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  1. I know several members of LLA who play Medieval 2. Who would be up for an MP tournament to determine who is the greatest tactical mind here? Let's see if we can get enough people together. Reply if interested.

    -10000 florins per player per match.
    -Elephant units and Sherwood Archers are banned.
    -"Last man standing" victory condition.
    -No battle time limit.
    -"Medium" difficulty.
    -All battles pitched/open field.
    -All battles for this specific tournament are 1v1.
    -Tournament is single elimination (a single loss renders a player ineligible to proceed and win the tournament).
    -Matchups will be determined by blind draw (I will use this tool: You'll have to trust me on that.
    -If people lock horns over getting to host or play as specific factions, we'll deal with it, but let's try to solve it like gentlemen so we don't even have to come up with a rule to do so.
    -When posting battle results, please include factions of both players, era(s) and degree of victory (e.g. "clear victory," "close victory," etc) stated at the end of the battle. Just for fun.

    Participants (to be updated):
    Isvash (Felix)

    Matches and results (to be updated):

    Bracket (to be updated):
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  2. LeJack

    LeJack Active Member

    All your peasants are belong to me.
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  3. General_Battier

    General_Battier LS13 Admin

    Guess I know what my next purchase will be
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  4. It will take a little while to get the players and set this up I presume, so I'm just gonna put you down for the tourney for and confirm with you that you have the game prior to commencing when we are good to go. Pressure is on! :)
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  5. Felix Feufer

    Felix Feufer LS13 Admin

    Might as well throw my name in the hat.
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  6. General_Battier

    General_Battier LS13 Admin

    Any rules to any units we can or cannot use?
  7. Not unless any other participants want to raise objections to anything (which we could hash out here). The rules included a 10000 florin limit, and different units cost different amounts of florins (in addition to limits to how many units of a specific type one can recruit) for balance, so my intention was that people would be able to spend their florins as they see fit. However I am inexperienced with the multiplayer so I'm all ears about any units that allegedly should be banned.
  8. Sweedle

    Sweedle Active Member

    I'm down, I needed a reason to actually crack into M2:TW.
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  9. LeJack

    LeJack Active Member

    It's been a looooong time since I've played MTW2 online. Last unit I remember people limiting was war elephants in the first rome.
  10. If you're going back to Rome 1, what about war dogs? Those made for some straight-up retarded battles. Chariots were pretty bad as well.

    But yeah, Medieval 2 doesn't really have gimmicky/novelty units like Rome 1 did, so if anything is broken it is in a much more subtle way than certain Rome 1 units were.
  11. Mindtrixx

    Mindtrixx Well-Known Member

    I request you nerds Youtube this if at all possible pls. I won't be joining the tourney but I wanna see how you guys kill eachother, thnks.
  12. Okra, a friend of mine, is in as well.
  13. Benblu

    Benblu Firstest

    k let's see if i can not be a scrublet
  14. Updates:

    - Unless anyone wants to argue otherwise, a few different people have spoken to me with a consensus that elephant units should be disallowed (sorry batt if this was what you had in mind when you asked). Please advise if you would contest this. This will not affect most factions, as most do not have elephant units (in fact, to my knowledge it should only affect the Timurids).

    -Added "last man standing" victory condition as a rule (you win after killing/capturing/routing the entire enemy force).

    -Added no battle time limit as a rule (although I don't know how you would hit the time limit without both parties turtling).

    - The question of period restrictions (early, high and late middle ages) has arisen. I personally do not feel the need to impose any restrictions provided that both competitors agree on a specific era for their fight. However different people have had different perspectives on this. There is currently no consensus, with different people wanting different restrictions.

    I encourage everyone to provide feedback if you have preferences about unit and/or era restrictions.
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  15. Eluxor is in, told me personally rather than posting here for some reason. This is really shaping up nicely!
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  16. Agent1667

    Agent1667 Well-Known Member

  17. Rekiin

    Rekiin Active Member

    Can I put money on Felix, Flat, Agent, or Battier?
  18. Agent1667

    Agent1667 Well-Known Member

    Put your money on Jack, trust me.
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  19. LeJack

    LeJack Active Member

    I'll gladly take your money ;)
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  20. Raptor

    Raptor Well-Known Member

    ...I don't think that's how betting works. o_O
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