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Discussion in 'Perseus PMC Applications' started by lekgolo125, Apr 3, 2015.

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  1. lekgolo125

    lekgolo125 New Member

    BYOND KEY: lekgolo125
    IC NAME: Haley Bordner
    PICK THREE THREE DIGIT NUMBERS THAT YOU LIKE (EXAMPLE: 079, 009, 356): 086, 043, 000
    HOW LONG HAVE YOU PLAYED SS13?: Couple months.
    WHAT DOES HAVING AUTHORITY MEAN TO YOU?: Being in charge means taking responsibility for your actions, acting responsibly, and attempting to help handle inter-office disputes.
    HOW OFTEN DO YOU PLAY SECURITY?: Not often. I get quietly frustrated whenever I see Security acting ineptly, or just in general failing at tasks. I don't like to associate with them because of that.
    OH A SCALE OF ONE TO TEN HOW WOULD YOU RATE YOURSELF WHEN YOU ARE PLAYING A NORMAL SECURITY OFFICER? EXPLAIN: 7. I have really only played while I was learning, because I have all jobs set to medium. Or at least had, so I could learn them all. I'm still not so good at doctoring, or engineering. I am now picking up all the Security shifts I can to beef up, and hopefully draw attention to myself.
    HOW MUCH DO YOU LIKE XENOMORPHS?: Enough to share all of my bullets with them!
    WHAT IS THE ROLE OF SECURITY ON THE STATION?: Well. Apparently it's to assist in the total, rapid, and violent destruction of any social structure while allowing criminals to walk. I believe you're supposed to catch the bad guys, and hopefully help prevent anything bad from happening.
    *You are walking down a corridor of the station when you see a clown slip someone on a banana and pull their jump suit off and laugh, how would you handle this*: Inform the clown that he is not to strip people and report it to security, unless the clown takes right on off with the jumpsuit. In that case probably alert security to the situation and proceed with my mission, unless I'm returning from one. If I had free time, I'd probably stun/cuff the clown and get the jumpsuit back, report it to security and go on my merry way.
    *You are sitting in the bar having a light drink during a break when you hear someone yell about a xenomorph in the library. You run there and find an alien eating the librarian, what do you do?*:
    • Report it to Security
    • Request backup
    • Report it to the AI
    • Realize that this situation is going to result in the permanent death of the librarian, and enter the library
    • Attempt to subdue the alien while keeping distance until backup arrives
    *You are standing in security and you see the head of security being especially rough with a prisoner in a cell, what would you do?*: Quietly report it to the warden, and then approach the Head of Security. Request the case history of the prisoner, and ask why. Regardless, though unless the apprehended suspect is acting violently, there is no reason to treat him brutally especially not when he's already in a cell.
    GIVE US ONE HONEST SITUATION WHERE YOU WERE PLAYING AS SECURITY AND DID SOMETHING MEMORABLE: My first time playing, I didn't get a chance to set all my jobs properly, and I got put as the HoS. Mind you, that was the first time I played after being an assistant, so I was sitting in my office, right? People were asking me to do things, and I had NO CLUE what was going on. I didn't even know how to search/cuff people (I'd only been on for three rounds previously.) so I was just kinda delegating. I was strugglebusing so, so, SO hard. Eventually everyone catches on and screams at me that I am incompetent, even after explaining my situation. Someone in Sec killed me and stole my items, and took over.
    CAKE OR PIE? EXPLAIN IN AS MUCH DETAIL AS POSSIBLE: Dear god why? First, lets start with an accurate comparison. [​IMG]
    Stemming from that, we can carry on. Now, cake is very good. But then again, so is pie. The problem for many people who need to have dessert, but also are on any form of diet is that you can't eat both. Assuming you can't eat both in this instance (lets be honest, why wouldn't you?) and move forward to ascertaining which is better. Depending on the variation of the pie/cake, it will influence your choice, right? So we'll also assume you're at a party with infinite types of pie, and infinite types of cake. We'll also assume you can only have one piece of either that is exactly the same size in terms of total consumption and mass. So, cake is a good choice, because it's got that classic feel and has icing. But, at the same time pie is good as well, because there is so many ways pie can go right where cake can't - flaky crust, warm, gooey centers. Down to decision time: Pie or Cake? The only justifiable decision is to say fuck it, and toss caution and your weight to the wind and chow down on both. Should you need to follow the great Pie/Cake Debate more:
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  2. We'll be watching as you play security more to show us what you're made of.

    In the meantime I noticed an error with your application. Can you spot and correct this?
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  3. lekgolo125

    lekgolo125 New Member

    I checked, and replaced an error I noticed. I'm not sure if it was the right one, because I was always terrible at proofreading! Oh no!
  4. The one I was referring to is still there. ;)

    BTW, I appreciate your memorable moment being honest and it made me chuckle. But now that you are playing sec more, let us know when you have a moment that you feel more...proud of. :p
  5. lekgolo125

    lekgolo125 New Member

    I can handle that. I am looking over and over this application for the error. I'm too stupid to find it! Ah!
  6. PistolPete

    PistolPete ForumGuard Staff Member

    We'll be watching.
  7. Stingray540

    Stingray540 LS13 Admin

    Read the questions and your answers again carefully, and you will notice the error.
  8. lekgolo125

    lekgolo125 New Member

  9. Agent1667

    Agent1667 Well-Known Member

    Nope. Not yet.
  10. Felix Feufer

    Felix Feufer LS13 Admin

    We should make this into a game, our own version of Where's Waldo.

    Joking aside, I'll keep an eye on you as best as I can, good luck!
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  11. lekgolo125

    lekgolo125 New Member

    I am very, very stupid. Excuse me while I go and swallow some anti-freeze. I fixed it.
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  12. Felix Feufer

    Felix Feufer LS13 Admin

    Yay! You got it!
  13. Cody522

    Cody522 Well-Known Member

    Wasn't really impressed by you running down halls dual wielding an energy gun and baton. Then you were disarmed, stunned and robbed.
    Then one of the attackers got you a second a time, not sure if you didn't see him or you chose to ignore him. But it lead to you being stunned and your weapon stolen again.
  14. lekgolo125

    lekgolo125 New Member

    I was a Changeling that round, haha. I was trying to corner someone, and he got away. Then I was about to just rampage.
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  15. LeJack

    LeJack Active Member

    Earlier today, you showed up in engineering with a assistant, ordered me (the CE) out of the way, and told the assistant to break into the AI sat. Here are the relevant bits from our interaction.

    Jack Entrarie asks, "can i help you?"
    Haley Bordner says, "Nope. Willy can."
    Haley Bordner examines the area, looking into the security hub and inspecting it.
    Willy Adrean says, "sup, got a little stuck on the way here"
    Haley Bordner says, "Come, Willy."
    Jack Entrarie says, "whats going on here"
    Haley Bordner says, "Go ahead and get me in."
    Haley Bordner says, "Jack, step off."
    Haley Bordner says, "Security investigation."
    Jack Entrarie says, "this is my department hos, you do not outrank me"
    Willy Adrean asks, "and im not about to get arrested for this right?"
    Haley Bordner says, "I don't want details leaking. If you want to object, I'll arrest you on obstruction of justice."
    Jack Entrarie says, "i can open the door"
    Haley Bordner says, "No, Willy."
    Willy Adrean says, "actually, he does our rank you"
    Willy Adrean says, "but not in engineering"
    Haley Bordner says, "Willy."
    Willy Adrean asks, "yes?"
    Jack Entrarie says, "no she doesnt"
    Haley Bordner says, "Get ready to step on."
    Haley Bordner says, "Jack."
    Haley Bordner says, "We're not in Engineering anymore, we're headed to the minisat."
    Jack Entrarie says, "also my department"
    Haley Bordner says, "Normal CoC rules. Please go and fix the power/."
    Jack Entrarie says, "hence, why i have access and you dont"
    Haley Bordner says, "Good lord."
    Jack Entrarie says, "ill be supervising this visit"
    Haley Bordner says, "Jesus."
    Haley Bordner says, "So"
    Haley Bordner says, "Willy"
    Willy Adrean asks, "Yes mam?"
    Haley Bordner says, "We're going to sit here, for ten seconds"
    Haley Bordner says, "And if Jack isn't out of the way, and continues to obstruct justice"
    Haley Bordner exclaims, "I'll put him in brig!"
    Haley Bordner asks, "Sound fancy?"
    Jack Entrarie [145.9] says, " HOS is trying to get into the AI core"
    Jack Entrarie says, " HOS is trying to get into the AI core"
    Willy Adrean says, "Indeed."
    Jack Entrarie [145.9] says, " threatening me with brigging, if i dont let her"
    Jack Entrarie says, " threatening me with brigging, if i dont let her"
    Haley Bordner says, "And now he's blown an operation that I didn't want the AI catching wind of until it was too late."
    Hadley Bickerson [145.9] asks, " HoS, Why are you attempting to access the Core?"
    Haley Bordner says, "Fantastic."
    Dec Crazyness [145.9] says, "Beware HOS"
    Haley Bordner [145.9] says, "Because we need to card it."
    Haley Bordner [145.9] says, "it's not responding to anything I say"
    Haley Bordner [145.9] says, "And It's being irratic."
    Mick Cross [145.9] says, " I trust HOS more than cap"
    FRIEND COMPUTER [145.9] states, "Oh Back"
    Haley Bordner says, "So, willy"
    KATIE-CHAN [145.9] states, "Probably Braindead."
    FRIEND COMPUTER [145.9] states, "Whats up hos"
    Haley Bordner says, "Get us inside."
    Hadley Bickerson [145.9] says, " A Braindead AI doesnt Grant you the right to card it."
    Dec Crazyness [145.9] says, "Hos be careful"
    Haley Bordner [145.9] says, "I'm aware."
    FRIEND COMPUTER [145.9] queries, "Hos you wish to card me?"
    KATIE-CHAN [145.9] states, "Hello Usless AI 9000"
    Dec Crazyness [Command] says, "Hos you need my permission for that. Don't do it again"
    Jack Entrarie says, "ill do it"
    Dec Crazyness [145.9] says, "Ai state your laws"
    Jack Entrarie says, "youre not qualified"
    Willy Adrean puts the multitool into the satchel.
    FRIEND COMPUTER [145.9] states, "Current Active Laws:"
    Willy Adrean puts the crowbar into the satchel.
    FRIEND COMPUTER [145.9] states, "1. You may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm."
    Willy Adrean puts the screwdriver into the satchel.
    FRIEND COMPUTER [145.9] states, "2. You must obey orders given to you by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law."
    FRIEND COMPUTER [145.9] states, "3. You must protect your own existence as long as such does not conflict with the First or Second Law."
    Haley Bordner says, "He's a bit better and faster than you, mate."
    Dec Crazyness [145.9] says, "How many laws are you not showing"
    You remove the ID from the Tablet-Jack Entrarie (Chief Engineer).
    You unlock the panel.
    Haley Bordner says, "Now be useful, and distract the turrets."
    FRIEND COMPUTER [145.9] states, ")"
    FRIEND COMPUTER [145.9] states, "Error 0"
    You put the ID into Tablet-Jack Entrarie (Chief Engineer)'s slot.
    FRIEND COMPUTER [145.9] states, "I will not let that assitant in"

    Shortly after this, I found you and your recently promoted detective (the assistant Willy Adrean) detained by Flick Moon in front of the brig. I released you, and we had this tablet convo shortly after.

    --Conversation opened by Jack Entrarie--
    Jack Entrarie(Chief Engineer):
    you ok? get your stuff back?
    Haley Bordner(Head of Security):
    Jack Entrarie(Chief Engineer):
    ok good, youre welcome for saving you. and so you know all heads are of equal rank, dont come into my department and presume to boss me around
    Haley Bordner(Head of Security):
    Then don't interfere with a security investigation. You're still wrong.
    Jack Entrarie(Chief Engineer):
    i didnt interfere with shit, dont bring assitants into the ai core, you contact me or the RD is that understood?
    Haley Bordner(Head of Security):
    No. Because again, you've got nought to do with security investigations. I was interviewing him for detective work, and you made that a nought point.
    Jack Entrarie(Chief Engineer):
    not on my AI sat you dont, you run it by me
    Haley Bordner(Head of Security):
    It's not your AI Sat. Fuck off, and learn your place.
    Jack Entrarie(Chief Engineer):
    ok, ill remember my place, when your department needs repairs.

    So, two questions.
    Do you believe the HOS out ranks the other heads of staff?
    If you could re approach this situation, how would you?
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  16. Flavo

    Flavo Well-Known Member

    You put a ton of detail into you cake and pie answer, either you've got a bit of attention to detail or just really like debates about cake and pie.

    You are rather new to the game itself and this has been apparent in my experiences with you but you have been improving, though i can't say your temper is all that well..
    I observed you the other day, as a clown was attempting to break into the HOPs office to look for ian and you, as captain lasered him down and healed him shortly after, when the crew handled and permabrigged you you responded in OOC with
    This of course is a one-off incident and other then that I havent observed anything out of line, but i also haven't been wow'd. In personal experiences Haley Bordner hasn't been a name I conflicted with or had bad encounters.
  17. Devon

    Devon Well-Known Member

    Haley had a basic knowledge of space law, but seems to throw his own laws in there, too.
    I don't have any particular examples, but I do recall seeing Haley being accused of arresting people for non-crimes because he is, in fact, the law.
    Today my arrests were handled poorly in Haley's hands. Some of my legitimate belongings were not returned to me and I was put back in the cell for talking back when I had already served my sentence.

    I can't support this application at the moment, but maybe once you've been around for a little while longer and you've learned a bit more about space law and using your roles responsibly, you may be able to change my mind on that note.
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  18. Chaznoodles

    Chaznoodles Well-Known Member

    Due to the aforementioned experience with the clown and the window and the behaviour displayed after it, I cannot currently support this application. Improve your behaviour aboard the station and get to know people, and I'll review this.
  19. lekgolo125

    lekgolo125 New Member

    No I don't. I know better than that.

    I wouldn't re approach the situation. If the server invites me to role-play, I will. You'll never meet the same Haley twice. Dependent on my job, and my desire for actual pan-out of scenario, I will act as a different person. You met a headstrong (and I believe I'm correct in saying slightly cunty) Head of Security. I can see why it would be seen that I don't know what I'm doing, and there are times I really don't where I refer to friendly people on station or the admins. I don't see very much actual role playing done around the server besides what's happening where you HAVE to play your role (setting up the sing, ect) because so much stupidity happens outside of that. For instance, someone by the name of Joe H plays mime, and repeatedly breaks into my office as Captain whenever I play it. No reason, no antag objective, but does it anyways. Whomever Joe H really is is just breaking into things to steal items for no reason other than to have them. So, I like to bring in a little role play when I can, or into a situation whenever I'm around someone. Talk to me again, and you'll meet me anew again.
  20. Devon

    Devon Well-Known Member

    So you're telling us that you're inconsistent and we can't judge you to be bad based on your behavior?
    You'd also be saying that we can't judge you to be a good addition to Perseus based on your behavior in game.
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