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Discussion in 'General' started by Cody522, Apr 13, 2015.


Do we need t-shirts?

  1. Yes

    22 vote(s)
  2. yes

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  3. ye

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  4. y

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  1. Rekiin

    Rekiin Active Member

    I have an idea, we put all the well-know members Bkeys / fourm names on the back and have it read above LLA Veterans or some shit like that
  2. General_Battier

    General_Battier LS13 Admin

    That would promote elitists, but maybe just a bunch of names in general.
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  3. Yeah, that would be too cliquey. There are plenty of active members of this community who just aren't that active on the forums. And regardless that's just exclusionary.
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  4. Devon

    Devon Well-Known Member

    Is this still a thing people are interested in? Cause like, I could make stuff.
  5. PepsiBlueFan

    PepsiBlueFan Active Member

    Didn't you mention that you cannot do it and either Psycho or Don has to do it? Like one page ago lol.

    Here are some ideas for some designs:

    We could have names on them:

    Or we can have the site name on them:
  6. Devon

    Devon Well-Known Member

    That's what I mean, I don't want to bug them about it if no one is interested. I drew a cute Beepsky shirt for the duck of it, but I don't want to start seriously drawing things if it's not even on the table, haha.
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  7. We should make an LLA forums app
  8. Devon

    Devon Well-Known Member

  9. Mord_Sith

    Mord_Sith Well-Known Member

    We need team Powertrip Rangers on a shirt!

    Barring that, we need at least something LLAesque.
  10. Lets put the Breakers on a shirt.
  11. Bluebreez100

    Bluebreez100 Member

    Jason Hathaway, Bluebreez1

    oh fuck yes take my money
  12. Adam

    Adam ForumGuard Staff Member

    i'd get one fo sheezy
  13. Kneeskeysllama

    Kneeskeysllama Well-Known Member

  14. General_Battier

    General_Battier LS13 Admin

    Why not everyone on one? <3
  15. PepsiBlueFan

    PepsiBlueFan Active Member

    How do you guys feel about this one?

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  16. Rocco Ward

    Rocco Ward Well-Known Member


    That's waaay too much for a shirt?!?!
  17. Shirts.png

    Oi $10.89 doesn't sound that bad
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  18. PepsiBlueFan

    PepsiBlueFan Active Member

    I agree, I just like the design and look. lol
  19. Mord_Sith

    Mord_Sith Well-Known Member

    That's on a football jacket Rocco.
  20. JPR

    JPR Well-Known Member

    No shirt yet? But all of the examples look great!

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