Stories and Screenies Jaques Pilgrimage: Captain's Log

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    On this day, the eighth of August in the year 3302, I set forth with the goal of reaching the newly inhabited region of space surrounding Jaques Station. This trip of approximately 22,000 light years will be a long, arduous task, but I shall document it as best I can here.

    My noble steed: Capture2.jpg
    I will be following the path starting at Thor's Eye: Capture3.jpg

    I will be followed in the coming weeks by other pioneers from LLA, and together we shall reach out into this new frontier of human civilization, free from the tyranny of established powers and centuries of greed, and we shall find for ourselves a new home - a better home. Wish us luck in this perilous trek, and we shall see you on the other side!
  2. Jayce Wise

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    Day One Travel Report:
    Capture6.JPG Capture7.JPG Capture9.JPG Capture10.JPG
    Capture12.JPG Capture13.JPG Capture14.JPG
    Capture11.JPG Capture15.JPG Capture16.JPG
    Current distance from Sol: Approximately 4,500 light years
    Current distance from Jaques Station: Approximately 18,000 light years
    Current lessons learned: Do not shut down thrusters during supercruise. Do not get distracted while fuel scooping.
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    I travel for Jaques too! Instead of the more traditional route, I decided to take the long way around the outer arm of the Milky Way, then hook back in to Jaques.
    Just headed out this evening, so I didn't get very far, only about 1600 ly from Sol. I have already seen some interesting planets though, including an Ammonia world 14 times the size of Earth.
    20160808225033_1.jpg 20160808225208_1.jpg
    Will post pics and logs of what I find as well! Hopefully will meet up with Jayce somewhere along the way as well :D
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    Update, I am about halfway to my next exploration destination, The Green Crystal, so I am gonna post some screenies showing some highlights I have seen thus far.

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