IMPORTANT! Liberty Station 13 Rules

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    If you have any questions about our rules adminhelp (press F1) and let an administrator know. We will do our best to insure that you understand the rules and can enjoy the game.​
    Rule 1.) Griefing is not allowed. Griefing is defined as the OOC intention to ruin someone's round without an admin approved IC/RP reason for their actions. Borderline grief will not be tolerated. If you're uncertain what borderline grief is adminhelp (press F1) and ask an admin.
    1.1.) If we believe your IC actions are negatively affecting the server and its players without directly breaking the rules, a term we’ve coined ‘borderline grief’, then administrators may step in and intervene, and bans may be issued based on a number of factors such a history, intention, and severity of actions.
    Rule 2.) This is a friendly game environment. You're allowed to be mean or negative IC as a non-antagonist, but we expect some degree of friendliness from you in our OOC channel. Do not flame/troll in OOC chat or Deadchat.
    Rule 3.) Players are to remain in-character at all times. Do not use OOC terms e.g., smilies, internet-speak, "admins", etc whilst IC. Similarly, do not report IC information, such as antagonists or the gamemode, over the OOC chat.
    Rule 4.) Do not randomly murder other people. Self-defence is allowed, but you must respond with appropriate force. If there are any questions press F1 and ask an admin for help.
    4.1.) The amount of force used should be in proportion to the threat to your life. IE. if someone throws a PDA at you and whacks you in the head you might push them or hit them a few times in retaliation, but you wouldn't murder someone for it. Do not use more force than what is needed to defend yourself or it will not be considered defending. You may respond to lethal force with lethal force. We understand that sometimes it is difficult to subdue someone through non-lethal means depending on the situation, and understand that sometimes responding with lethal force may be the only solution. Admin intervention in situations like this will be decided on a case-to-case basis.
    4.2.) Confirmed Antagonists are an exception. Killing an antagonist is not against server rules, but it does violate space law and may be dealt with ICly. Antagonists are able to be confirmed as antagonistic when there is no doubt that they are such. Finding a PDA with the syndicate panel open, releasing singularity, randomly assaulting and killing innocents, etc.
    Rule 5.) Metagaming is not tolerated. Metagaming is defined as using OOC knowledge whilst IC to gain an advantage. This generally applies primarily to using out-of-game communications to gain IC information or advantage.
    Rule 6.) Erotic Roleplay (ERP) is not allowed and never will be.
    Rule 7.) Keep your names appropriate. Do not use intentionally offensive names. Use proper capitalization. (Ace McSpace, Clyde Brink, Fat Phil, Mr. Muffin etc.) Clowns/Mimes/Borgs are exempt from the format, but their names must remain appropriate and non-offensive.
    Rule 8.) Roleplaying Malfunction/Insanity is not a valid excuse to break the server rules. This includes intentionally harmful interpretation of Asimov laws.
    Rule 9.) Nonantagonists are not allowed to aid antagonists unless there is a good IC/RP reason for them doing so. This is up to admin discretion. If you wish to know examples of when this may be acceptable adminhelp (press F1) and ask an administrator.
    Rule 10.) Security officers are not allowed to harm criminals (barring dangerous circumstances and lawful executions) or steal items (This does not include the confiscation of contraband or items used in a crime) from criminals while processing them. Security Officers, AI, and Head of Staff roles are important to the progress of the station, and as such, abusing these roles in any way may result in a jobban until we believe you are capable to act responsibly when playing as them.
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