Medieval 2 TW LLA Tournament

Discussion in 'Community Play Dates!' started by Flatoftheblade, May 4, 2015.

  1. General_Battier

    General_Battier LS13 Admin

    Alright, I will add them tomorrow.
  2. Sweedle

    Sweedle Active Member

    Well, after some shifts in the bracket, I was pitted against Battier, and we had a ridiculously close match.


    It was a crazy match, the final moments between my 10 or so axemen, standing on catapults long left behind, swinging madly against appx 1,000,000 horse archers. GG, I think I also saved the replay if that's exportable. (EDIT: Turns out it comes as a .rpy, TW's own special video format, so I'll have to watch it over and record it w/ Shadowplay or something.

    GL;HF to everyone else

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  3. General_Battier

    General_Battier LS13 Admin

    Oh how this game was fun, I thought I was gonna lose when I saw how many units you had compared to me. Thankfully the power of Horses and Horse archers led the charge!
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  4. Well fought to both of you! Thanks for sharing.
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  5. Jayce Wise

    Jayce Wise Head LS13 Admin Staff Member

    Is this still going on, and/or is there still time to join in? I just got this game, and whilst I am a scrublord I am a fan of it so far!
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  6. Awesome! I'll update the bracket and slot you in. Only a few first round matches have been completed so I'm sure I can make it work. Sadly a bunch of us got busy and distracted right away but I guess it worked out because we can bring you in.
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  7. WellingtonTheThird

    WellingtonTheThird Well-Known Member

    I need to get this, I think.
  8. Hi everyone,

    Sorry I've been lazy about organizing this. I've updated the bracket to add Jayce, reflect the results of sweedle vs batt, and remove Okra, Benblu and Isvash, who dropped out for various reasons. LeJack has been occupied for a while but I know he still loves me and wouldn't leave me, so we WILL get our fight in sooner or later!

    Jayce, if you are skype contacts with anyone in the tourney, please contact them to be added to the chat so you can organize your fight. If not, PM me with your details and I'll add you.

    Also, I know the new bracket looks ugly as hell. I'll make it prettier next update.

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  9. Mindtrixx

    Mindtrixx Well-Known Member

    Record it please!
  10. Flavo

    Flavo Well-Known Member

    LeJack has been on reign of kings straight for many weeks now. When he does eventually leave his throne with machoman randy savage you will likely be able to overpower his rustyness.
  11. Agent1667

    Agent1667 Well-Known Member

    I really wanna play RoK, I've been watching videos of it constantly.
  12. Jayce Wise

    Jayce Wise Head LS13 Admin Staff Member

    Oooooooooooooooh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, videa gaaaaaaaaaaaaameeeesssssss with the macho maaaaaan.
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