Liberty Station 13: Sprites from HELL

Discussion in 'General' started by Taicho, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. Taicho

    Taicho Director of LS13 Staff Member

    having recently started dabbling on the server again, it's occurred to me that some of the icons we have, new and old, are complete trash and aren't at all up to par with what they could be. things have certainly improved over the years but it's undeniable fact that some things are still totally lacking and make me want me smack myself in the face.

    por ejemplo:
    i ask you, friends and foes alike: what are the worst icons on our server?? which tiny pixelated monstrosities make you angry enough to commit murder??? ​
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  2. perseus ship is disgusting, dem walls and that nameplate
  3. Flavo

    Flavo Well-Known Member

    RD's alt jumpsuit is just 1 shade of olive.
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  4. General_Battier

    General_Battier LS13 Admin

    There is a female rd jumpsuit as well.
  5. NoFaceMan

    NoFaceMan Guest

    Ugly cyborgs.
    Weird halo when boom.
    Ugly hardsuits.
    Ugly heads clothes.
    Ugly vendors.
    Ugly ai.
    Armor vest makes you look fat.
    Ugly turrets.
    Ugly syndie hardsuits.
    Ugly ninja.
    Ugly mechs.
    Ugly spess.
    Ugly floors.
    Ugly bots.
    Ugly singu.
    Ugly guns.
    Ugly walls.
    Ugly tools.
    Ugly hair styles.
    Ugly sec clothes.
    Ugly airlocks.
    Ugly consoles.
    Ugly ling armblade.
    Tiny xeno queen.
    Ugly medkits.
    Ugly windors.
    Ugly fem clothes.
    Ugly sunglasses/huds.
    Ugly swat helmet.
  6. is the gif from a porno? it looks like it is.
  7. Flavo

    Flavo Well-Known Member

  8. Mindtrixx

    Mindtrixx Well-Known Member

    Most of the UI feels dated, which I'm conjuring ideas for already. (See: )

    My particular peeve is the Changeling sting icons, they look god awful and I have no idea how I'm gonna change them:

    The hallucinogen sting and blind sting in particular make me want to stab someone.
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  9. Superballs

    Superballs LS13 Iconner

    Hello, I've finally decided to get off my lazy ass. You may have to open a direct link to get a good look at these icons.

    Detective's Revolver:

    Syndicate/Russian Revolver:
    Snub: [​IMG] Regular: [​IMG]

    Laser Rifle

    Combat Shotgun

    stai tuned for moar gunz/security items
  10. Keone2

    Keone2 Active Member

    Security armor and gear (not winter jacket) looks pretty ugly.
  11. Superballs

    Superballs LS13 Iconner

    Got some new stuff for security.
    • New red combat shirt and cargo pants
    • Chest rig / Webbing
    • New Vest / Plate Carrier
  12. ProbablyBaron

    ProbablyBaron BANNED

    NASA Void helmet too short. Looks like it breaks your poor space travelling skull every time you put it on. Pls make taller :(
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  13. Obadiah Mayland

    Obadiah Mayland Well-Known Member

    The damned SE injectors. What are you injecting into yourself anyway? Is modified DNA yellow and red?
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  14. Agent1667

    Agent1667 Well-Known Member

    I hate corner pieces on shuttles.

    Windows also look horrible.
  15. Black Jack

    Black Jack LS13 Admin

    Is it just me or does this look like it came from a prono?

    Oh yeah something on-topic, all the icons are ugly!
  16. While I was gone I noticed the cult blade didnt look very culty so I cleaned it up and gave it a glow animation, also I didnt like the perseus shield much as the medusa head looks like some weird chinese dragon or palm tree, and the metal riot shield seemed weird for perseus to have so I changed it.
    Old cult blade: [​IMG] New cult blade: [​IMG] ANIMATED!

    Old perseus riot shield:uh I replaced it and lost it :B new one (Two possibilities): [​IMG]
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    SPLEEN MCQUEEN Active Member

    it honestly looks like blood with a huge chunk of fat on one end to me
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  18. This thread is rip and I dont think anythings come from it anyway but I made more replacements because the perseus knife is ugly to me.
    OLD: I was told it was based off the stun knife from MGS4 but it looks gross to me, some of the black is even 00000 black, gross

    NEW: it has like 7 variations, most differing very little.
    The main barebone version has no animation while the rest do:
    Other variations:

    Concept art image used for base/inspiration:

    BRAINOS Well-Known Member


    dere's animations too but uh yeah here <3

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