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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Snow5445, Dec 10, 2014.

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    I never thought I would be running a site where I got to see Godwin's law actually take place. Thank's Daddysds1. You've fascinated me.'s_law
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    Omg Psycho finally posted a reply!
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    Damnit psycho why you gotta go and do that
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    While using WASD to move you can easily drop stuf (Q), equip (E), throw (R) and switch hands (X). If you don't want to use hotkeys, use the Object tab to lock lockers (or take an object in hand and use it on the closed locker to lock it), remove ID (from PDA), toggle stuff, etc.
    Why set the bot to Detain instead of Arrest, by the way?
    Oxygen tank can be set to 16, instead of 19, for longer effectiveness.
    Click on "Chat" to always have "Say" auto-written.

    On the round itself:

    I, as a head (CMO) went into brig and offered you loyalty implants. You gave me one laser gun, no stun stuff or HUD, and told me not to take anything else, I had to insist to get the ablative. If I were in your position I'd have given those I needed to protect armor, shield, stun and lethals. Letting those sit in there unusued is not very smart.
    After that, I'd have gone after said offered implants in cargo, specially when you had no more.

    A shame captain was undercover, I could have asked him about access. Instead we had Emma, the worst HoP ever (we were talking in dead chat just how horrible she was, and even the revs agreed), who refused to share with the heads and the loyals the all access she had. Because of that we couldn't open the loyalty implant crates we ordered (nor get to them in the shuttle, because AI couldn't open those doors), and we got suicide-bombed. The one in front of brig.
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    I thought you already went and got the implants had them on you when you were suicide bombed and they were all gibbed. I am going to say this it is extremely difficult to keep track of chat when you are dealing with other shit IC'ly and worrying about my recording and trying to talk at the same time it really is very difficult to pay attention to chat doing all of this so when I am recording I miss a lot of stuff.
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    So I want to ask a favor as a man who is not good at these sorts of things. I need 2 favors 1 channel art 2 a profile picture for my youtube account I would really like it if someone could make my profile picture here sized right for youtube. I have no idea what I want to do for my channel art but I am leaning SS13 or maybe LLA themed.
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    Sounds like snow needs a....MAKEOVERRRR!! *squeels*
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  9. Snow5445

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    So what direction would you guys like to see my channel go?
  10. Obadiah Mayland

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    I like space station 13 things
  11. IMVader

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    A little to the left, and up by 8 degrees.

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