May 20th, The drones have landed.

Discussion in 'General' started by Flavo, May 20, 2015.

  1. Flavo

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    New update, changelog included. here are the documented changes. Everyone listed below has helped out.

    Ahbahl updated:
    • Changelings now have a new power called "Healing Sting". can heal others human or changelings
    Flavored Cactus updated:
    • Using "Hide OOC Chat" will hide OOC in the ALL tab but still allow you to read it via OOC tab.
    • You can now change your hair color using a mirror
    BRAINOS updated:
    • Made all new space ninja icons
    An Inmate updated:
    • Ported the /tg/station drones, drones can be made in robotics and are capable of allowing dead players to come back as repair bots.
    Cody522 updated:
    • You can now use carbon, clonexadone and (uranium, gold, or silver) to change them from liquid to solids.
    • Added silver to moonflowers from hydroponics.
    • For the mineral solidification recipe: Replaced iron with carbon, Replaced frost oil with clonexadone. Nobody got time to mutate all the species needed to get these chemicals.
    Lichling updated:
    • Replaced Biosuits with Aurora Station Biosuits.
    • Added correct bombsuit locker to Security. Inside are new Security bombsuits, icons from Aurora again.
    • Added New Owl and Griffin costume over from /tg/ they can be found in the costume vendor.
    • Buffed Atmos misters from 100 volume to 200 volume. (More fightfighting action.)
    • Added new Secure Closets for Atmospherics. They contain new /tg/ Atmos Firesuits as well as atmos misters with a new nozzle.
    • Added batbelt to dark knight costume box and removed balaclava from it. Also added descriptions to the batclothing and redid the names so they're not so batobvious. Also added griffin/owl to the costume box list.
    • Added Corgi costume over from Pheonix it can be found in the costume vendor.
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  3. Flavo

    Flavo Well-Known Member

    Also Psyentific made some flavor text for objectives, giving optional incentive to do an objective a certain way but i forgot to mention that in the changelog.
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  4. Flahhh Personson

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    I've already been having some fun drawing up designs for the village of Dronehaven in the Secure Storage Area. All I have to do is provide additional shells and hats--they can maintain the rest themselves! It even has a Clothe-O-Mat and Autodrobe.
  5. Raptorblaze

    Raptorblaze Head Coder Staff Member

    Note: Screwdriver yourselves to heal, drones
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  6. Devon

    Devon Well-Known Member

    Note: Screw yourselves to heal, drones.
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  7. Flahhh Personson

    Flahhh Personson Well-Known Member

    I did it! I made Dronehaven! It's not much yet, but later iterations will be GLORIOUS! Any suggestions?

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