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  1. Tsukasa

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    BYOND Name(Key):
    Past experience?:
    For past experience I only have a small amount of experience with the DreamMaker syntax, however, I'm a final year computer science student majoring in software engineering so I don't believe picking up another language will be all that hard.
    Other Languages Known:
    Java, C, C++, R (please god never make me code in this again!) and a bit of PHP/HTML. However, Java and C are the two languages I am most comfortable with.
    How long have you been coding?:
    I've been coding for about 8 years in total, both within my degree and with personal projects. Some of the projects include little robots to some more complex computer vision attempts.
    Do you consider yourself a relatively competent coder?:
    I consider myself a reasonable coder, being a comp sci major I've had a formal teaching of most major algorithms and software engineering processes.
    I will admit however can get kind of pedantic with commenting my code however which sometimes slows me down at times, but in the long term I believe it makes up for it with more manageable code.
    Even though I am in my final semester of uni now, I currently am only doing one course, due to needing minimal credits, this has given me a lot of free time which is why I've written this application in an attempt to give something back to this wonderful community.
    If you have never coded (in DreamMaker) before, are you willing to learn?:
    I am more than willing to learn the language itself, because without that, I would be pretty useless. I have also picked up a bit of it here and there from digging through the old \tg\ codebase to work out how some particular concepts of the game work(LOOKING AT YOU ATMOS) which I believe will help me along the way.
    That pretty well concludes my app, if anyone has any questions or wants to talk on Skype let me know and I will be more than happy to answer/chat.

  2. Spoffy

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    Hey bro, hit me up on Skype and we can talk about it :)
  3. Tsukasa

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    Stupid question: What is your skype name? Mine is lone_tsukasa.

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