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  1. Killergryphyn

    Killergryphyn Member

    BYOND KEY: Killergryphn
    IC NAME: Zakken Farstrider
    HOW LONG HAVE YOU PLAYED SS13?: About a year, perhaps longer
    WHAT DOES HAVING AUTHORITY MEAN TO YOU?: Authority to me means that others look up to me and I have to be worthy of that by always abide by the rules, respect other people's opinions, behave intelligently, and above all else never forget that I am only human and not a god.
    HOW OFTEN DO YOU PLAY SECURITY?: I play security fairly often, often as a regular security officer and occasionally as the Warden and HoS.
    OH A SCALE OF ONE TO TEN HOW WOULD YOU RATE YOURSELF WHEN YOU ARE PLAYING A NORMAL SECURITY OFFICER? EXPLAIN: 8, I do make mistakes but it usually has to do with a lot of other factors that influence the actions I take.
    HOW MUCH DO YOU LIKE XENOMORPHS?: I personally love xenomorphs, and they are ranked as my 2nd favorite villains of all time, and in game I love to play as them and love to kill them.
    WHAT IS THE ROLE OF SECURITY ON THE STATION?: The role of security on the station is to enforce Nanotrasen space law, protect Nanotrasen's assets on board the station, protect the livelihood of the crew, and keep watch for enemies of the corperation.
    *You are walking down a corridor of the station when you see a clown slip someone on a banana and pull their jump suit off and laugh, how would you handle this*: I would immediately stun the clown, cuff him, state that he just committed petty theft, pick up the banana so it doesn't happen again, make sure the victim receives their jumpsuit back, then brig the clown with the appropriate time and store all non-job appropriate and possibly dangerous gear in the evidence lockers.
    *You are sitting in the bar having a light drink during a break when you hear someone yell about a xenomorph in the library. You run there and find an alien eating the librarian, what do you do?*: I hurry to cover and call for backup, confirming the sightings, then break out my stunbaton to drive the alien away, so I am able to drag the librarian to medbay for healing.
    *You are standing in security and you see the head of security being especially rough with a prisoner in a cell, what would you do?*: I would message the Captain on my tablet of this behavior then do the same for the AI if present, then confront the HoS with the accusation that he/she is abusing a prisoner and that it is against regulation to do so and warn him/her of possible outcomes, like demotion, if he continues with these actions. I would proceed to take the prisoner from him and heal him if necessary and brig him appropriately.
    ARE YOU CURRENTLY AN ADMIN, AND IF NOT-MIGHT YOU BE INTERESTED IN ADMINSHIP IN THE FUTURE?: Not an Admin, but I would consider it greatly it if I was presented with the opportunity.
    GIVE US ONE HONEST SITUATION WHERE YOU WERE PLAYING AS SECURITY AND DID SOMETHING MEMORABLE: During a round where syndicate nuke operatives were boarding the station, I noticed they had slipped into disguises and warned the crew of such, then when I was attacked by one I stunned them and took their double e-sword and killed them with it. I then proceeded to use that double e-sword to take down 3 other syndicate operatives.
    CAKE OR PIE? EXPLAIN IN AS MUCH DETAIL AS POSSIBLE: I would have to rank pie as my favorite in this scenario, especially pumpkin pie. Pumpkin pie is my equivalent of birthday cake, and I try to have it every year. It's softness and flavor combined with whipped cream makes it unimaginably delicious for me and I've loved it since I was a child.
  2. Agent1667

    Agent1667 Well-Known Member

    Quoted for posterity.

    We'll be watching you closely.
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  3. Terezi

    Terezi Active Member

    I like it
    I have also seen you play as Sec and you are very good at it
  4. TheJuicyFruit

    TheJuicyFruit Well-Known Member

    In a recent round, I, along with 4 or 5 others were protesting with signs. When I was walking down a hallway with the sign, you punched me twice, knocking me down the second time, and took my sign. I'd like your reasoning behind this as a security officer, and if you encounter another protest/riot of similar or greater magnitude, will you respond the same way?

    Could you list these in descending order of priority to you?
  5. Mindtrixx

    Mindtrixx Well-Known Member

    So me and the crew were waving signs in front of brig when I was picked out of the crowd by you and was arrested. I state over comms I'm just waving a sign when Felix says I was assaulting people, don't know who or even if it was directed at me. Anyways, Joe drags me out and you begin shooting at a lot of people. Beth joins in and now you're stunbatoning more people.

    Eventually I'm uncuffed by Beth and I stun you with your own baton dragging you to a maint for a scarefest. I initiate a full-strip knowing the stun timer won't last long enough so I continue to see how much I can pull off of you before you get up, one of the items that flies off is your ID. Beth grabs it and you run away, I'm then immediately PM'd by Lemonsoup in regard to your stripping. He handles it by realizing it was the entire crew participating and not some isolated incident and a Centcomm announcement goes out for signs.

    During this however you smack me with a sign multiple times bringing me down to red (2 bars of health). After Lemonsoup says its handled you immediately announce that you're "done" and I assume you commit suicide all while being in round as an officer.

    Overall not very impressed with what I saw there. Obviously sign waving can be interpreted as antagonizing but the lack of communication between you, the crew, and the prisoner was apparent.
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  6. Felix Feufer

    Felix Feufer LS13 Admin

    I was too busy in the brig myself handling the riot to be able to keep an eye on Zakken, what I heard from him was that he was dragged into maint and stripped.

    (On a side-note, I don't believe I meant you, everytime I stepped outside to repair the window people broke, people would start bashing me with signs)

    EDIT: I thought of something I could add to this, you quit mid-round essentially saying "fuck this" and said that you were going braindead, we really could've used the extra security help in finding the malf AI, and I would've liked it if you hadn't left. I only signed up for that round because of wanting everyone else to enjoy a 20+ player round, and when I was given a 1 of a kind job, even though I wanted to leave, I stuck around and played out the round.
  7. Killergryphyn

    Killergryphyn Member

    I apologize about that, I was pissed at the moment and I spoke to an admin about it and said it himself that it was shitfest and that he's not going to take note. I hope that I won't have to deal with another riot like that or worse all alone again, and I had to arrest Cy for a number of reported crimes and secure him before you greytided, which you did, and as always he was pulled away before I was able to do anything. Then the crowd of about 5 others ganged up on me and I was taken into the maintenance, stripped of my gear as Cy stunned me, I escaped, incident with you happened, I go space myself and get dinner, then I come back.

    In regards to my priorities in security, I believe protecting the crew comes first, then enforce space law and protect assets, and lastly watching out for enemies of the corporation is a sort of passive action I take.
  8. Killergryphyn

    Killergryphyn Member

    I was attempting to arrest you because of reports from the CMO that had stolen his hypospray, and that I clearly saw you attack the CMO with the sign. When I see you being so close to brig, I assume I can arrest you without everyone freaking out and pulling you away and take you to the brig and talk to the crowd and announce your crimes to them. The incident happened (you try and communicate when you have to give a chase and a riot is happening around you) and as a last resort, as you stripped me of all my weapons, I would have to take you down with my fists (as my backup was who knows where and it probably wasn't their fault) and heal you in brig, which almost worked but the greytide riot dragged you away once again, resulting in me spacing myself so I could go grab dinner and cool down. I appreciate that you talked to Lemonsoup about it and I hope we can just leave this scuffle behind us and move on.
  9. Killergryphyn

    Killergryphyn Member

    Sorry about leaving you like that, had to grab my food that was cooking, spaced myself and when I come back I see AI is malf, just my luck. I don't know about you but I always keep the Cell shutters closed in case of riots like that, they are unable to break in that way and can be used to slow them down for a time being.
  10. Psyentific

    Psyentific Well-Known Member

    The order in which these duties are carried out is exceptionally important, to the point of dictating how you play security. You should probably elaborate.

    Your stun baton fails to stun the Xenomorph, and, being reasonably competent, he pounces you when you close to melee.

    I would say Zakken is skilled, though I haven't seen him in action enough to say whether or not he's exceptionally skilled. What I can say is that when I'm dealing with him, I'm usually in good-enough hands.
  11. Felix Feufer

    Felix Feufer LS13 Admin

    It's alright, thanks for explaining yourself, it's better for you to leave and cool down then to start... red(?)tiding people. And as you said in the previous post, security was being overworked, every time I tried to go outside to repair the brig window that they broke I would be bashed with signs.

    One thing I think you'd be happy to know, everyone stopped greytiding, and we all formed into an effective (albeit unsuccessful) 10(?) man lynch squad, joined by 2 Perseus Enforcers in the AI core to break into the core.
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  12. Currently, although I have had some fun rounds with you, I have mixed opinions about your performance as security. I will keep an eye out and give you a chance to wow me before taking any official position.
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  13. Hattrick

    Hattrick Perseus Captain Staff Member

    What do you mean by:

    And how do you differentiate this from protecting the assets of nanotransen?
  14. Devon

    Devon Well-Known Member

    I think that is referring to Ian.

    He intends to keep Ian safe.
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  15. Psyentific

    Psyentific Well-Known Member

    Ian will never give out all access to random people. Ian will never barge into places, yell at people, and steal things. Ian will never be a traitor, and he will never murder your friends. Ian will always be cute and adorable. Ian almost never disappears for hours with no notice.

    Can you say the same for the HoP?
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  16. Flavo

    Flavo Well-Known Member

    Remain on subject
  17. Killergryphyn

    Killergryphyn Member

    I believe that protecting the livelihood of the crew means that I am in charge of protecting the jobs and lives of the crew, from the mundane to the extreme situations. As an example, if an engineer set the SMESes incorrectly and was being demoted, I would argue with the demoter that it was a simple mistake and that they could teach them the correct way to do it. An extreme situation would be if there was a nuke ops, I would first secure the wounded and make sure they get healing by passing them to another crew member, then pursue the syndicate operatives.

    When I say protect the assets of nanotransen, I mean that I remember that things like the science department or the AI are valuable parts of the station and take higher priority over a small case of vandalism. I take priority of protecting the crew over protecting the assets of nanotransen, as life (in my opinion) is much more valuable of an asset, even with cloning around.
  18. Killergryphyn

    Killergryphyn Member

    Thanks, I will be the first to say that there is room for improvement regarding my security skills, but I believe that in time I will be skilled enough to properly play security for everyone's benefit (antags notwithstanding).
  19. Tharinoma

    Tharinoma LS13 Admin


    I recently observed you play as warden. You were setting up barriers in brig, near the escape pod, when an assitant named Brick Wall ran into security. You shot and cuffed him, buckled him to a chair, locked the barrier you were setting up then came back to process him. Then this happened:

    HoS says, "yellwo gloves are restricted items"
    Brick Wall says, "and the gloves are mine, I have access to them"
    Zakken Farstrider says, "Not really sir"
    HoS says, "where did you find them"
    Brick Wall says, "there are some in maint, where I found them"
    Zakken Farstrider says, "but they were intended to be used in a crime"
    HoS says, "ok thats legit, 5mins then"
    Zakken Farstrider says, "Brick, I can clearly tell you were going to break into sec, so I am adding B&E of a secure area"
    Brick Wall says, "wow. shitsec"
    Brick Wall says, "assuming"
    HoS says, "did he break in? if he just walked in its trespass. if he hacked a door its BE"
    Zakken Farstrider asks, "Did you just have the gloves and screwdriver out for no reason then?"
    HoS says, "on top of it, did he actually hack a door?"
    Zakken Farstrider says, "He clearly was going to hack it"
    HoS says, "we cant prove that"
    Detective says, "Let him free"
    Brick Wall says, "wow. Zakken can ead the future"
    HoS says, "only book him for trespass. 12minutes?"
    Brick Wall says, "holy shit"
    HoS says, "that is too much"
    Detective says, "Does not seem right."
    Brick Wall says, "telve minutes, for running in brig?"
    HoS says, "zakken explain"
    Zakken Farstrider says, "For the love of.., okay"
    HoS says, "so far I only got trespass which is 5"
    Zakken Farstrider says, "I CLEARLY saw him about to break in, they don't just have insulated gloves and a scredriver out for no reason"
    HoS says, "major trespass only. he did not break in"
    Detective asks, "Broke in or walked?"
    Brick Wall says, "I broke into nowhere, and I stole nothing"
    Zakken Farstrider says, "BROKE into"
    Brick Wall says, "warden is even worse than the hoS"
    HoS says, "my cecision is major trespass = 5mins"
    Zakken Farstrider says, "Dear god..."
    HoS says, "which means 2mins left"
    Zakken Farstrider says, "HoS with all due respect, this is my job"
    HoS says, "I am your superior."
    Detective asks, "Did he BREAK IN through the front doors?"
    HoS says, "and we only got him on trespass, the rest cant be proven"
    Brick Wall says, "and even if he wasn't, wraden you're breaking the law"
    Detective says, "Zakken, You are legit disrepecting space law."
    HoS says, "he is out in 1min"
    Zakken Farstrider asks, "Tell me, how much experience do ytou have?"
    HoS says, "this man paid for his crime in full now. 5mins. leave"
    Zakken Farstrider says, "Oh sweet jesus"
    Detective says, "He needs his stuff."
    Brick Wall says, "warden stole my belt and gloves"
    Brick Wall says, "HoS"
    Detective says, "He actually stole it. It's not in evidence. Fire that bitch"

    Both the HoS, detective and prisoner disagreed with your decision to give brick wall twelve minutes for : B&E restricted are, major tresspass, petty theft. Could you explain what your reasoning behind this timer was?

    When do you think space law should be followed to the letter? when do you think it's up to your interpretation? Are there times when you can completely ignore it?

    When is the criminal's intent important?

    Does rank have any importance in security? When will you ignore your superiors? When will you follow their orders?

    When do you confiscate items from prisoners and why?
  20. Killergryphyn

    Killergryphyn Member

    This all started out when, like you said, I was setting up the barriers in security. Upon getting to the maintenance door by the escape pod I find Brick Wall with insulated gloves and screwdriver out, ready to hack the door plain as can see, who then takes away the barrier and I have to give a chase into security where you detail the rest.

    On a side note, I believe the HoS was the one who added petty theft to the list as I had no idea what he stole, but I trusted the HoS's judgement at the time. I rarely have to change the timer for certain crimes, and the time Brick got was calculated by the timer itself once the crimes were put in.
    I believe that there is indeed times you have to interpret space law, like when you have to decide if a fight was just assault or attempted murder, and the law must be applied to everyone no matter of rank and position.

    Let's use an example of criminal's intent; if a traitor had just cuffed a victim and bucklecuffed them to a bed and I find him holding a weapon over the victim who is still unharmed, I would charge them with attempted murder using my best judgement, recognizing that it was premeditated and not seemingly random. You do not just walk up to the maintenance door of the brig with hacking gear ready just to have a friendly chat, and I realized it was premeditated before hand.

    Rank clearly has importance in security, but it should not prevent you from following space law, because the law doesn't bend to the whims of a HoS or Captain, they have to follow its guidelines as well.

    I usually confiscate items that have been used in a crime some sort of way, to stop and discourage them from further behavior. I do admit that I was busy during the round and had to deal with issues, so I forgot to place the evidence in the evidence room, but I never used it for my own purposes.
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