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    Name: Lorde Quinn

    Sex: Male

    Age: 24

    Appearance: If you ever see him without a helmet on you will surely notice his head of tuffled messy brown hair that often goes uncombed and sticks up in several places. His main hair care goes towards his face which is always clean shaven and smooth and the main attraction of his mainly average face is his hazel- blue eyes which often change more towards green depending on the time of year. Quinn stands in at 5' 9" and is a slim semi muscular build from his security training.

    Background: Lorde grew up in a town in Mars and quickly turned to a life of crime as a means of survival, and for fun. Lorde quickly found himself on the wrong side of the law and was recruited by [EXPUNGED] leader Santiago as a means to keep out of prison and clean up his record. The leader sent Lorde to work with Nanotrasen on one of their shuttles to keep an eye on one of their debtors [REDACTED] to make sure he was current with payments. Santiago was mainly worried because [REDACTED] came from such a poor background and if needed be he needed an inside man to help "hasten" his payments (Santiago also couldn't stand that smug womanizing dopey haired [REDACTED] one bit so he was awaiting eagerly any chance he had). Quinn started as a lowly assistant but applied for a Security job to hopefully quicken up paying off Santiago which he was right, within a few years he had paid off his debt and is now a free man and his job and crewmates grew on him the time he's spent serving the station.

    Job Skills: Able to work the cloner, sleeper and cryotubes from field emergencies. Moderate experience at robotics from creating security borgs. Has a better understanding of criminal psychology due to his criminal past.

    Likes: Clowns, mimes, upholding peace, a drink when he's not on shift

    Dislikes: Criminal scum, slimes, dark spaces

    Personality: Extremely loyal to those who are friendly to him and his friends. Often gets depressed if he fails in saving a life when he feels he could have. Moderately outgoing and friendly strives to not be a bad officer (shitcurity). He tries to wind down and take things not so seriously and often jokes around.
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    I dig it, cool to see Quinn getting a background. The Job Skills section is pulled off pretty well.

    That Santiago guy's a dick.
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    I remember you this one round where I was hiding as someone else as a traitor, you and HoP figured me out and almost got me, regardless, HELLO, WELCOME, PLEASE STAY LONG!!!
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    Yeah i've been around awhile before i created a Bio and hello to you too
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