app, but then I PM'd Don instead of posting it. And then I posted it anyways because I'm lazy and didn't want to change this answer.

    You are filling out an application for an apprenticeship for LLA Don Zombie, you come to a question that asks you to imagine you are doing that hypothetically, how would you answer?

    Hypothetically speaking I'd fill out the question pondering its existence.

    You have 22 seconds of air in your sinking submarine, 3 matches, a loaf of bread, an admin, and a player. How do you spend your final moments?

    I wake up, full well knowing the real me would never set foot in a submarine.
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  2. Flavo

    Flavo Well-Known Member

    At any moment as the apprentice you may find yourself becoming the LS13 project lead, This position has been known to be the most stressful position and tends to burn out the person behind it to a point where they wont even touch ss13.

    I only have 2 questions for you

    1) In this position you are going to need to be able to handle literally -everyone-, how would you feel having to work with someone you particularly don't like? As well as having to answer there many complaints objectively?
    2) It has been brought up in the past a lot "Mindtrixx4Admin" by various people in OOC to which you answer "Never". What inspired you to apply for this position? Why haven't you applied for admin first?
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  3. I've pretty consistently found this not to be true at all. In IC altercations and particularly when you are on the losing end of actions from security players, I have found you to be unable to consider other people's perspectives at all, and frame what other players do in the worst possible light.

    I know you said you put this application in for "kicks," but while I like having you around as an LLA community member both on the server and forums, I would be reluctant to see you become an admin, let alone a project lead.
  4. PepsiBlueFan

    PepsiBlueFan Active Member

    Yes, this position is very time consuming and stressful. You have to make very important decisions that effects everyone in the SS13 community. You have to look at the big picture and be able to make plans to direct the project in the right ways. Although I believe that being an admin before hand certainly helps; I don't think it is needed. If you do become an apprentice you are gonna have to learn how the admins and players interact with each other.

    I admit, being just an admin was stressful at times. I had little time to play and just was monitoring admin help most of the time. Are you willing to give up possibly a great majority of your play time on SS13 for work? Since I know you like Perseus a lot; are you willing to let this cut into that time? There is a lot to consider here. I just want you to make the right choice for yourself.

    If you feel like you can do all these things, I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. I mean its not like we are gonna throw you into project lead right away, its an apprentice ship after all.
  5. torquey

    torquey Member

    Okay, well this is a thing...

    From my experiences with you this is what I've gathered

    -You are anything but objective, in every situation you act like you're correct and everyone else be damned

    -You have no sense of what is "right". You see yourself as self righteous and anyone that disagrees with you is wrong in your eyes.

    -You are immature. In every situation in which there has been a conflict you seek "revenge", even when you havent been wronged. Let me restate again, you see everyone else as wrong.

    -You act like everyone is out to get you, saying that nobody ever listens to you and that everything ever done to you is out of some sort of spite.

    -You're irrational as all hell
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  6. PepsiBlueFan

    PepsiBlueFan Active Member

    Can you explain this further?
  7. torquey

    torquey Member

    I've provide an example.

    One round, I had arrested Cy for some charges that I can't remember, and are frankly irrelevant. I brigged Cy, moved on...Cy broke several more laws, I brigged him once more.

    I then tried to brig him a third time for more crimes, and the HoS freed him, and stunned me.(Still not sure as to why). Cy kidnapped me, stripped me of every item I had, and threw me into disposals.

    Not only is that a completely irrational thing to do, but when I made a report about it, he justified it by saying he was getting "revenge" for how I "wronged" him(See: Brigged for tons of charges)

    Also, thinking that everyone is out to get you is pretty irrational as well
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  8. JPR

    JPR Well-Known Member

    Seconded torquey. You tend to grief/borderline grief sec, and then either adminhelp it, which IMO is a HORRIBLE thing to do, or use the borderline grief you started as an excuse to "legit" escalate the fight to grief people. I UNDERSTAND that this is all legit, however, seeing the way you treat sec, I GREATLY disapprove of you joining the admin team. That said, I am going off of past experiences. Change, or show me that I'm wrong, and I'll change.
    For now, -1
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  9. PepsiBlueFan

    PepsiBlueFan Active Member

    While it seems like there are definitely some issues involving security/borderline grief according to the other members. What are Mindtrixx's positive traits? I don't like to just single out the negative; I would like to see the positive as well.
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  10. JPR

    JPR Well-Known Member

    He's... really robust? He will attack BAD sec as well? I don't see many valuable to the position he's aiming for. SOMEONE ELSE WITH BETTER KNOWLEDGE, ADD MORE! :(
  11. Mindtrixx

    Mindtrixx Well-Known Member

    1. Work with them to get the job done, I have no choice so I would deal with it. Somebody being a jerk doesn't make them not useful or needed, just makes them a jerk.

    2. I applied because I liked the questions and there really isn't any reason not to. I don't lose anything by applying and I thought it was fun. I won't apply for admin for a number of reasons. I still enjoy the game and wouldn't want 4 different admin texts scrolling on my text window and I don't like certain aspects of the team from what I've been able to observe.

    I expect nothing less from you at this point, cheers.

    Edit: If anyone wants to see my opinion on how flat treats people based on usually one off past experiences browse around the Peanut Gallery. Otherwise I'm not here to discuss anecdotal comments that can't really be backed up.


    Edit: Ban request here for the incident - http://llagaming.net/forums/threads/ban-request-cy-pritchard-mindtrixx123.3455/
    Care to give any examples?
  12. Flavo

    Flavo Well-Known Member

    As the project director/apperentice, most likely you would be given a honary admin rank of "Game Master" In which you are slapped with all sorts of scrolling texts and admin logs, Ironically more scrolling texts then regular admin.
  13. When you submit an application, you are putting yourself out there and soliciting feedback, positive and negative, whether you want to hear it or not.

    He's fun to play with and extremely helpful when he's on your side. He is also fun to shoot the shit with most of the time. I also would not contend that he always borderline griefs/greytides regardless of context; I've had him deliver me super cool thermal pirate gear when I was playing as sec, and make an announcement claiming that I had valiantly fought off pirates and plundered loot from them, which brought me respect and deference from the crew that round. Good times!

    I didn't and wouldn't call him a griefer by any stretch. I just think that his perceptions on use of force and security matters are off base and that he often gets tunnel vision when evaluating situations that involve him.
  14. JPR

    JPR Well-Known Member

    You're actions here WERE legit by server rules, but were escalated in such a way, that I worry that if I got into an adminpm argument with you about an action of mine and scored a good point, possibly making it valid, you'd either ignore it, or just adminprison me until I said you were right.
    That said... there IS this example of a good job I think you did.
    I was the stand-in cap. As lawyer, you... Gah. Copied from post, too long.
    "I was the stand-in captain, and while I think that arresting the viro was NOT the best thing you could have done, I think you handled it very professionally, and I understand your actions. I was in brig watching in the armory, and he(you) reported me as breaking into the armory. Once I explained(I was stand in cap), he understood and accepted my actions in a reasonable manner."
    ... I may revise my support. Give me a little while to think.
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  15. PepsiBlueFan

    PepsiBlueFan Active Member

    What don't you like? I am legitimately curious. What would you change and why? Is it policies? The admins? The head admin?
  16. Mindtrixx

    Mindtrixx Well-Known Member

    I know that's why I made it. Problem is I've discussed with you in length both on the forums and privately about this issue. We settled on our policing not being the same and got over it last I remember. However you seem to keep wanting to bring it up, if you weren't satisfied with what we settled on then by all means ask again with examples.

    Torquey ban request did not have a favorable outcome either way. I was brought up in a completely different playstyle compared to whats allowed today. It used to be protect yourself unless you got crit then its a status altercation admin issue. See if from that point and apply it to that ban request and I think it might help understand where I was coming from.

    I'm sorry that got turned into such a big mess, I don't go into rounds planning to cause issues. Sometimes things just happen.

    Some admins I just don't know how they stay admins. I assume from putting prior years into it. New headmin has stepped up their game and FlavoredCactus did a little recruiting drive that really helped. I never liked the idea of being a lonemin never rising through the ranks because the headmin overlooked constant activity. Most of the problems have been fixed as of now, but I still hold back reservations on my decision to ever become one. Honorary role wouldn't bother me as I could always deadmin I assume, and if needed take cases.

    On the subject of policy I think we've taken two steps forward in some places and one step back in others. I do not like how the IC escalation is just a stand in word for IC issue which was apparently abolished from admin vocab but it still persists. I think there should be less focus on "borderline grief" and more focus on actual detrimental actions. "Borderline grief" is often just a free ride buzz word to get out of a situation being labeled "IC escalation". There lies a contradiction to itself and its rather annoying to see people jerk it around at their whim. We should leave the actions in between fights to less scrutiny and focus on people who really just repeat what they do over n over. That's what Borderline Grief was for originally but it seems to have strayed quite heavily from where it used to be.
  17. torquey

    torquey Member

    I figured you'd say that. Here's the deal...

    Staying within the server bounds(barely.) does not equate to being rational, or level headed. Or know whats "right".
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  18. Mindtrixx

    Mindtrixx Well-Known Member

    Whats right to you is left to me. Like I said, two completely different times with two completely different play styles. I've adjusted the best I can to the new MediumRP rules.

    Also I've only claimed I'm objective in what I do. You're listing off things from your own perception of me, which is fine I guess except its a bit painted like I'm claiming holiness.

    I try my very best to see good in people while also taking myself out of the situation and deciding. This is not reflected in my IC actions always, as my IC actions are not a 100% true image of my OOC self. I think people are muddying IC and OOC a little too much.
  19. JPR

    JPR Well-Known Member

    Yeah. That's the main problem I have with your characters.
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  20. torquey

    torquey Member

    With my own or with Mind's?

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